Myths Galore
7 7. Honesty and Ignorance
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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7 7. Honesty and Ignorance

" You want to wield the Power of Underworld? Go bring me the head of that mongrel, Mir"

" Yes, representative Kira."

"As you wish representative Kira."

Two players approached her with request to join Underworld and both were given the same quest. Mir being a level 30 representative how were they supposed to complete the quest? The answer was they weren't. Such quests were only issued to players who tried to outsmart system by trying to gain glory in all factions by completing quests issued by all Representatives. Any attack on Elf Mir would lower their glory with Elf faction to zero. If they had earned glory with Humans too and went to ask for quest from Representative Kira,they would once again be given impossible quest to reduce their glory with human faction to zero. If successfully completed they would earn unprecedented amount of glory with the faction that issued the quest and kill on sight order from the faction the quest was against.

Rajas now had two targets. One of them level four, another one level 5. Both of them left the grotto together. The level 4 guy turned towards the Red Tree Forest while the Level 5 guy turned towards the central regions of Murky Forest.

Rajas chose to follow the one going through Red Tree Forest as he would reach the Tendril Glade first. As soon as they were out of visible range of Level 5 player, Rajas made his move. A surprise attack with his brand new Weapon, directly to backside of head.

-199 (Lethal strike)

And the guy aiming to be a MT was killed just like that.

The attack aiming at backside of head was purely for convenience sake. Rajas later realised that a hit to Medulla oblongata is fatal with 0% chances of recovering.

{ Quest Alert: Kill the Assassins.... 2/3 }

One down, One more to go! Pumped with his One Hit KO victory, Rajas made his way towards the central regions of Murky forest.

Twenty minutes had passed since he started his search but the other guy was nowhere to be found. He had canvassed almost all of the map but no traces of that player were to be found. He couldn't help the sense of unease sliding through his heart. He rechecked the quest objectives. No where did they say that not one assassination attempt be made on Mir while he was on guard duty. All he had to do was kill three assassins. Reassured that his quest won't fail even if he let one or two slip by, Rajas exhaled a sigh of relief. But he had relaxed too soon.

A shadow rose behind him striking the backside of Rajas' head.

- 19 (Crit)

A number rose above Rajas' head.

{Player 'Undecided' has attacked You}

Undecided had been following Rajas ever since he noticed him leave grotto after them with red skull on his head. He had planned to ambush him with 'Decisive' when he saw him being One Hit KO-ed. When he PMed 'Decisive', he was told that it was a Lethal Strike that killed him. Taking note of location 'Decisive' was hit in, 'Undecided' too hit the same spot hoping to one shot this guy from enemy faction. So when a normal damage number appeared he was stunned. He assumed that Rajas had an equipment of Silver grade or above as only that could explain the abnormal phenomenon of One Hit KO of a player of Tank build.

Lethal Strike was not known to many as the game had just started. Even though some Beta testers had made their dissatisfaction known in the early stages of beta testing, they realized the lethal strikes became obsolete after players acquired armour, as they covered all vulnerable spots. As for Lethal strike being privilege of only those who played in VR rooms, it was yet to be known to masses. Hence the misunderstanding.

On the other hand Player 'Decisive' had reported player 'Mrigendra' at the same time posting on forums about the strange experience of being instakilled by a level 5 player.

Rajas was disoriented for about a second but 'Undecided' didn't take advantage of the opportunity as he had expected Rajas to die from the hit. Just as Rajas was recovering Undecided kicked his knee and attempted to stab Rajas heart. This was first kick anyone had thrown at Rajas so his failure to react appropriately was to be expected. But he could hold on due to his superior Constitution and managed to avoid being stabbed. As avoiding the stab was counted as dodge, Rajas activated Counter and pierced through the soft tissues of abdomen of 'Undecided'.

- 52 (Crit)

The normal attack whose damage might not have exceeded 21 was increased by 250% due to Counter skill. That was sky high damage for players whose current health was just around 150. Undecided was building a warrior character so he added 3 to strength, 1 to vitality and 1 to agility. Not everyone was lucky like Rajas who discovered ways to get extra stat points.

