Myths Galore
8 8. On the Path of Archery
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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8 8. On the Path of Archery

" So ya saying ya need 20 bottles of Watah' n ya will pay me 21 silva? "


" Ya out of ya mind?"

"Yes... WAIT no, Why do you think so?"

"Ya paying 21 silva for quest... Ya know the cost of 1 silver? "

" 1 Credit Coin? "

" 1 silva cost 1 grande ya idiot "

" So 10 CC? "

" ... "

" Can you still buy? "

" Send me the money. HippyAinCreepy"

"What was that?"

" My name - HippyAinCreepy"

Brocky had already completed his Faction quests. He was now a Human. Humans had Intelligence Stat bonus. They received +10 to Intelligence on every tier up. Intelligence was important to all classes as it determined the Mana points which were necessary for all major skills. He was walking on path of Paladin. His fantasy of being Guardian Knight broke after he saw the description for paladin.

I also gave him tips to raise his stats through exercise and meditation. Although how much he believed is a question.

That night we spent a lot of time talking about our in game characters and quests. After he went to sleep, I searched for Night Lily and its symbolism. What I read was enough to give me shock.

'The Night Lily or the Purple Lily is symbol of Royalty. As it blooms in the Dusk and wilts in mid morning it is also said to be symbol of Rebirth.'

This implied that the beloved of Mir either was a Royalty or the pendant might be significant for her Rebirth. Either ways the Pendant of Night Lily had brought me a very good quest.

Next day when we went to VR center, I chose the 1CC per hour package. In addition I also paid 5 CC up front and asked them to top up my card, if I was not out after 5 hours, from deposit I had paid.

As soon as I logged into game I sent HippyAinCreepy a friend request. Within seconds he had accepted my request. After mailing him the 21 silvers I set off to find myself a Bow.

The Dirtlands of death was a level 7-8 map which was home of Gnolls and Goblins. The scattered few Gnoll Hunters among the gnolls were trained Variants and could be recruited as guards in later game when guild fortress were available to be built. But for now killing them also had highest possible chance of dropping a Bow according to his dad's diary. He checked them with his Keen Sight.

Gnoll Scouts

Level 7

HP: 400

Gnoll Marauders

Level 8

HP: 550

Gnoll Hunters (Variant)

Level 8

HP: 800

Hiding behind a tree he watched the patrolling gnolls trying to figure out their patrol pattern. Charging in foolishly was something he had done already and regretted it when gnolls tore him apart limb by limb while arrows shot out of nowhere hit him. Finally he was wising up.

Unlike most Shooters, Gnoll hunters hid behind the rocks or just mixed in with crowd instead of standing atop the rock to get better vantage point. As soon as he realised that Gnoll hunters had a limited arrow shots and shooting range, he found the tallest rock. The best thing was the sun was overhead so any shots towards the sky would have even lower Accuracy. A small path that was quite steep and surrounded by rocks led to the rock Rajas had scouted.

After observing the Gnolls for 10 minutes, Rajas was finally able to map out the path towards target rock. Sneakily he moved towards the nearest scout and pierced his throat and then swiftly stabbing into his chest he crushed the still beating heart.

- 30 (Crit)

- 370 (Lethal strike)

{Gnoll Scout killed. You have gained 225 EXP.}

And the 400 health was emptied just like that. Picking up the 15 copper that were dropped he ran forward towards the next alone scout. Unfortunately this one had discovered him before he could slit its throat. He howled and drew attention of all surrounding gnolls towards him. Left with no choice, Rajas dashed forward towards the target rock.

30 meters... 21 meters.... 12 meters... 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...


He was just about to reach the steep path when he was intercepted by a Gnoll Marauder. The Marauder slashed with his scimitar in a sweeping motion leaving Rajas with no choice but to roll on ground. The Marauder kicked the bundle that was Rajas as he tried to front roll past the Gnoll. Even though His momentum was broken he was thrown far enough to reach the path. Diving into the curved path he scurried along till he reached a bend and decided to make this is last stand. The Gnoll hunters couldn't shoot him as there was a bend and Gnolls were forced to line up due to narrow passage. Now all that was left was avoiding the battle of attrition so he could at the least take down 3 or 4 Gnolls before having to revive.

(AN: The claws that he is wearing are like those of Wolverine from XMen)

Done with preparations he took the front most Gnoll Marauder head on. the Gnoll marauder had on a leather armour chest plate which made striking a lethal strike on its heart impossible. Only other option was cut his head off or smash his brain both seemed quite hard seeing Rajas was about 150 cm tall and Gnoll marauder stood 190 cm tall. So all Rajas could rely on was 250% damage dealing critical hits through Counter.

