Myths Galore
12 12. Book Of Tho
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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12 12. Book Of Tho

Next day when Rajas woke up he found his muscles sore and cramped. As he went through his past few days in his head, he realised he was not hydrating himself enough. Specially, yesterday he had been on for 13 hours but water breaks were close to one or two.

*Buzz* *splat*

The House fly that was incredibly good at dodging his throws of various objects, was now just a flat corpse on the wall. The sandals he threw had crushed the fly. He never realised his aim was getting this good. It might have been lucky shot, but he preferred to believe it was the VR room and game that was working its magic. Pleased with himself, he went to take a shower.


An hour later he and Brocky were having breakfast. They didn't meet up much in game as their factions were different and hence they couldn't party with each other. If a faction declared war on another, all trade between enemy players was also banned. Some items were exclusive to each faction and were coveted by players from other factions too. For example, the Holy Spirit Water from Human empire. Other Faction exclusives were not available at the current point of game but it was rumoured that Dew from World Tree and Destiny Bonds were other exclusives. As to their exact functions, it was unknown.

"Riggy boy ya found some cute elven chick to party with yet?"

I could do nothing to prevent Brocky from using that weird abbreviation of my name.

" And you? How is your gold farming group doing?"

"We're tight man. Ya know Sean? Det guy is Midas! Found two treasure chests and 30 silver in each of 'em..."

After the monologue of Brocky I understood that their group of 4 was doing fine. Over the past week they had gathered around six gold. This was very big sum. As soon as Faction Cities opened and official formation of guilds was allowed, price of gold would skyrocket.

Even though Monsters dropped currency in generous amounts now, it will not be the case later. To prevent over inflation and to maintain value of in game currency, certain safeguards were put in place like only humanoid and Elite and above tier monsters would drop currency.

In the previous time, even after 7 years of game, 1 gold was still sold for around 50 thousand to 60 thousand credits. Current market price of 1 silver was around 1000 credits or 10 CC. So gold cost a whopping hundred thousand credits. But as there were not many places where you needed to spend coins and most of the necessities were inexpensive illegal trades were usually on smaller scales not exceeding 5 silver.

We were once again in VR center topping up our cards. In another 5 minutes I whooshed into existence near the entrance of Cavern.

{You have touched Blood Flame Grass. Attack increased by 1%, Defense decreased by 1%}

I was in a patch of Blood Flame Grass! I quickly got out of the patch. With minimal protection of my Bunny slippers I was able to dodge the burning effect. Because of my exhausted state yesterday, I didn't exactly choose my logging out place wisely. Thankfully it was not amidst the Berserk bunnies. After confirmation of my safety I started checking out yesterday's spoils of war.

I started with the skillbook.

Frosty Gale (Active) 20 MP

Cool down: 40 seconds

~ Creates a strong gale of freezing winds dealing 20% of Magic attack damage for 3 - 5 seconds

~ 80% chance of slowing target for duration of spell

~ 5% chance of freezing the target.

Requirements - Intermediate Sorcery, Ice Affinity 30, Wind Affinity 5.

A dual element attack with crowd control it was great skillbook. Too bad he was an Archer so it was useless to him. Next was the Permafrost Pearl.

Permafrost Pearl

~ Increases Ice Affinity by 10.

~ Can be upgraded.

~ Accessory Material.

This was similar to Frost Pearls but better. This was not perishable. If I found Frost Bolt skill, with this Item and suitable metal, I could bring about around 3 times the normal damage and freezing effect. It was even useful if used with metal crafted Fire arrows as it would prevent me from being burnt. Now I just needed to find a suitable accessory maker who would craft it in ring for me.

Lastly the Sapphire Key.

Sapphire Key

~ Mysterious Key made of Sapphire.

Really? Was this description even needed to be written?

Anyways I couldn't do anything about it. I still remembered the Half Elf in the Cavern. So I made my way inside. And once again I had too run out while dodging the Ice needles of the Frost bat that had respawned.

_Damn! How have they respawned already?_

Apparently killing the Boss of Cavern, the Iced Bone Bat, counted as clearing the Map. Hence even though the Iced Bone Bat won't respawn for another two days the 30 or so Frost Bats had already respawned.