In the close proximity, it was easier for 'Undecided' to use his short knife. He stabbed it straight through Rajas heart, triggering another critical strike. In the mean while Rajas tore the wound at abdomen apart, causing bleeding effect. It consumed 5 HP per second and put the opponent in weakened state. For every 10% HP lost, Undecided's stats would weaken by 5%. As for entrails spilling from torn abdomen, such kind of grotesque scenes were turned off by the VR center owing to underage identity of Rajas.

A series of slashes, stabs and kicks later Undecided managed to lower Rajas' health to below 50. In the meanwhile Rajas had already scratched away Undecided's health to below 10.

- 20

And the last sliver of health was taken away from the body of Undecided and his body faded into gray light.

Due to weakened state of Undecided, even normal attack of Rajas was doing damage comparable to his critical hits. Rajas was able to learn that bleeding effect can be forced on opponent by tearing open a large part of soft tissue. He didn't have any skill that would cause bleeding, nor did he have Weapon which had additional quality of making opponent bleed so today's result had to be attributed to barbaric act he committed.

Soon he heard the system's chime. Quest was complete. Now let's go and take rewards.

Soon I was back in Tendril glades, climbing the hanging roots of the tree to reach Elf Mir.


There was sound of clothes rustling and then footsteps from inside the house. I was once again greeted by the sight of Staff close to my face.

"Who are you?"

I was speechless. Are we in a spy movie or something? Or does this guy really does not remember me? Could he have Alzheimer's?

"You asked me to kill assassins sent by Necromancer Kira! "

" So did you?"

Is this guy getting senile? Or do I look so untrustworthy? What Rajas didn't know was after 100 or so attempts on life, even though not life threatening, any man would treat not only a stranger but also family members with extreme caution. But Elf Mir had another reason to doubt Rajas.

"He is just a teenaged lad and he talks as if he could have killed assassin's sent by Kira"

Rajas heard him mutter under his breathe. Now everything fell in place. Why he was asked to Entertain Goku. Why Elf Mir was doubtful of his ability to take life. He looked like a 14 year old in game too! Barbarian chief Sorsha wanted a playmate for his son while Elf Representative Mir was trying to toughen him up for war. These NPCs had way too high intelligence for their own good. Now that he knew the reason he had calmed down significantly. He regretted taking the youth pill to live in hostel. Well what happened had happened. No changing it. Deal with situation at hand.

"Yes I did"

As soon as he answered, the way Mir looked at him changed. Mir was no longer avoiding eye contact with him like earlier. Instead his eyes were focused on Rajas. The intensity in the look made Rajas nervous and he felt exposed. After a brief moment Mir said "Alright"

{You have completed quest 'Pesky Annoyances'.}

{You have received Elf Kingdom Glory +3}

{You have gained 600 EXP}

{You have obtained Mir's Recognition.}

_What was that last notification about Mir's recognition? Sounds like good thing. I'll look it up later. Anyways just 2 more glory points to go._

I once again talked to Mir.

"Few years back I lost a Pendant that was gift for my beloved in this Glade. Help me find it"

{Quest Alert: Search for Pendant}

Quest Objective: Look for the Pendant that Mir lost in Tendril Glade.

Quest reward: Elf Kingdom Glory +1, 100 Exp

I was seriously perplexed by Mir's behaviour. When I was level 3, he sent me hunting players; a quest I was more likely to fail. Now that I had completed it and was much stronger at level 5, he is giving me quest to find Pendant in low level map like Tendril Glade. Anyways, only now I remembered I had a Night Lily Pendant which was quest item for Mir. I presented it to him.

{Quest Alert: 'Search for Pendant' completed.}

{You have received Elf Kingdom Glory +1}

{You have gained 100 EXP}

"You found it!"

Mir was very happy to see it. But as soon as he saw what had happened to the carved flower, his face ashened.

"What have you done Kira?"

