Myths Galore
6 6. First Boss Tier Monster
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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6 6. First Boss Tier Monster

After killing 4 more panthers, he heard commotion in the central region of Murky forests. He was disinclined to pay attention but even after 4 minutes had passed his Panther had not respawned. Bored of waiting he too joined the players groups which were going towards the central regions of Murky forest.

"Do you know what happened?"

" All the Panthers have stopped spawning..."

" I know that.."

" Then why are you asking... "

" Do you know why they stopped spawning?"

The player whose name was 'Lovely hands', looked at me like I was a noob. In a sense I was as this was the first game I played. But no need to make it public, right?

" Of course, Boss Monster must have spawned."

Bosses were a tier above Elite. Every time a Boss monster spawned, until it is killed all the monsters in surrounding will gather near the boss. Every experienced player knew this. So naturally, Rajas was treated like a noob.

When everyone reached the central region, they saw 50 or something players killing the Black Panthers. Those Black Panthers seemed to be obstructing Players from reaching the Center where Blackish purple light was being emitted from a larger than average Black Panther. It was an Elite monster that was evolving! Within a minute its evolution will be complete.

" Hey, it is a Boss monster. Bring the party over."

" Boss, an Elite Tier monster is evolving in Murky Forest. Bring our brothers over... "

" Darling, they are saying a Boss Tier Monster is going to appear. Do you want to come over and watch fun? "

Scouts sent by parties levelling in area, members of guild called their friends or guild members to take down the boss while some called their crushes, girls they have been chatting up or actual girlfriends/boyfriends to watch the fun. After all this was the First Boss to appear near Barbarian Village no. 6.

Players were coming in from all directions. The initial head count of around 50 had already exceeded 200 with numbers increasing every minute. There had been no Boss Tier killed yet as it was just second day of the game.

The Bosses were the only source of equipment of Bronze grade and above before Blacksmiths got better blue prints and reached intermediate mastery. It was natural why Professional Guilds would find these Bosses lucrative.

But it was questionable whether these players who didn't even have a weapon yet had the capability of killing a Boss Tier Monster. Even the Level 5 Elite Red Faced Ape was able to eliminate a party of thirty level 5 players. The 200 players soon overwhelmed the 70 something Black Panthers. But unfortunately they were too late. The Elite Tier Black Panther was now Boss Tier Shadow Panther.

Rajas used Keen Sight on the monster.

Shadow Panther

Level 10

HP 7000

" Attack Brothers! "

Some one shouted and all hell broke loose. Most of these people couldn't even see the Boss monster's level and HP. They just charged blindly into fray. Damage numbers popped up on heads of people and Shadow Panther.

- 170 - 162 - 153 - 141







-150 -148 -169 - 135 - 160 -143

As it was a humongous sized monster, even its normal attacks were like AoE in this densely packed crowd. Each of its attacks hit 4-5 players. No one could tank it at this stage of game when most of the MTs didn't even have a complete set of Armour, let alone Shield. On the other hand maximum damage players did was not even enough to scratch the health bar.

Even though Players had advantage in numbers, only 40 melee players could stand near Shadow Panther and inflict damage. Long ranged damage dealers like Archers and Mages were too few. Although many players aspired to become Mages but they could only learn skills from skillbooks before completing their Class quest at level 10. Before then, they could only use their staff to beat up monsters in melee combat. As for archers before getting a weapon, they too would have to treat fists as Weapon.

When Myths Galore's Mage story line Team Leader was asked about this, all he said was "Perseverance is a good quality to have."

While many were puzzled over this, first user who completed his class quest without learning a single spell unlocked the 'Perseverer' title. This title opened up whole new skilltree branch for magicians which was essentially like a Magical Swordsman with freedom of Weapon. Once this secret was disclosed Magical Weapon Master became trend among players. But many would give up when they got their hands on Magical Spells in Level 7 and 8 maps as levelling without much attack strength became lot harder.

While Rajas was remembering the events of past, another wave of players was killed by Shadow Panther. Its health was reduced by about 3% in last 15 minutes. Most of the players combating Shadow Panther had died once. The Death penalty protection of players was lost after they joined a faction. Before they got a Class they would suffer penalty of 30% of Exp being lost on death. After they got a class the penalty became 50% of Exp required to level up or 1 level.

