Myths Galore
4 4. Grind Grind till you fain
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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4 4. Grind Grind till you fain

Once again he was at the gates of the training grounds. Filled with dread and anticipation, he opened the gates and entered. Grinding is the epitome of boredom when playing Video games. But he was playing not only for leisure but to become the best, so this was to be expected.

This time as he was not with Goku, the Barbarian- in - charge came to Rajas.

He inspected Rajas and seemed confused. Rajas couldn't fathom the reason for his confusion. Soon he started fidgeting under the intense glare of the Barbarian.

" Esteemed Trainer, what is wrong?"

" Young hero, you hold no weapon. So what is your purpose of coming to the Training grounds?"

So that's why. Weapons were not available till one joined a faction. Availability of weapons was one of the conditions to enter Training grounds but Rajas was able to enter because of Quest reward.

" Trainer I would like to learn the way of fist from you"

" Do you really want to? Weapons are much easier to master than fists. Once you are close to the opponent you can't retreat. So choose wisely Young hero."

" I would be honoured to learn the way of Fists trainer"

" Then prepare yourself"

Thus began the game of beat the Rajas. Thank fully his setting for pain was lowered at 40% or he would be taking an ice bath tonight.

Intense 4 hours of masochist training later...

Rajas was able to dodge his first attack and retaliate.

*Ding* {Passive skill Evasion learned}

*Ding* {Active skill Counter learned}

As Rajas was distracted by system notification sound he was once again sprawled on ground after a punch to his abdomen. He quickly asked for a break and checked the skills he just learned.

Evasion (Passive)

~When In melee battle chances of dodging a blow are increased by 30% (dependent on dodge rate + Agility)

~Non Targeted long range skills have 20% chance of missing you.

Counter (Active)

~When In melee combat, a certain chance of striking a critical blow for 250% damage after dodging opponents hit.

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Both were pretty good skills but Counter was much more better for melee combat classes. Well who told me to learn fist fighting.

After taking beating for another hour, the Trainer nodded at Rajas with Satisfaction.

*Ding* {You have learned the Beginner Fist Mastery}

Beginner Fist Mastery

~Your fists do 100% of attack damage. Your wrists won't fracture when hitting hard objects.


In the VR room, Rajas wiped the sweat off his fore head. Almost 6 hours had passed since he entered the game. Even though his harvest was not small he was still at level 2 when most players were already doing faction quests. He decided to take a break and rehydrate himself. He now regretted he didn't experience this before. The fighting skill he learned in game were useful in real life too. And with such intensive practice he believed he could take down 2 or 3 adults at the same time.

After rehydration, he was once again back in Training Grounds. Now he would try to raise his other stats. Maybe running increases Agility? You won't know till you try. After running for an hour his Agility still was the same. The Trainer was watching him amusedly from the side. It never occurred to Rajas that the trainer might guide him. So he persisted for another hour. Even then his agility was still the same. Maybe try Sprinting? So he gathered all the energy left in him for one last sprint. As he was nearing the end of track he heard warning of system as well as a ding. Too tired, he just sat down and fainted.


Warning alarms were blaring at reception desk. It was meant for when some one over exerted themselves to the point of fainting.

" I think the Player in room 143 fainted. Quick check his vitals." The resident medic was called and sent to Room 143.

"Player Mrigendra, registered at VR room Center as Mrigendra Crux, will be given warning to not overexert himself."

The Receptionist was adding remarks to his gaming card. After half an hour, Rajas woke up in the VR centers Infirmiry. Realising what happened he was so embarrassed that he turned red to the roots of his hair. It was just the first day and already he had fainted. He had a warning on his game card now. Once they exceeded 5 warnings the game card will be suspended, and players would have to present themselves to a thorough medical checkup.

This was the condition he had to avoid at all cost. Anyways even though he had not achieved everything he wanted to do today, he was dead tired. Also it was already dinner time. He went to Cafeteria at VR center. When he saw the cost of meal he was once again about to faint. 69 credits for one meal! He wanted to turn around and leave. But thinking about the long walk he would have to take to reach the restaurants, he decided he might as well give it a try.

The meal was pretty good. It was filling and nutritious, just what one would need after such an intense gaming session. As for taste, he was too busy wolfing the meal down to bother about taste.

May be next time I'll try to savor the taste. Looking at time he realised it was still early, 3 hours before bedtime. I could still go and play for an hour.

He paid a Credit Coin at reception and once again logged in to game. Familiar music started.

As he materialised into training grounds he saw the Trainer Basak walk towards him. After he learned the Basic Fist Mastery, Familiarity with Trainer Basak increased by 30 points. Now Trainer Basak was on Friendly terms with him.

" Young Fist master, You should train only till your body permits you to. Do not over expend yourselves. It does you no good."

Since I learned Basic Fist Mastery, Trainer Basak's way of addressing me had changed. The warning to not to train was delivered much nicely than I had expected. Anyways I was not going to train now. I just wanted to check the system notifications I heard before fainting.



{You have persisted through a very intense training session. You have unlocked hidden stat Endurance}

Two were system warnings and one a blessing. Endurance stat was obtained first by a beta tester who was forger, when he persisted in heat and forged for 4 continuous hours. Even though this stat did nothing much special for Life Profession classes it was very useful for combat classes. Each point in Endurance was worth 2 in defense and when Endurance reached 25, it would unlock the ability Invincible. This ability let you endure through any number of attacks for 2 seconds. But you will be left with just one HP after the ability is used. It is very good ability for enduring through attacks that could One Hit KO you. Anyways his Endurance stat points were just at 1 now, so he had long way to go.

" It is wise to meditate, when you feel you are out of stamina. It also gives you the time to recuperate your body."

" Yes trainer."

