Myths Galore
11 11. Frost Bats, Shirin and the Half Elf
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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11 11. Frost Bats, Shirin and the Half Elf

{You have gained Antlers X2}

{You have gained a Recipe}

{You have gained 'Soft Leather Pants'}

{You have gained 'Torn Page'}

{You have gained skillbook}

Just taking a look at names he could dismiss Antlers as crafting Material. Any recipe was a good thing to have. The best news about the Soft leather Pants was not the extra 1 Pdef but he no longer had to roam in his tattered shorts. He could approach any lady with dignity now. Finally he checked the mysterious items.

Berserk Formulae Recipe

~ Allows user to learn preparation method for Berserk Formulae.

~ Herbalist or Alchemist

[Caution: May cause you to be exiled if used within borders of Elven Kingdom]

That was very weird warning. Maybe the creator had some grudge with Elves. Now for the skillbook.

Harvest (Life Skill)

~Allows User to gather material for various professions with maximum efficiency.

In Myths Galore anyone could mine or gather herbs or get leather working material by skinning monster corpse. But the difference between someone with specific set of skills and common player was amount and quality of Material they harvested. So a skill like Harvest or Gather which could be used for collecting all materials were rare but also most sought after. The only drawback was if a specialized Miner could gain three 10 point ores from mining in some spot, Harvester could only get two or three 8 point ores. But it was far better than common player who could only find one or two of 4 point ore. Same for herbs as in quality and quantity varied player to player depending on their skill sets. But Harvesters had advantage when gathering material from Animal Corpses. Corpses of killed monsters faded away after 5 seconds. So only those with Harvest or Gather skills could make the system delay fading away process for 3 minutes.

After learning the unexpected 'Harvest', he moved on to the last item, the Torn Page.

Torn Page

~ Page from Book of Thot.

It was golden and had hieroglyphs on it. He couldn't understand what it said so he kept it aside for now.

Taking a look around he saw the Cavern he had heard about. There were numerous Variant monster bunnies in the lawns around the Cavern. All of them were berserk and attacked all those who approached them. His only reason for grinding here was they were easy to kill and as variant monsters gave decent experience even though they were just level 5.

*Souu* *Thup*

- 33

Even without checking with keen sight he knew these monsters only had 250 health. So he started the massacre. As soon as it approached he changed the Weapon to Shadow Claws and slashed its face.

- 24

The red eyes of the bunny turned even redder and his buck teeth elongated till they became as long as short swords.


The evil bunny broke the extra long teeth and slashed them at me viciously.

- 11

- 10

Two consecutive slash and I had lost 18% health. Now that I knew their danger level I became much more cautious while dealing with them. Slash, dodge, Counter, Stab, dodge, retreat, Slash, Slash, retreat two steps, sidestep, slash again. And Voila we had one dead rabbit in our hands.

{Berserk Bunny killed. You have gained 188 experience.}

I ran forward and used Harvest before it faded.

{You have gained 7 coppers.}

{You have gained Rabbit's fur ×1}

{You have gained inedible meat ×1}

With a single bunny dead in 15 seconds, it was not such a bad place to level up. Within next ten minutes I had cleared the 10 or so bunnies in the surroundings. I noticed that only the grass near the entrance of cavern was reddish. And Berserk creatures spawned only near this grass. Curiously I bent to pick up grass. Even though curiosity had killed me once before, I had more than nine lives, so no worries.


As soon as my hand came in contact with grass, sizzling noise came through the point of contact and I felt my blood boil.

- 2

{You have touched Blood Flame grass. Attack power increased by 5% for 1 minute. Defense lowered by 5% for one minute.}

I lost health just by touching the grass. Thankfully it was not too big of a number. What intrigued me was the simultaneous buff and debuff. It was very good for times when he was in need of extra attack power while affording to sacrifice defense. He memorised the name Blood Flame grass. Another group of normal bunnies had arrived in field. But as soon as they came in contact with the Blood Flame grass, they became agitated and then berserk. Miraculous! This was one of those natural treasures which could increase monster tiers. He had to find a way to take away the grass. Just touching it had taken away 2 points of his health and lowered his defense by 5%. How strong the effects would be if he was in constant contact for 10 seconds that took to harvest the herb! And it was not the only one; there were numerous herbs spread on this lawn. He could think about it later. As numerous had came before him at this location and surely many people must have tried to take it away too. Since the grass was still here, he didn't have to worry that someone already had found a way to gather this herb.

Once again he went on killing spree. This time just 6 of the bunnies were variant and he finished them off in 4 minutes. One of the bunny even dropped footwear.

Bunny Slippers

AGI: 1

Even though they looked ridiculously childish, he wore them for that 1 Agility point. After the incident with Blood Flame grass he didn't dare enter the grass field where there were more Blood Flame grasses with his bare feet. Now he had most basic of protection he could at least tread on carefully to the entrance of Cavern.

Learning from his experience at Gnoll hill, he collected a few stones before nearing the cavern and threw them at an interval of every 20 seconds inside the Cave. For his last throw all that came out was a blue bat. He used Keen Sight on it quickly.

