Myths Galore
10 10. Missing Report for...
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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10 10. Missing Report for...

As soon as I ordered food I began my research. Most popular trait in community was Sensitivity followed by Elemental Affinity. Only a few Rangers had recognised the importance of Natural Affinity or Wilderness Wanderer. After reading an obscure post by 'Herpes' he was reminded of how important the vision was for an Archer. And Wilderness Wanderer increased vision in all conditions was just a cherry on top. After about quarter of an hour, Rajas came to conclusion that Wilderness Footsteps were the best choice for him. What cemented his belief was Diary of his father. Wilderness Wanderer could be upgraded to Light Steps through a certain quest. Coincidentally it was companion quest to one of the most coveted Archer skills, Piercing Shot.

After finishing his dinner he once again entered the game. His mind clear he quickly chose Natural Affinity and Wilderness Wanderer.

{You have completed Race transformation to Elf}

{You have received 582 experience which was held back}


In a beam of light he levelled up to 6. His immediate goal was getting to Elven city of Me'or. It was nearest city to Barbarian village (6). He once again turned his attention towards the Gnoll grounds.


While Rajas was doing his best to exterminate the Gnolls, forums were in uproar. Specially those who had quest for undead faction. Even after completing the quest, they couldn't find Undead representative Kira. Their quests were all but stopped. Thinking this might be due to some unusual quest, they decided to wait but some impatient few had already reported it as a glitch to Myths Galore. Even after half a day had passed there was no sign of Kira. Random memes about Missing Kira had already began to Pop up on forums. Those who had reported earlier had already received the usual pacifying replies placating their worries but as more than a thousand reports were made regarding the same issue, Game designers began to go through event history of Myths Galore.

"Hey Lee, why does it say Night Lily Pendant everywhere? Shouldn't it be Night Lily Pendant (Replica)?"

"What are you talking about? No one is qualified to even be near the original one at this stage!"

Lee who had come over after putting on his glasses replied to the mildly stodgy old man who had called him over. But contrary to Lee's assumption it was indeed the original one and not the replica that Rajas had found.

" Son of a Bitch! I knew we shouldn't have added quests at the last moment. And trusting that Qin Huang was the worst decision Group Leader made! His coding is shoddy at best and look what he has done now. Report to Group Leader immediately"

Lee was infuriated. This was beyond their control. The whole Night Lily Pendant questline was going awry. Originally the quester was supposed to find replica of Night Lily Pendant in Tendril Glades. Then receive quest from Mir to find the original one in level 30 maps of Elven Kingdom. Only and only after the original one was found by Mir was he supposed reveal he was a royalty and as Player level was enough to take care of Kira, Mir would ask players to assassinate or kidnap Kira. But now as the player level was insufficient no player received the quest to kidnap Kira and Mir had taken care of it himself. These were the problems with AI. They could only be programmed to arrive at a set conclusion but couldn't be given sentience so that they could also understand the intention behind the method decided to arrive at fixed conclusion.

" I want a brief report of what had happened and its repercussions on following quests. Also send a new Undead Representative for now and restrict him from taking any actions to help Kira. Preferred if he is from rival group of Kira. Also start working to increase sentience level of Prometheus' to prevent such incidents from happening again."

This was blatant shielding of Qin Huang. Lee was way too dissatisfied for how the matter was handled but he was powerless to raise his voice. Increasing sentience of Prometheus the AI, was bordering on the edge of courting disaster. Recent incidents of multiple sentient AIs developing their own algorithm or codes had alarmed governments and hence had set a limit to how much sentience an AI should be able to have through law.

" Sir increasing AI's sentience would mean there would be severe repercussions on quests in game. Difficulty level of NPCs would increase..."

"Do you have a better option?"

"Not at the moment"

"Then do as I say"

The office politics was cut throat. Lee just had to thank Group Leader for not turning him into scapegoat.


An official statement from Myths Galore was soon released and they assured players that a new undead representative would arrive soon. As for Kira's disappearance, no explanation was given. The forums had calmed down quite a lot but all the players who had worked on increasing familiarity with Kira would still vent their discontent on forums.

In the Dirt lands of Death, Rajas who was partly responsible for disappearance of Kira, had already levelled up to level 7. This time he had stayed away from the hill of Gnoll Pack Lord. After he got bored of killing gnolls, he began to wander in other areas of dirt lands. With sparse vegetation and deep ravines, the Dirt lands scenery portrayed a tragic beauty. In real world, such dirt lands would be inhabitable due to harsh sun, strong winds and lack of water resources. In game conditions were also similar but harshness of temperature was not felt by players.

