Myths Galore
5 5. Skillbook Farming
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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5 5. Skillbook Farming

He was going to the Tendril glades. The home of the Flying serpents and blood hawks. Even though they were described as flying monsters, their flying range wasn't actually that high. Rajas was sure he could one shot them with his fist.

But before going it was important to prepare antidotes. I walked the street looking for apothecaries or any herbalists selling antidotes. I never realised that while I was busy training in the training grounds, average level of players had gone up to 4. Even many level 5 players were around. The only reason why they hadn't rushed to training grounds yet was because thay hadn't found a suitable weapon or had no interest in grinding for stat points.

Finally found a herbalist selling antidote salve. To be applied externally it was very effective on low level toxins such that of flying serpents and Serpiria vines.

" Hello, friend how much for antidote salve?"

"16 copper per bottle"

"Err can you give me a discount?"

" How much?"

" Sell one bottle to me for 10 coppers"

" How many bottles do you want?"

"Just one now but I'll be buying lots more in future"

Rajas was so self confident when saying this that the Herbalist wanted to punch him in face.

" Get Lost Noob! Stop wasting my time."

_Who you calling Noob? I'll comeback and buy all your wares. That'll smack you in the face._

All I could do was think such in my head.

Ah! What a Tragedy. Now I will have to go to Tendril glades without the antidote backup.

A quarter of hour later, Rajas was traversing through the Red tree forest. He had to be very careful as there were level 5 monsters, Red faced Apes found in this territory. What was more terrifying was their long arms would have already killed Rajas before his fist could even connect to their body.

As he neared the end of the forest, he was startled by sudden screech of Ape. And It didn't even sound like normal tier Ape. He a puny level 2 was no match for elite tier Level 5 Ape. No strategy could save him from getting killed when faced with such monster. So for now, Rajas wisely decided to retreat.

Soon he was out of territory of Elite Ape. The Forest had opened up quite a bit ahead. Tendrils were hanging around the red trees connecting them to each other. Blood hawks and Flying serpents were both level 3 monsters. Blood hawks made their nests inside the tree hollows of connected trees while flying serpents can be found hidden inside the bundles of tendrils that connected the Red wood trees. The Flying serpents preyed on the eggs and young ones of Blood hawks while blood hawks prey on the adult flying serpents. According to beta testers, there were even boss tier sentient beasts in this glade who would issue quests to kill opposing blood hawks or Flying snakes adult population so that they could take over this Glade. But Sarvesh always denied existence of any such beasts to Rajas.

Today's goal for hunting was Toxin skill from flying serpents and Keen Eye skill book from Blood hawks. Rajas very cautiously made his way towards the tendrils connecting the trees. He picked up a dried up stick and randomly poked in a bundle of tendrils.


A serpent which had an enlarged hood moved it's head out of the bundle. Enlarging self to threaten the aggressor is a tactic commonly seen in many animals. But it also made them bigger targets. Rajas quickly threw the pellet sized stone he had picked up from ground. It just missed the head of the serpent who was rearing his hood. Enraged, Serpent decided to come out of his hiding spot. Exactly what Rajas wanted.

The serpent in a quick moment was air borne and was rapidly approaching Rajas with his fangs bared. One bite and Rajas would be severely poisoned loosing HP like sand in sieve. So he had to avoid the bite at all costs.

When the serpent was in hitting range, Rajas quickly smacked it down with the dried up stick in hand. Then without giving it a chance to retaliate, he stepped on its neck, immobilizing it at the same time leaving its head open to attack. The serpent which was hardly a meter long was hard to hit target in air. But now that it was immobilized on the ground, one strike was enough to kill it.

The drop rate for Toxin was pretty low. Also Rajas was not sure whether it was a skill or recipe. He only knew that it was used to coat arrows with poison. If it was a skill it was very good gain as he won't have to learn secondary profession to use it but if it was a recipe he will have to reconsider his options.

{Flying Serpent killed. You have gained 75 EXP}

The Serpents corpse faded out of view leaving behind 2 fangs and 1 copper. This was the first monster Rajas had killed. So he was pretty pleased with his performance. Long gone were the days of little boy who was skewered through chest by lvl 3 boar just because he was careless.

He continued hunting the Flying serpents luring them out one by one. Several times, he was almost poisoned but always avoided it by a hair's breadth.

His hunting continued. He had already levelled up to 3 and now was close to levelling up to 4. But at one unfortunate moment he poked into 4 different flying serpents living closely together. All four of them came out, hissing furiously. He couldn't handle two at a time let alone four of them. His only option was aggro Blood hawks as well hoping these two mortal enemies will fight, letting him pick up a bargain.

He picked up another stone from ground and threw it towards a nearby tree hollow.

_ Please let there be a nest of blood hawks _

Rajas thought.

But he didn't realise that with four flying

serpents living so close by the tree hollow, the nest habitants had long become their food.