Frost Bat (Variant)

Level 6

HP 400

Another variant type monster. And this one was elemental too. Elemental monsters before level 15 were very rare. They were troublesome as well. They had long ranged attacks and had tendency to maintain distance. And now this Frost Bat could fly as well. The Frost bat didn't give Rajas a choice and went with ice needle attack. 3 sleek & shiny needles approached him at speed he couldn't even think about dodging. Two of them pierced his shoulder and abdomen respectively while third one ended up in patch of Blood Flame grass. He had a numb feeling in the places where the needles had pricked him. While the needle that landed in Blood Flame grass melted quickly. As Rajas stood still, the Frost Bat was also on passive just flapping his wings to stay afloat. Rajas relaxed he thought these bats were also like real life ones which couldn't distinguish between non moving and non living objects. He thought he had ample time to think of a strategy, but who knew the bat would suddenly open its mouth and aim in Rajas direction. Within seconds another three of Ice needles were upon Rajas. They once again came diagonally. One aimed at his right shoulder, another at his midriff region and last one, err at the Blood Flame grass on his left?

_Maybe the Bat has grudge against Blood Flame grass?_

What Rajas didn't know was the Bat identified its targets by the heat they gave off unlike its brethren who used sound waves for the same purpose. So Rajas' right hand was splashed with blood of berserk bunnies looked more warmer than the rest of Rajas. The mid riff which is around two warmest part of human body was another target. And last was the Blood Flame grass which was hottest of the three and hence the most threatening target.

This time Rajas was ready and he stepped aside. Switching his Claws for Bow he aimed at Shadow bat and shot.

- 35

Not bad of a damage but still not good enough. The Frost Bat once again distanced itself, but it was still in the range of bow. It opened it jaws wide once again. And a lucky arrow shot into its mouth.

-72 (Crit)

The arrow had pierced upwards but not too deep, preventing the bat from closing its mouth. With extra weight of arrow the altitude of bat also dipped. It was much easier to aim at it now. Even though it was flapping its wings rapidly, it was just a bit unstable target. Rajas once again aimed and closed distance to 5 meters. Once he was close enough he activated Power Shot. The Frost bat made last ditch effort to avoid arrow and tried to shield itself with its wings.


- 102 (Crit)

The shattering noise startled Rajas. He never realised that the Bat which was flying so fluidly in air had ice coated wings. Now with one of his wings gone it had even lost the ability to fly and it fell to ground with a thud.


The arrow in its mouth pierced even deeper. Rajas who was being bullied just a moment ago took pleasure in practicing his aim on the circling bat on the floor. Two power shots later, it froze completely and shattered. It left behind a blue stone which was very cool to touch.

{ Frost Bat killed. You have gained 263 Exp.}

{ You have gained a Frost pearl }

Frost Pearl (Perishable)

~ Increases Fire resistance up to 10 and prevents burns.

~ Ice Affinity +1

I had a cool feeling all over my body as I held it in my hand. It clearly had limits but I had ample time to test them. I finally entered Cavern. I took two steps inside, looked up to the ceiling, turned around and fled outside. The ceiling was filled with shining sapphire blue Frost Bats. Three Bats who were grumpy over a stranger disturbing their sleep chased me out of the Cavern. Before exiting the Cavern all of their ice needle were aimed at my body but as soon as I was near a patch of Blood Flame grass their target changed to the grass. And only now did I realise that these guys 'saw' by means of the cold wind blown by their icy wings. I went and stood near the largest patch of Blood grass keeping just enough distance so that I won't step on it accidentally. The Blood Flame grass had attracted all the aggro, what a nice party mate who didn't leech EXP, and I was free to do damage. Within 10 minutes they froze and shattered on the ground. I retrieved my Arrows and looted another three Frost pearls. I was feeling the effects of my 'Lucky' buff finally. Sadly only two and a qurter hour was left on it now. I once again went to cavern and lured another batch of Frost Bats to my buddy the Blood Flame Grass. This time four. They had almost killed me in the passage. One of the ice needle hit my leg and my speed was reduced drastically but then I touched a Blood Flame grass and everything became fine again. This time attack increase was only 3% and health decrease was zero. But 3% lower defense debuff was still there.

These bats were very good target practice for me. It was a pity I hadn't gotten a class yet, or my Basic Archery would have already upgraded to Intermediate Archery. Soon I was out of arrows. But last one Frost bat was still floating with less that 40 health left. I ran quickly to the patch of Blood flame grass where I saw one of the arrows that had passed through Frost Bat had embedded itself. It felt a bit more warmer than usual but I shot it.

- 33

- 4

The arrow unexpectedly did fire damage. Even though it was as low as 4, what was important was it did fire damage. Arrows which did elemental damage had strict conditions. They needed to be forged with metal that had high Affinity with that particular element. Affinity determined resistance to opposing element. So if user could somehow increase Affinity with opposing element of that particular element it was for the best. For example Fire Affinity gave ice resistance and vice versa.