As he wandered towards south of the map, he came across a deep ravine. As he followed it he realised it became deeper and deeper the further south he went. As he neared the edge of the map, he noticed fog appearing in ravine below. It was not enough to hide the silhouettes roaming in the ravine below but it was enough to turn them hazy. Rajas couldn't clearly distinguish their features except they looked like humans. Curiosity grew within his heart as he saw them. He searched for a way to get down. He found it in form of weathered rocks jutting out of the steep cliffs of ravine. He found the best location and jumped on the rock nearest to him. It loosened a bit from sudden weight put on it but held on. Gaining a bit more confidence, Rajas jumped on to next rock. This one was very deeply embedded and didn't even budge. Next was a series of footholds which he could use to slowly lower himself in Ravine before the final jump on the last rock platform.

*grud* *grud* *thump* thump* thump*

Landslide at the most unfortunate moment. One of the rocks sliding down hit the foothold I was about to jump onto demolishing it. Crap! My body which was mid air plummeted to the ground. I finally got to see what those silhouettes were. They were Zombies. As soon as I had come into contact with whitish haze my health was decreasing.

{You are in forbidden lands for Living beings.} {You are affected by deathly toxins. Health will fall at 3% per second.}

Now that Curiosity had been fulfilled it was time for the metaphorical Cat to die. And with a splatter the Rajas landed in water which rapidly corroded his skin and bones. He felt something gnawing his lower body. Looking down he saw luminous green fish skeletons floating by themselves. Using keen sight I checked them.

Bone Fish

Level 20

HP: 1000

After that I used my Insight on the zombies nearest to lake.


Level 34

HP: 2100

Even though I could see other types of Zombies further away, I had no time to use Keen Sight on them. I quickly removed all my equip put it in the bag and awaited my death.

The whole process was excruciatingly painful as the adrenaline rush went out. This was my first death after I was eligible for death penalty. Even though it was just 30% of experience earned for now and not 50% of total experience needed to level up.

I woke up in the Infirmary of Barbarian Village (6). My experience had been reduced from 789/32000 to 552/32000. Not too big of a hit. But calculating the experience required to level up till level 10, I needed a total of 224000 EXP. After searching in Barbarian Village he didn't find any quests which would give experience worth thousands, so he was only left with killing bosses as his last option.

After going through forums and searching for bosses suitable for Archer to kill he found perfect one. It was a normal boss Mad Antlers of Level 7. It was found in Level 4 map of Dry Grasslands. It was a berserk Antelope who astonishingly was carnivorous. It had weak defenses and it was always conflicted between its natural instinct to flee and Berserk instinct to fight which gave 2 seconds to player before his attack. If Rajas could find a tree and lure the boss over, he could kill it without a scratch on himself.

10 minutes later Rajas was looking at a huge Savanna landscape. The Mad Antler was found somewhere in eastern parts of map. Following the systems compass he made his way towards the Mad Antlers.

He located the Mad Antler. It was prancing around in the grass field chasing a red fox.

Red Fox? It was actually a Red fox, which were lucky charm Monsters. Even though it seemed like Mad Antler was chasing Red Fox and had superior hand, it was actually Red fox who held the superiority. All lucky charm Monsters were speedy little creatures which even though had low attack, health and defense, they could dodge 99% of attacks aimed at them. If you couldn't sneak up and one shot them your chances of killing them were slim.

If Rajas tried to kill Red fox now Mad Antler would be drawn towards him. But it was best time to kill Red fox as he was not discovered by it. One Power shot would be enough to gravely injure the Red Fox with its health below 100. It was time to risk it. He once again took in his surroundings looking for a good hiding place to retreat to in case of Mad Antlers attack. With no better location, he decided to just dive in one of the tall grass patches to his left.

_Take a deep breathe. 3..2..1.. SHOOT_

*Souuu* *Thup*

- 35

With yelp Red Fox stumbled and Mad Antler caught up with it. With a headbutt from the Antler another 20 of his health was shaved off. I readied myself to get the last strike. As soon as Antler had stomped on the Red Fox a large number of 34 appeared. Close call. Only 11 health left and I released the arrow I had drawn.


All the health was emptied.