The Gnoll marauder did a vertical slash with his scimitar. Rajas had ample place and time to sidestep. Immediately activating counter Rajas hit a uppercut piercing through the soft under jaws of Gnoll.

- 58 (Crit)

Even critical damage from counter only took away 10% of his health. Enraged he tackled me with shoulder. As I lost my balance his scimitar once again slashed.


That was 10% of my health! A Critical hit would be even more dangerous. I guess it really loved Vertical chops, because it was doing it again. Once again I dodged and hit him an uppercut with claws. But this time without Counter it did much less damage.

-44 (Crit)

At this rate it would take me 10 or more critical strikes to kill this Marauder. The slow Battle continued. I used Counter at every possible moment. My health was just 30% when the Marauder fell.

With huge howl and thud it dropped dead.

{Gnoll Marauder Killed. You have gained 275 EXP.}

As it faded away, its chest piece was left behind. It was a leather armour. So I quickly equipped it. Before I had the chance to check its attributes another Gnoll was on me. Thankfully Gnoll scouts were not wearing any armour, so it was possible to kill them in one lethal strike. And that was exactly what I did.

And the grinding continued.

Before I died I had managed to take out two more Gnoll scouts. The Gnoll Marauder that came next disposed me in just two of his sweeping strikes. Now that I had some breathing space I checked the attributes of the armour that had dropped.

Gnoll Marauder's Chest plate [White]

PDef - 3

Mdef - 1

[Chest plate of Gnoll Marauder. If you want attributes get something better than White Tier trash.]

That description! It was made for slapping players in face. I could imagine a rude grumpy old man who just fought with his wife typing the descriptions for various equipment. I wonder if he has generated such descriptions for every Gnoll equipment. This time I didn't go to the Steep rock path. Because even if I did, chances of me dying were still 100%. So I made my way towards the location of a Gnoll hunter that was relatively secluded. I could draw him into a deserted region and fight him till he drops dead.

Gnoll Hunters were only slightly better. Except for their higher health and long range attack they were same as Gnoll marauders except without Melee ability.

I ambushed the scout that was near the dried up babul tree. Disposing off quickly. I neared the Gnoll hunter that was hiding behind the rock formation made of 2 huge and one small rock. They were arranged similar to stone henge except they were just three and placed much closer to each other in triangular formation. Fortunately the smallest rock was in the west, where there were no Gnolls. The gap between the two large rocks was facing the region where most of the gnolls were. The V shaped gap was perfect to aim and shoot. Your enemies would have to circle behind the rock formation and come from behind through the gap between small rock and large rocks which served as doors. This was ideal place for two or three player teams with long range damage dealer and tanks guarding the doors.

Now most important part was luring the Gnoll hunter into the Formation or killing it before the fight alerts the other Gnolls. I quickly went into the formation. And tried to get as close to Gnoll hunter as possible before banging my claws against the rock. Hearing the noise two Gnoll scouts, a Gnoll Marauder and the Gnoll hunter I was aiming for were all disturbed but only Gnoll Hunter which was closest to me came to investigate. As soon as it was near the small rock, I jumped out and slit his throat to prevent it from howling and dragged him inside the formation. I began my relentless attacks without giving him a chance to retaliate. With its weak melee capabilities it stood no chance against me.

{Gnoll Hunter killed. You have gained 413 EXP}

{You have received Broken Iron Arrows x3}

{You have received 14 copper}

Unfortunately the bow was not dropped this time. But now that I had found a spot for luring and killing the Variant Gnoll hunter without getting killed myself, it was only a matter of time. I waited for quite long time. But the Gnoll hunter had not respawned.

Wait It was Variant Monster! It won't spawn for another two days or unless map is cleared.

I wanted to slam my head on the Rock. Once again I had to search for a Variant and kill it without getting myself killed. As I searched for suitable locations I had already killed two. Even though they had not dropped a Bow, they did drop a skill book for archers.

Power Shot (Active) - 10 MP

Cool down: 30 seconds

~ Increases the range of the Archer for one shot by up to 20 meters.

~ Nearer the target is more the damage done.

Requirements : Basic Archery

Archer's range was dependent on the Weapon he used and his strength. Rajas' base range was 2 meters now. Short Bow could increase it up to 10 meters while Long bow could increase it up to 15 meters. Maximum range of Archer could go up to 45 meters as that was the end of Vision range. If shooting from higher grounds, at most 5 meters could be added as terrain advantage bonus. So this skill was a blessing that would be useful even in end game. He now had two skills he could learn as soon as he became a Ranger.

Soon he was near a small hill. Astoundingly there were 7 or 8 Variant Gnoll hunters patrolling the Area. He could see a cave carved into the hill and that was most concentrated Gnoll area.