Or can learn elemental Arrow spells. Arrow spells came with condition of elemental Affinity. Magic System users unlocked Basic Sorcery just like Archers unlocked Basic Archery. One Magic user could master all six elements of Fire and Ice, Air and Earth, Light and Dark but only reaching Basic Sorcery(II) needed 10 Affinity points with one element. Each Affinity point was worth 30 of Archers mastery points. And if one wanted to gain Affinity with all elements, they needed 10 points for each element. Also one most important thing; One also needed to have the spell books for every element he intends to master to practice hia Basic Sorcery. As Basics of any class could only be trained in Training grounds, no one was willing to grind for days lagging behind everyone in levels.

_Anyways no elemental Arrow spells were going to fall for me from the sky._

I thought as I collected the loot another three Frost pearls and a skill book.

_Was it really my 'Lucky' day and an elemental arrow skill book had fallen?_

I checked it excitedly.

Ice Needles (Active) - 10 MP

Cooldown: 15 seconds

~ Shoot 2 to 3 ice needles doing 45% damage with a chance of slowing target for 3 seconds.

~ Basic Sorcery [Ice] (III)

Seeing the skillbook one person came to my mind, Shirin. This book was still best for training Ice Affinity in the third year of the Game and hence still rare. I had searched for the skillbook through Dad's and Beck's contacts and finally found one. This was my first gift to Shirin. Me, the shy boy of class, had gathered all the courage I had and approached her in class using the skillbook trade as a conversation starter. Then out of blue, I promised to gift it to her, creeping the hell out of her. But gradually our feelings blossomed for each other, just like her in game name 'LotusInBloom'

I shook my head as I tried to push away that figure. After collecting all the arrows I planted them all, arrowhead down, in the Blood Flame grass. When I felt they had became sufficiently warm I pulled out one and went inside to lure the Frost Bats in Cavern. Soon 3 of them pursued me out of cavern. Same routine, same loot. After repeating the process till all 30 of the Frost Bats in Cavern had perished, I strode inside.

A larger than normal Frost Bat hung upside down, deep inside the Cavern. And below him stood a figure who had pointed ears not unlike elf's but he was also muscular buff. He wore pince - nez glasses as his long ears hindered him from wearing commonly seen over the ears glasses. From what I had seen I was able to confirm that he was the outcast of both Humans and Elves, the Half Elf. I was so busy with observing the Half Elf that I forgot about the Frost Bat below the ceiling. It had yet to make its move. My instincts screamed run and that's what I did.

Once we were out in open it too behaved like its brethren and targeted the Blood Flame grass. Now that I was a bit more free, I observed it.

Ice Bone Bat (Rare Elite)

Level 7

HP 1000

It was a deep shade of blue with lines of light blue passing through its body. It's wingspan of about a meter each was unfurled and blowing icy winds in my direction. With every flap the light blue lines moved on tandem. Then I realised that they actually were the Bat's bones. The Signature move of Bats random Ice needle throw was also performed by this one with lot more power and Accuracy. Quarter of the Blood Flame patches were ruined. I notched arrow and shot.

- 35

- 3

Unfortunately that drew its attention towards me. With hot arrows in my quiver I was as much a target as Blood Flame grasses around me. I quickly unequipped the quiver and threw it in opposite direction to me, not too far just enough to distract the bat. Of the 38 damage I had done it had already recovered 8. This recovery was too fast. Finally I had a crazy Idea. I let it shoot its ice needles at me. Shielding my vitals with my arms I withstood the 5 strikes. It also shaved of 25 of my health. With numbed arms I gripped the Blood Flame grass. Heat gradually increased in my body and I only let go after I saw a - 7 appear above me.

My attack was 30% higher now for whole five minutes. While missing 30% defense was a pity, I had to make do. I took an Arrow notched it and shot.

- 43

- 4

Finally I had found a technique to kite this giant freezing bat. I kept up my DPS and soon it reached 20% of its health. I had managed to get a few critical shots in. Unfortunately its wings were too tough and very hard to tear with my current low quality arrows. Now it was in complete berserk mode. Chilly winds spread from the Wings of Ice Bone Bat. In few minutes it had completely changed warm and sunny atmosphere to gloomy and cold. I could feel my limbs becoming more and more numb. I directly jumped into the Blood Flame Grass and it didn't fail me. With increase of attacking power I felt my body warm up. This time my attack was 35% higher. I prepared Power Shot and with less than 8 meters between us, I shot it in the Iced Bone Bat's mouth directly hitting brain. But it still had some life left so with my final arrow I hit it in the eye.

{Iced Bone Bat killed. You have gained 3500 exp.}

{You have gained Permafrost Pearl}

{You have gained Ice bones × 4}

{You have gained skill book }

{You have gained Sapphire key}

After fighting for continuous 3 hours Rajas was not even in condition to walk to his hostel. But he needed that sleep, so he reluctantly closed the game. It was already past 11pm. Rubbing his eyes he sleepwalked to his dorm, plomped on his bed and closed his eyes, dreaming of Frost bats, Shirin and the Half Elf.


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