Rajas felt puzzled as there was no stamina stats anywhere in the game. Yet If Trainer Basak was asking him to meditate it has to have some deeper meaning. Anyways he had time. Therefore he sat down in lotus position closed his eyes and was busy concentrating into nothingness. The minute he felt he had achieved the feeling of nothingness he heard a *Ding*

{Wisdom + 1}

He was overjoyed. So meditation helped to increase the wisdom Stat. No wonder Trainer Basak asked me to meditate. Excited he closed his eyes again but try as hard he might he couldn't achieve that realm of nothingness due to his over excitement. Anyways the bell signaling his time was about to be up was ringing in his ear. So he bade Trainer Basak good bye and logged off.


When he returned to his hostel, he saw that that Brocky was already back and snoring. He quietly slipped into his bed after changing and let himself be surrendered to sleep.


The Samhain vacations were near ending. So Brocky and Rajas had decided to make most of their gaming time. Next on their day schedule was more time in VR room.

"Didya hear? Some chic plotz in VR room. "

_Oh Brocky you shouldn't have brought this up_

" Yeah... Maybe he suffered from low haemoglobin or something"

" Or he be so spooked he called Mama. Wait, why do ya know it's a Dawg and not a bitch?"

" Oh I was just making a guess as most of the people we met yesterday at the center were men"

"Well alrightie. Me stomachs grumblin'. It wants some food... "

" Okay "

Within 20 minutes we had our breakfast and made way to VR center. I noticed that the receptionist was same as yesterday.

_Damn that's going to be awkward_

Brocky and I walked over to the reception.

As soon as we were in front of reception, the motherly receptionist smiled kindly. After topping up our gamecards she looked at me.

_No don't say it, Please don't say it_

" Take care while gaming to not over exhaust your body.... "

_Hush Close shave_

".... So that you don't faint like yesterday"

_Noooo Why you had to say it_

"You were da Dawg that bimped yesterday, weren't ya?"

Brocky guffawed all the way to his VR room

_Why do I make friends with a**holes_

Was what Rajas was thinking while going inside the VR room.


Rajas was once again in the Training grounds. There were few players now practicing their weapon mastery. Obviously these people had already completed their quests to join faction and hence now had a Race. Instead of running around foolishly like yesterday, I approached Trainer Basak today. I sought his guidance on methods to increase my agility. He led me towards fenced off part. It was actually an obstacle course.

"You can leave once you have mastered the course"

And to show what mastery meant he went ahead and demonstrated how to get through the course. The three hundred meters course was traversed by him in less than 30 seconds. It was so beautiful to watch. It almost felt like parkour.


{Quest alert: Mastering the basics Part 1}

Quest goal : Complete the obstacle course set by Trainer Basak within 30 seconds.

Quest reward : Agility +2.

Now that Rajas had such a big incentive, he enthusiastically started the run. Many a times he stumbled and fell, but he got up and ran once again. Within 2 hours, Rajas was able to complete the obstacle course in near about a minute, but he had reached his limits. He couldn't improve further. He decided to take a break and sat down in lotus position for meditation. As he visualized his every move, every mistake he was able to find the places he could improve in. At the same time he was getting system messages but he ignored them. So engrossed was he in his meditation that he didn't even realize he has been sitting still for about an hour. He gradually regained his senses. He was now ready to run once again.

He started to jog slowly keeping the entire obstacle course in his vision. He began to increase his pace gradually. First obstacle, short jump. Next was ring course. Left foot on first ring, right foot on the third, again left foot on fifth, right foot on ring bar, left foot on ring bar and jump. The jump landed on trampoline that was placed one and half meters away. Bounce. Somersault in air going past the vault, landing on stone in pool ahead. Once again left foot on third stone, right on fourth stone, left on fifth, right on sixth and jump over low bar. Roll from under high bar, a cartwheel through narrow path between the rocks. And the grand split jump from horse pommel.

He was so engrossed in his routine he not even once looked at the time. One of the players who had looked up when practicing his sword had immediately stopped and pressed record. Too bad he could only capture the later half and that to from too far. Still he didn't hesitate to post it on forums.

'Amazing Maneuvers : I'll gift my Sword to anyone who can repeat this.'

When even trash weapons were rare, such aggressive title naturally caught attention of majority of people. It instantly became the hottest post with everyone asking who the amazing player was.

Inside the game, Rajas was happy beyond belief.


{Quest Alert: Mastering the Basics Part I}

Quest completed. Mrigendra is rewarded 200 EXP and Agility +2.

Rajas had gained total of 6 extra Agility from running the obstacle course. 4 for every 30 seconds he reduced and 2 from quest reward.

Rajas sped towards Trainer Basak who was instructing the newly arrived players in art of Sword. Rajas waited patiently in the side as interrupting an instructing session of NPC might cause displeasure towards the one interrupting.

Few minutes later Trainer Basak turned his attention towards Rajas who was standing in side seeing he had mastered the obstacle course, Trainer Basak grinned at him.

_Now that is a Vicious sight_

" Trainer, I want to strengthen my body please guide me"

" You are already as strong as you can be. Go out in the wilds and experience hardships. That's the only way for you to grow even more stronger."

"How about becoming wiser?"

" Wisdom comes from within. I have nothing more I can teach you now. Come back when you have a weapon you want to master"

_Guess I exploited this place long enough. But then why is the quest Mastering the Basics (Part I)?_

Rajas thought hard about this quandary for long time, but he didn't receive any clue.

_Okay time to level up_

And he started going through list of monsters found around Barbarian lands. He was looking for a monster with low defense. As he was going to using his fists, it was of utmost importance that they don't have hard shell that might hurt his fists. As he looked through map one particular location caught his eyes. His eyes lit up as he remembered that this location was to have the rare Arrow forging skillbook for Archers according to his dad's diary.

And he set off.


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