Two hours later, Cavern was cleared of Frost bats except for one bat. It had to be kept alive or all bats would respawn once again. After maneuvering around the Bat's attacks, he reached the deepest part of Cavern where the Half Elf and the Iced Bone Bat resided. This time as the Half Elf was facing him he could clearly see his beautiful face. Finely crafted eyebrows, Almond shaped blue eyes, Long nose, Cherry red lips... The face was incredibly beautiful, but when it was seen with the body it just didn't match. Imagine a face of beautiful lady photoshopped on a buff hairy guys body. That was how the Half Elf looked.

I tried using Keen Sight on him. All it gave was series of question marks.

" Immortal, your methods of detection will not work on me." He said in a deep voice.

At the least he is not hostile. Reassured, Rajas approached him.

" Greetings, how should I call you?"

" I am just an old man past his glory. Forsaken by all, even those similar to me. Blessed with knowledge, I had to share my knowledge with my brethren. Who knew, what I thought of as boon would turn into bane of my existence.."

Bitterness crept on his face as he spoke. He felt disappointment in his brethren's decision to cast him out. Disenchantment in this cruel world.

What I did glean from his monologue was, he was an outstanding Herbalist. His unorthodox ways were shunned by half-elves. And most importantly, he was looking for someone to whom he could pass his legacy to. This was essentially a hidden class!

Now Rajas was walking in minefield where a misstep would blow away his chance of becoming this Mysterious Herbalist's apprentice.

" Sir, let me be the disciple who brings glory to his master. Let me prove to everyone who cast you out that you were their only chance of getting recognition in world."

"So eager and so impatient. Do you know why I was cast out? Why my methods considered unorthodox? I was not only using herbs but other ingredients too. I was able to synthesise potions better than any Alchemist could create. Not only could they heal creature on brink of death, they could bring them back to life. Necromancy they called it but those I brought back were not undead. Drinking my potions caused mutations in our tribe's pets. Even the most docile of them became ferocious. These were just few examples. Do you still want to accept my Legacy?"

As he talked, my eyes widened in astonishment. What he was listing as threats was sweet music to my ears. As a player, using potions that could resurrect you would let you avoid death penalty completely unlike priest classes revive which would still deduct 10% of penalty.

" Yes, I am willing to be your apprentice."

He laughed loudly.

" Did you think becoming my apprentice will let you inherit my skills, my knowledge? I, Thot had taken oath in name of Yggdrasil, that I will never take an apprentice."

This was systems way of telling me F off, no hidden classes allowed in Myths Galore. My hopes that were heightened to the extreme came crashing down.

" If you really want to accept my Legacy, bring me the pages from my book. I will gladly decode them for you. You can find them scattered across the land." He said winking at me.

I knew I wouldn't be ditched at the last moment. So this was the way to learn skills from this master. I remembered I had a page from Book of Thot. Taking it out I presented it to Thot. He looked surprised at first, but he settled for a calm smile.

" You had found one. I see there is fate between You and me after all."

He took the page from my hand and it vanished. Light condensed over his palm and the ball of light flew towards me.

{Master Synthesist Thot wants to teach you Herbalist skill <Herbalism>. Do you accept? }

Y or N?

As soon as I saw notification, I knew I couldn't choose with haste. Life professions didn't have any level requirement, just proficiency requirements. Class quests for Life professions could be completed as soon as you found a master who would be willing to teach you. And as most masters resided in Faction cities, few Life Profession players could be found before level 10, and close to none before they had joined any faction.

As I hadn't found any Herbalist master willing to teach me, I didn't have a life profession. But after hearing about Synthesis, I was no longer content with becoming regular Herbalist.

" Master..."

"Do not call me MASTER "

I hadn't seen Thot in so much anguish till then. I hurriedly changed my form of address.

"Sir, If I become Herbalist, will I be still eligible to learn 'Synthesis'?"

" You can't learn Synthesis. It is something discovered from combination of skills of alchemy and herbalism. You don't need to follow set recipe. Now accept the memory before it fades "

I quickly accepted.

{You are in Master Synthesist Thot's memory. You cannot log out for half hour.}

{ Quest Alert: Herb Master}

Quest Objective: Using knowledge from Master Synthesist Thot, successfully create a herbal decoction.

Time limit: 30 minutes

Quest Reward: Herbalism skill, One herbal recipe, 1000 EXP.