So most of the Players present had already lost 30% of Exp by now. They were starting to despair as more and more of their comrades fell. Saner guild and party leaders had already ordered retreat. Now it was just some solo players and guilds desperate to rise to fame. After another wipeout few players remained in Area.

The leftover 20 Black panthers would keep on respawning till Boss died. Just the respawn interval would be larger at 6 minutes. They were more than enough for the few stragglers. Rajas was considering staying but none of the panthers was alone. Minimum was a group of three while maximum was of five. So Rajas turned around with intentions of living. That's when he discovered a solo player making his way towards the Tendril Glade. He had a big red skull on his head while his player name was hidden from view.

{Quest Alert: You have discovered an Assassin sent by Underworld representative Kira.}

Good! And it was a level four player too. Rajas quickly made his way towards him. Rajas was confident in his abilities because he had more Stat points than other players thanks to the quest he received. If critical hits were triggered he may even kill the player in 4 to 5 hits. Exceptions being the tank aspirants who added all points to Vitality.

But the one he was facing off against was obviously not a Tank but an assassin. So he had no worries. Now that both of them were face to face it was obvious that both of them had opposing quests. Only solution was fight.


The moment Rajas appeared in the path of Assassin, a red skull sign indicating his position as enemy became visible to Assassin.

The distance between them closed. As soon as Rajas was in attacking range, a knife stabbed at his chest from seemingly nowhere. Good thing that Rajas was alert and he managed to sidestep avoiding the strike.

{Player Sad Childhood has attacked you}

Cold sweat dripped down the back of Rajas as he read the system message. This was the same guy who had received the title 'Annoying as a fly'. This title which made NPCs ignore him, was an unexpected boon as he won't be paid attention to by NPCs till he was dangerously close to them. Assuming he was using VR rooms, combined with the possibility of triggering Lethal Strike made him the perfect kind of Assassin. Unfortunately, he had decided to join the Underworld.

This was the one guy who could really kill a level 30 NPC, Mir at this point in game.

_Good thing I intercepted him._

Seeing the opponent dodge his sudden strike, Sad Childhood was stunned. In the brief moment that he took to recover, Rajas had already activated Counter and punched the guy in his left eye.


The damage was pretty good, but he was expecting more than 30. Disoriented, Sad childhood slashed his knife wildly. Rajas was unfortunate enough to receive one of the slashes on his chest.

- 6

That damage was less than expected. Rajas only had 7 defense (10 VIT/2 + 1 END X2). So that meant opponents strength is also low. Looking at the movement speed, Rajas was sure, he was moving at least 2 times faster than Sad childhood. This was when Rajas had 5 unassigned Stat points left from levelling to level 4. The only reason damage and movement speed of Sad Childhood is so low is either he had unassigned stat points left or this was the Legendary noob who added one point to each of 5 stats when he levelled up. Rajas was inclined to believing latter was true as Sad Childhood was still waving his knife around wildly.

_He couldn't be disoriented for so long, could he?_

If Rajas had any hopes of finishing this noob, he had to move in at the risk of getting hit. When Rajas was near his opponent he saw that the opponent had his eyes closed and he was muttering something.

"Please hit... Please let it hit... I'll pay you 1000 credits if it's a Critical hit"

Rajas didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Was he fighting some 6 year old here? But since it was his quest he had to PK no matter what. He was so close yet he didn't feel any threat.

The 5 seconds cool down for Counter was over. He moved in aiming the punch at solar plexus of his opponent. Due to wild movements of Sad Childhood, the aim was completely off target and instead hit the guy in his floating ribs. He keeled over. He used the guy as his punching bag, doing continuous damage. Ever since he keeled over from punch in floating ribs, Sad Childhood didn't even get one chance to get up. And soon he was turned into grey light.