Rajas was running around like a headless chicken while the serpents were in hot pursuit. He was already quite a distance away from the bundle where he provoked the serpents. He once again decided to try his luck and threw another stone at a nearby tree.

Instead of a woody *thump *, a metallic *clang* was heard. In the next moment a blood red coloured hawk came out from the hollow.

This was not a good news to Rajas as that was obviously a variant monster. Even though Blood hawks are named as such, it denotes their fondness for bloody battles and not their color of outer body. They are actually found in a very beautiful shade of cerulean blue. When he turned around he saw 4 flying serpents were being pecked and ripped to shreds. He regretted not doing any damage to serpents. He would have been on a free EXP bus if he had. Once the Hawk was done ripping serpents to pieces he turned his attention towards me.

_Bloody Hell!! _

And Rajas was once again on a Merry go round chase. Just his pursuer had changed this time. As he was dodging through obstacles masterfully, turning around once in a while to check on his pursuer, he noticed something was off with left wing of the Variant Blood hawk. It was limping and sending Blood hawk off course very frequently.

_This is my Chance_

I decided. I poked few more bundles of tendrils, drawing out the Flying serpents within. As soon as they saw the Blood hawk, they dived towards it. About 10 flying serpents were engaged in mortal combat against the blood hawk. All of them perished. But health bar of Blood hawk was also lowered to critical levels. Taking out the broken knife every beginner had, I quietly sneaked towards the back of blood hawk. Aiming at a deep looking wound between the joint which connected wings to body, I stabbed the knife down with full force.

-20 (Crit)

Cawing painfully, it was in its death throes. With another slash at its neck, the struggles of the variant blood hawk ended.

{Variant Blood Hawk killed. You have received 150 EXP. }


I finally levelled up to level 4. The Variant Blood hawk had dropped a skillbook and 3 blood red feathers. The feathers had metallic sheen to them.

Blood Hawk feathers: Forging material.

Keen Sight - Passive

~ Increases accuracy by 10% permanently.

~ 15% chance to see through illusion.

Another great passive. It was even enhanced version of Keen Eye, Keen Sight. I quickly learned it. I could now spot the Flying serpents hiding in the tendrils easily. Another perk of Keen eye skill book that was useful in non combat state was it would let you check monster's levels and HP amount. Also hidden objects would light up amidst dense camouflage.

As this skill book was available for all classes, it had pretty good market value during the initial stages of game. This would help solve my money problems quite a bit.

Now all that was left was to check the source of *clang* sound when I had thrown the stone inside the tree hollow.

Quickly climbing up the tree, I poked the hollow with the dried stick in my hand. I encountered some resistance. So I tried beating around inside the hollow.

*clang *clang* *chirp *chirp*

It was actually a baby Blood hawk. Rajas quickly put his hand inside the hollow nest and searched around till he caught the baby Blood hawk. He took it out of the hollow. It was same as it's parent, a variant Blood Hawk. Beautiful vermilion red feathers and and dark red crown with golden markings on its head, the chick looked absolutely majestic. Rajas checked its level using Keen Sight.

Royal Blood Hawk (Variant)

Level 1

HP 30

If he had obtained a Race and Class he would have been eligible to own a pet. But now he didn't even own a monster core to seal this Chick. Unwillingly he put the Chick back inside. And grabbed the Chest that was hidden in the hollow. It was greyish and and looked pretty small for treasure chest. As soon as Rajas opened it, silvery light flashed and after it fade away he could see the contents of the chest.

{ System Announcement: Player Mrigendra has opened the first Treasure Chest in game. He is rewarded 5 silver and 300 EXP. }

Apparently only chests which were Silver grade or above were considered Treasure Chests.

{Quest Alert: Open 10 or more chests in 10 days to earn Title 'Novice Chest Opener'}

What kind of quest was this? Rajas closed the notifications and and looked at items in the chest. First item he took out was a flower pendant. The flower pendant even though beautifully carved had now turned charcoal black, loosing its luster. Rajas checked the description.

Night Lily Pendant : Quest Item

~Bring this Necklace to Elf representative Mir.

He put away the pendant and took out the book left in the Chest. It was an Arrow forging skill book. Arrow forging was a skill which could be learned by Archers as well Blacksmiths. But it was useless if you didn't have any blue prints for arrows.

Arrow Forging : Profession skill

~ Learn Beginner Arrow Forging.

Blacksmiths could learn blueprints for Arrows and forge them, but with their abysmal success rate it would be great if they didn't incur loss. So knowing Arrow forging is a must if you are forging arrows. Too bad it could only be learned when you have class. Meaning it could be learned only after level 10.

There were also 30 pieces of silver in the Chest. Overall it was a good haul.