He began clearing the Gnoll hunters who were patrolling alone at the foot of the hill. After killing 2 more he had already got his wish.

Hunter's Longbow [White]

PAtk -> 7 - 9

Range + 8

Equip requirements: Level 5

Rajas already had about 8 arrows that he managed to get from Gnoll Hunter drops. Myths Galore, to discourage players from fighting above their level during period they were immune from death penalty, did not add any extra experience points or increased drop rates from Monsters. So till you become level 5, it was purely training and level 5 to 10 was gradual introduction of how the gameplay after you class change might be.

The Gnoll hunters dropped on an average 14 copper coins while giving great experience. So Rajas decided to clear out the foot of hill.


{Gnoll Hunter killed. You have gained 413 EXP}

That was the 11th Gnoll hunter that Rajas killed today. Next he set his sight upon the Cave in the Mountain.

After sneaking past the Gnolls guarding the mouth of the Cave, Rajas was able to find a good hiding spot near the entrance. There were stalactites and stalagmites growing in the entrance. He found it very strange. As he closed the distance he realised they were not calcine depositional structures but hand sculpted forms made to look like teeth. The whole Cave was a jaw. The moment he was near enough to the entrance, he heard deep guttural sound emerging from within the Cave. Rajas had a sense of foreboding and retreated the way he came. After going about 50 meters away from cave entrance, he turned back to look. All the surrounding Gnolls were assembling near the Cave. A gigantic form emerged from Cave. He had a two headed Axe on one of his shoulders and A longbow on another. A quiver full of arrows hung from his back. As it neared the entrance his face came into view. It was an oversized Gnoll of about 8 foot. Blood red skin with tufts of fur and face like meanest hyena; that was probably the Gnoll Pack Lord. I checked it with Keen Sight.

Gnoll Pack Lord (Boss)

Level 12

HP: 15000

This was one of the invincible bosses that were never killed in the entire game. Sole reason being they were too powerful for the players who visited the maps. And when players had the ability to kill them, they were too lazy to come back.

Rajas breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully he trusted his gut instinct and got out of there fast.

*Tring Tring*

The system chime meant you were receiving an invitation to chat. When he saw it was HippyAinCreepy he quickly pressed okay.

"Heya bud! I got ya what ya wanted. Meet me near TC"


"Training Center"

On the way back to encampment, he saw a party of three clearing Gnolls standing in the same steep slope he had discovered earlier. Looking at their pointed ears and and beautiful features it seemed as if they had already completed Elven faction quest. They were pretty skilled to be able to take on 3 Gnoll Marauders at a time. After observing them for a while, he left the area.

He met up with Brocky near the training center. It was not deserted like before but bustling with people. After getting the Holy Spirit Water, he bid Brocky goodbye. He entered the Training Center and met with Trainer Basak.

" Trainer I would like to learn the way of the Bow."

This was trigger line for receiving the quiver of arrows. It contained 80 arrows.

{Quest Alert: Complete tutorial for Archery}

Quest objective: Hit the Target 100 times.

Quest reward: 20 Arrows, Basic Archery.

{Do you Accept?} Y or N

I quickly accepted. This quest let players adopt gradually to aiming without trajectory. Aiming without trajectory was also one of the necessary condition to learn Passive Lock On as well as getting increasing skill points of Archery.

The arduous task of shooting and retrieving arrows began. I was able to quickly adapt to shooting without trajectory due to my real life experience with Archery. The target had 5 coloured rings; White, Black, Blue, Red, Golden from outside to inside. Soon some of my Arrows were hitting the red ring while most of them were in the blue or black ring. Rarely would an arrow stray off the target or hit white ring. As I hit the 100th arrow I heard the chime of system.

{Quest Completed. You have received 20 Arrows}

{You have learned Basic Archery}

{Quest Alert: Mastering the Basics (Part II)}

Quest objective: Level up Basic Archery (I) to Basic Archery (III)

Quest reward: Random skillbook for Archers.

Once I learned Basic Archery, every arrow shot in the golden ring earned me five mastery points while those in red earned me three, two for blue and one for left over rings. Levelling up mastery skills from level 1 to level 2 needed 300 points and from level 2 to 3 needed 600 points. So it took me about an hour to level up to Basic Archery (II). Once I reached Basic Archery (III) I will be eligible to level it up to Intermediate Archery. After another 200 shots I heard the sweet chime of system again.


{You have mastered Basic Archery (III)}

{Quest Alert: You have completed the quest Mastering the Basics (Part II)}

{Would you like to retrieve your reward now? }

Y or N ?


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