He howled with grief. I had never seen such naked emotions on the face of Elf since I met him. He sobbed unabashedly. But my presence made him recover his composure. I was thinking of consoling him but I didn't know why he was in grief. Asking now would be rude and lower my impression. So I turned around to leave, giving him his privacy.

" Do you know why elves protect the Nature?"

A question came out of blue. I stopped in my tracks and turned around to look him in the eye. I knew I couldn't lie.


He looked at me and a smile formed on his lips. He appreciated my honesty. He asked me another one.

" Do you know what a Night Lily is? "

" A flower that blooms at Dusk "

"And what does Night Lily symbolise?"

I was stumped. I had never studied floral languages so I didn't know the answer to this question as well. To lie or to not to lie, that was the question. I decided latter.

" I don't know. "

" Although I admire your honesty, I pity your ignorance. Fetch me a Jar of water from Purification Pond."

The haughty snob had returned. That look of looking down like he was looking at insects made me want to punch his face. But I managed to restrain myself. I decided to look up floral language after logging off. After calming down a bit I realized I had quest notification.

{Quest Alert: Mir's Request}

Quest Objective: Bring a Jar of water from Purification Pond.

Quest Reward: Familiarity with Mir +20

After reading the quest title I snorted. Request? More like order. As I read below I thought it was simple enough. But quest reward had me stumped. What the hell? No Elf kingdom glory points? I looked up to ask Mir for a quest regarding Elf Kingdom Glory points, only to discover he was gone. He vanished without me even noticing. Left with no option I left the dwelling.

As I had no idea what Purification pond was. I decided to look it up on forums. Purification pond had zero search results. Then I went to the Myths Galore website. Purification Pond was a location in Human empire. Water from purification pond was known as Holy Spirit Water. It was useful in various purification ceremonies. I still didn't know where I could find this Holy Spirit Water as travelling to Human empire and stealing from Pond guarded better than any other place was a fool's dream. So he once again searched on forums. Quite a few results had shown up this time.

Two possible ways were found to buy the holy spirit water. First purchase it from wandering merchant. But his stock was not fixed. He might have 1 drop or 1 jar. Another was buying from Paladin who was Human Empire representative. But he didn't sell it to anyone who didn't have Glory points for Human faction. Many players who had glory points from other factions were also rejected even though they had human empire glory points.

Only problem was both the methods were expensive as hell. Holy Spirit Water could be used with common herbs to make MP potion so it had high demand. Formulae made from 1 drop were enough to last a day. So most people who could afford it thought 1 silver per bottle which had 5 drops was inexpensive. But Rajas needed 100 drops to fill a jar. Thankfully he didn't lack silver. So he could afford to squander 20 silver to get a jar full of Holy Spirit Water. Now the only issue left was finding someone trustworthy who could buy from Paladin and give it to me. He decided to leave the issue aside for later. It was already 8 hours since he started playing.

Time for Dinner.


While he was waiting for his meal to be served he calculated his expenses at the VR center. Paying 10 CC per session was not as cost effective as he had thought. Taking into account his session times of past two days, he had played a total of 14 hours. He had spent 20 CC for those 14 hours. When he realised this Rajas had no tears left to cry. He could've bought full meals two times a day for six days with the saved 6 CC.

Also the currency exchange had to yet open. It would only open when the one player from each faction had reached one of the base cities of the faction. The highest level player was level 7. So in another day or two, Currency exchange might open. He had to catch up with them fast. What was most important now was to obtain a Bow and train his proficiency with it. At the same time he also had to look for Archer class skill books, collect gold and find Armour suitable for himself. Lots of things to do but lot less time.

After dinner he went straight to hostel. Fighting all day with monsters and players had exhausted him. He could feel the change in his body. His movements, his judgement during fights and his fist work were gradually maturing. He was sure if he obtained claws in real life he could use them as well he did in game. After all he was already using props inside VR room. Still he had a long way to go before he was even seen as professional. If not for lucky lethal strike the first time and overwhelmingly superior attack the second, he might've lost his life during the PVPs.

While he was immersed in his thoughts, door to their room opened. Brocky! How could I forget about him. Maybe he can help me.


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