Rajas was too unwilling to let go the Royal Blood Hawk Chick. So he decide to barricade the hollow to prevent the Chick from coming out of Hollow while at the same time preventing its natural predators from eating it. After he was level 10 he can come and seal it.

He was already rich enough with 35 silvers in his account. So he had dropped the idea of farming for Keen Eye skill books and selling them. After all fewer the people know, lesser his competition. All he needed now was Toxin. But even after killing tens of snakes not a single recipe had dropped. Levelling up was also important so he abandoned the thoughts of finding toxin and went in search of Mir the Elven representative.

He remembered the Barbarian Chief's Clue, which asked him to search in glades for the sound of wind whistling. He went to the least covered space in the center of glade and closed his eyes, listening carefully to the sound of wind.


He opened his eyes. Every time wind blew in from west it would make that whistling noise. Walking towards west he discovered two Redwood trees standing so closely together that they might as well be one. The thin gap in the trees was what made wind whistle. The ground surrounding the trees were covered with carpet of flowers. Beautiful shades of purple, pink, lavender, violet and Indigo could be seen. Sweet aroma was wafting in the air because of these flowers.

I plucked one up and took in it's sweet smell.


{You have found Indigo flower x1.}

I checked item description.

Indigo Flower : Dyeing material.

So it was actually useful for tailors.

I had already reached the location given by Barbarian chief. I looked around but nothing was out of ordinary except these trees. Finally I looked up and found a Tree house hidden by thick foliage. I caught one of the hanging roots and started climbing up. When I reached the top and landed on platform, a startled Elf wielding staff made up of intertwined branches came out.

"Who are you? What is your purpose of coming here"

Pointing his staff towards me the Elf asked with hostility.

" I come with no ill intents. I was directed to here by the Barbarian Chief. I wish to become a protector of nature."

" If you came from the Barbarians then did the Chief not ask you to whistle from below the tree 3 times? "

" No, the Barbarian Chief did not tell me any such thing." Rajas answered with perplexed expression.

" You really came from the Barbarians. Lately Necromancer Kira, representative of of underworld has been sending assassins to kill me. Even though they merely tickle, they are pesky annoyances. Take care of them for me"

And the Elf went inside and banged the door in my face.


{Quest Alert: 'Pesky Annoyances' }

Quest objective: Kill three Assassins sent by Necromancer Kira.

Quest Reward: Elf Kingdom glory +3, 600 EXP.

PK quests so early in game? That was awful news for me whose level was below average. I might've been able to guarantee completion if I had a weapon.

And due to duty to guard Elf Mir, I had to stay around the tree. Maps around the tree spawned Panthers, poisonous snakes and Apes. Even though panthers were highest leveled of them, they were least dangerous except for their high agility.

I made my way towards the murky forests in north. Quite a few players were levelling here. I chose a corner where there was just one panther. It was one of the secluded areas neglected by the parties.

I approached the Panther and inspected it with Keen Sight.

Black Panther

Level 6

HP 350

It immediately pounced towards me. Caught unawares, I tried to clumsily dodge to the side. But it had already landed on me. It bit through my throat and then clawed my face taking away the last sliver of my health.

Two hours later, after dying twice, I was able to get hang of strategy to kill Panthers. The panther I was camping near respawned. First I entered its aggro range of 10 meters. As it charged towards me I readied myself. As soon as it pounced I side stepped to right and punched it in its side. Because it was interrupted mid air, it tumbled to the ground doing bonus 2 damage.



Without giving it any chance to recover, I was in front of it with broken knife. I stabbed it in left eye before it could dodge. It also caused bleeding effect and put the beast into frenzy for 2 seconds

-28 (crit)


I retreated few steps to avoid being hit. As soon as it cooled down a bit, I once again approached from side. Noticing me, it tried to hit me with its claws. But its one eye was blinded and blood was already entering its other eye significantly lowering its accuracy. I dodged the incoming attack and activated counter hitting it in its jaws for 250% critical damage.

-35 (Crit)

With its low cooldown of 5 seconds, Counter was most useful facing against the partially blinded Panther whose attacks were very easy to dodge. Soon the Panther was bereft of last of its health. I was able to get out of this fight with more than half of my health intact.

{Black Panther killed. You have gained 175 EXP}

{ You have gained Animal Hide (good) x1}

{You have gained 11 Coppers}

{You have gained 'Shadow Claws'}

Was this equipment? Rajas hurriedly checked the item description.

Shadow Claws [White]

Phy ATK - 9 - 11

Equip requirements : Level 5

They had great attack for level 5 weapon. If they had an additional skill they could have been [Iron] weapons.

This was the sixth Panther he had killed. Respawn time was 3 minutes. Just enough to recover all the lost health. Black Panthers also dropped a skill book Perception for Magic system players. It lets them detect Assassins in stealth in the radius of 5 meters. He could easily sell these skill books to earn some quick bucks. Now If only the fight didn't last for 5 to 6 minutes...


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