My surroundings changed. I was in a Laboratory leaning against a window. Vast sea of green could be seen on what seemed like mountain slope. I felt I was taller than usual. So I looked into window's glass pane. A translucent face of Thot looked back at me. So I was role-playing as Thot. I turned my attention towards the only table in laboratory. Rolls of parchment were stacked with support of wall while rest of the table and floor around the work bench was cluttered with crumpled balls of parchment. Opposing the window were two doors. A spacious work bench was placed in the center of the room. I went to the one on left and opened it. It was exiting to a long passage way. Abandoning the thought of exploring, I turned towards the second door. As I had thought it led to store room. 3 cupboards with their backs to walls were placed in the small store room. I went to one on my left. It was locked. Then to the right. It was also locked. Lastly to the farthest one, the one opposite to the door. Only this one was open. Various herbs and rhizomes were placed in rows of small shelves within the cupboard. Some lower rows even had some ingredients from animals like gall of snakes, heart of cockroach, bezoar etc. I was not a master who could identify all the items at a glance. But as my eyes focused on any one item, a window with item's name and properties would appear. Even tea leaves were found in one of the shelves. I chose tea leaves and ginger and went back to Lab. I started a burner, put a small vessel filled with water on it and let it boil after adding some grated ginger to it.

I examined the various bottles on racks above study table while the water boiled. A tiny ceramic white bottle caught my attention.


Enhancing effect on decoction.

I picked it up and bought it to my tea. The ginger's essence was extracted by now. I got a cup and added boiling hot water and tea leaves to it. Even though the tea leaves were not roasted, they were dried. They crumbled and mixed with the water which slowly extracted their essence. I still had 20 minutes left. So I was in a mood to experiment. I added one drop from name unknown bottle to the tea. The brownish color of tea that was so light it might as well be clear, was now spread evenly in tea turning it into beautiful shade of golden brown. Sun rays from window fell directly on cup of tea, giving illusion as if the tea was some kind of sparkling elixir.

Excited, Rajas took a sip. The boiling hot tea almost burned his tongue but what excited him was the system notification.

{You have drank ????. Cold resistance +5}

{You have successfully created a decoction. Please name your decoction.}

What should a Ginger tea be called other than Ginger tea. So Rajas entered 'Ginger tea' as name.

{Quest Herb Master, completed.}

Rajas was pulled out from the Memory of Thot. He looked expectantly at Thot for the skill and recipe. But Thot just smiled at him.

After a brief moment Rajas decided to just check his skill window. And there it was. Under Life profession of Herbalist, Herbalism. There was also a decoction added under Create panel.

Ginger tea

~ Increases cold resistance.

Ingredients : Ginger, Tea Leaves, Dew from World tree.

Finally the mystery ingredient was revealed. What he didn't understand was why it showed up as question marks in Thot's memories. Anyways he was finally a Herbalist now. All he needed to find now were basic Herbalist formulae like Health Recovering Decoction, Mana recovery decoction and Medicinal Salve. Maybe antidote salve or decoction too. He now realised why he was chased off mercilessly by the Herbalist selling Antidotes. He had the capital to. Becoming Herbalist before he even got into a faction was achievement in itself. Anyways now he just needed to learn Alchemy.

" Sir will you teach me Alchemy, if I am able to bring you the required page from your book."

" I can teach you everything as long as it is on the page. But remember sometimes your expectations are high and your capabilities short. So you might gain nothing and would only end up wasting your time. I mastered Herbalism, got to know everything there was to know about the herbs. Only then I thought myself qualified to dabble in mystics of Alchemy. "

It was a clue for me that I shouldn't return to learn new skills before I had mastered the Herbalism.

" Then Sir I will be taking my leave."

" Before you go... You must have obtained a Permafrost pearl from Iced Bones Bat, right? Would you like to upgrade it?"

I didn't think I would be able to upgrade it so soon. So beyond excited I replied positively.

" It will take 5 Frost pearls to increase Ice Affinity by 1. Bring me the Frost Pearls when you have collected enough."

I quickly took out 31 Frost souls from my bag along with Permafrost Pearl. Yesterday under the influence of 'Lucky' buff I was able to collect 30 pearls from 30 Frost Bats, but today even after killing 29 bats only one dropped. That's when I realised the usefulness of 'Lucky' buff.

After seeing me take out so many Frost Pearls Thot's eyes were shining.

" Leave them with me for two days. You can come and get your upgraded Permafrost Pearl then"

I gladly agreed after all I couldn't use Permafrost Pearl right now anyways. And I would be grinding at the entrance of Cavern till I reached level 8. After all where else could you find such great spot where Variant Monsters didn't attack you and spawned as soon as they were all killed?


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