{Lucky Red Fox killed. You have gained 1000 EXP.}

{You have gained 'Lucky' buff. Time remaining: 2:59:40}

As the Red Fox faded, Mad Antler searched for the perpetrator who had stolen his kill. I had dived in the grass thicket as soon as my Arrow had hit the Red Fox the first time. But still I was nervous as distance between us was less than 10 meters. After looking around for a bit, it sauntered back in the direction of his resting place. On the way it would stop and sniff grass, chew some and go on its way. Strangely enough it was approaching a baobab tree which had dense foliage. It was walking to its death on its own. I prepared myself and dashed forward making sure I was not visible to Mad Antler. I was on the tree making myself comfortable on one of the lower branches. I got into position and prepared Power Shot. As soon as it reached the 15 meters mark, I shot the Arrow.



What the hell! I missed! It was hard to calculate trajectory from tree in case of Bow and Arrows. My shooting position was also off as I had to balance myself on the thin branch of the tree. Anyways it had attracted the attention of Mad Antler as it walked towards the still quivering arrow about a meter in its front. After sniffing and biting it, the Mad Antler gave up and once again started its slow trot towards the tree. This time I went with normal shots to get feel of my position. Of the three I shot, only one managed to hit the Mad Antler. But it had given me a very good idea of how trajectory from higher places worked. The Mad Antler was enraged after that last shot. Even though it managed to shave just 32 health, Aggro bar was at 100% since I was soloing it. With a charge and stomp, it had managed to vibrate the whole tree. Good thing the trunk was sturdy and could withstand such abuse. It did make my aim haywire though. I was realising why all the players complained that Archers class was too hard to play. I had already wasted 5 of my arrows out of 100 I had and yet only managed to reduce 32 out of 5000 health it had.

I wisened up after my quiver had 10 arrows lesser. My aim had improved significantly after I realised it went into its 2 seconds hesitancy mode before charging towards tree. 7 out of 10 arrows were hitting and each one reducing 32 — 34 health per arrow. I even used Power Shot every time it was off cool down. Every Power Shot did around 48 — 54 damage. But it still was far from enough. On the 30th arrow I shot, my breakthrough came.

- 108 (Crit)

I had managed to locate its heart. With an arrow providing me a spot to aim at, my shots started doing critical damage. For every 4 arrows I had shot at least one hit near heart. I had tried eyes earlier but they were too small of a target and what with Antlers hindering the view from above , not a single arrow had found its target. Instead they ended up deflecting and hence no damage was done to boss. After about half an hour My quiver had only 35 arrows left while Mad Antlers had about 43% health left. Now I calmed down. With mana recovery rate as high as 13 per minute, I could afford to only use Power shots. After I had discovered the Critical location almost every one of my Power shots was a Critical hits. Sadly my penetrative damage was lacking or I could have destroyed the beasts heart, which would have let me finish the battle in one Lethal strike. In another second my bowstring was taut and bow bent to maximum, the notched arrow was aiming at the heart of beast and I was ready to release as soon as the Mad Antler hesitated. It did but this time its hesitancy mode was much shorter at just about a second. I missed my mark and the arrow hit the right side antler at its base.


Miraculously the antler broke apart along with arrow. The sudden lightness in the right side of its head made the Mad Antler stumble and fall exposing its soft underbelly. With utmost speed I notched arrows and shot them. Each one hitting the milky white abdomen.

-66 (Crit)

-68 (Crit)


Rivulets of blood flowed from every arrow wound. Even with such grievous injuries Mad Antler still tried to get up to stomp the tree. The helpless rage was much more pitiful. As soon as my Power Shot was ready I fired it. A red 108 appeared. I looked at my quiver just 20 arrows left and health was down to 30%. As the Mad Antler couldn't get up it was much less of a threat than it was previously. I went down the tree. Replacing my Bow with Shadow claws I slit the tendons of the limbs of Mad Antler. This reduced chances of it getting up to zero. I arrived near its soft underbelly. Thrusting my both claws in it, I tore it open just as I had with 'Undecided'. The bleeding effect reappeared. I wanted to give it a quick death but approaching its heart was still risky as it was in range of its head.





Along with the damage caused from laceration Mad Antler had lost more than 500 health in past 20 seconds. It was already weakened and in another twenty seconds the bleeding effect would claim its life. I didn't want to wait and watch its life fade away so I started collecting the arrows that Mad Antler had deflected or which just had missed it. I was able to salvage 60 arrows with around 35 still embedded in the giant Mad Antler.

{Boss Tier Monster Mad Antler killed. You have gained 7000 experience.}

It was not the first Boss Tier to be killed. Goddess Worshippers, a sixth ranked guild had already killed the Shadow Panther after Shadows of Glory claimed kill of Elite Red Faced Ape. 'It was all to maintain dignity of top ranked guild' They had claimed. Anyways after the hard work it was time to taste the sweet fruit.


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