{Quest Alert: Kill the Assassins..... 1/3}

Rajas was able to derive from direction most underworld players came from that the Necromancer Kira was somewhere in North West of Murky Forest. He still needed to kill 2 more players. He had two options; Level up in Tendril glade or Red Tree Forest or Ambush near Necromancer Kira and kill the Players as soon as they are given the quest.

He decided to go level up in Tendril Glades. Even though monsters were weak at level 3, they also had possibility to drop the skillbooks and were relatively safe. Also every assassin would have to pass through Tendril Glade to reach Elf Mir.

After killing monsters for two more hours, a variant Flying serpent had appeared. Unlike the normal flying serpents which were brownish green in color, this one was pitch black with dark green stripes on his body. A bit larger than average he was one and a half meter long. As soon as it came out of its hiding place, it made its way towards the Hollow where the Royal Blood Hawk Chick was. I used Keen Sight on it.

Flying Serpent King (Variant)

Level 4

HP: 300

Just 300 health was easy enough for me. I got into position to lure the Serpent king towards me. I now had enough experience of killing the Flying serpents as I had killed more than 6 in past one hour. I had tried killing Blood hawks too but killing a single one took 10 - 12 minutes as it could fly out of my reach. Even killing the level 6 Panthers only took me 6 - 7 minutes. So naturally I let them be.

Throw a stone provoking the serpent, smack them down once they are within the reach of my dried stick. Stepping on their neck immobilize them and punch them in the hood till they die. These flying serpents were the only monsters with just 100 health in the whole game. It was to compensate for lethal attacks they had.

I proceeded with my strategy. I successfully provoked the serpent king into gliding towards me. What I didn't expect was for it to be lot quicker than other serpents. When I smacked it with my stick instead of hitting its hood, stick hit it in the middle part of body doing nothing to bring it down to ground. It instead coiled around the stick and partially my forearm ready to strike me in face. As I was a right handed person, with my right handed unusable I was at significant disadvantage. You can't punch properly with your inferior hand something that was less than an arms distance from your body. So I took out the broken knife and slashed the hood multiple times, deterring the Serpent king from striking my body parts other than left hand. The damage was meager with just - 5 and - 6 popping up. Finally I decide to try something new as I got hold of region near its neck with both my hands. Feeling the sense of crisis, the serpent king once again turned its attention towards my face and other larger targets. Thankfully Snake type monster needed a build up time of at least a second before they struck with full force. And as the Serpent King was building up I had already implemented my plan and smashed the hood region of snake on the nearby tree.

- 10

It not only had done good damage it also had interrupted Serpent kings attack. After 40 or something strikes the Serpent king died in my arms.

{Flying Serpent King killed. You have gained 150 EXP}

{ You have gained Poisonous fangs x2 }

{ You have gained a Recipe }

Rajas hurriedly checked the item description for Recipe.

Toxin Recipe

~ Allows user to learn preparation method for low level Toxin.

~ Herbalist Class required.

Herbalists were quite useful in game. They could make decoctions and salves and Toxins too from various Herbs, Plants and other ingredients. They didn't need any specific work station to work in. But only downside was their efficacy of decoctions was lot lower than Apothecaries. If a potion prepared by Alchemist heal 100 of your HP, those by Herbalists would only recover 50. Still many combat classes chose Herbalists as secondary profession because salves of Herbalists could heal you and your pet while potions which cost higher could only heal players. Rajas was undecided on his secondary class. But now that he knew that Arrow forging can be learned by Archers too, he decided he would become a Herbalist.

With just 100 more experience away from levelling up, Rajas got back to killing flying serpents. Two minutes later white beam flashed on Rajas and he was Level 5. He added the 5 points from level 4 to strength and 5 points from level 5 to Agility.


Level 5 (0/8000)

Race : NA

Class :NA

HP - 112

MP - 50

STR - 28

VIT - 10

AGI - 27

INT - 10

WIS - 13

Hidden Stats

CON - 2

END - 2

Unassigned points : 0

Finally, he could equip the shadow claws he obtained. His base attack was as high as 14. If max damage was of Weapon was triggered it might even go to 25. In the past hour not a single soul had come around. At this rate he would never be able to complete the quest. So he decided it was time to go with plan A; Ambush near Necromancer Kira.


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