Myths Galore
3 3. Annoying as a Fly
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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3 3. Annoying as a Fly

After taking care of all the necessities such as finding a residence, checking out locality, and mental preparation of not seeing Father and Shirin for another 7 years (He cried his heart out, had alcohol and passed out), Rajas was left with 3563 Credit Coins. Each Credit Coin was worth 100 credits. His residence cost him 2000 credits per month which was 20 Credit Coins. Daily food and water consumption would be around 1 credit coin. Going by the rate, he would have to get a job.

After taking the Youth pill he was now a teenage boy who looked 14 years old. He was very thankful that the place he had chosen to stay was a hostel and hence didn't have any strict policy regarding age. He would be sharing room with one more student who was supposed to arrive in 2 days.

Even though he had no problem of residence, he now had a new problem. Finding a job. No one would hire an underage teen, not when you could be jailed for 3 to 5 years for encouraging child labour.

His only option was trying what his school friends always talked about doing to earn some quick bucks, sell in game items. And so began his research. He read both the diaries his dad had left behind which detailed the quest progression of Archer class. He thought Rangers of Elven faction best suited his style.

7 days were left before the official launch of Myths Galore. His Room partner had arrived today.

"Heyo! Nice to meet ya. Me names Brocky, what 'bout ya?"

Rajas had a sinking feeling that he who was very strict about use of proper language would be suffering in the company of this hipster Brocky.

"Hello I am Mrigendra. How do you do?"

"Yo drop the formalities fam. You n me gonna be best buddies"

And he invaded my private space. Putting a hand around my shoulder he chattered on about Myths Galore and his wish to be a Guardian Knight. As I observed him I realised he looked a lot like Brock from those mythical stories of Pokemon from Past era. Same slit eyes and spiky hair with brownish skin colour. Only difference was he couldn't cook to save his life and he preferred XXL size Tshirts for his S sized body frame.

He had already decided to join a gold farming group to earn some pocket money while he was in school. When he came to know about my monetary problems, he was very eager to pursuade me into joining them. I didn't know what to say but yes in face of his constant extolling of this great way of earning money.

While Rajas and his new friend were going through the guides littered around Internet for successfully earning gold, Courtesy of beta testers, World was counting down to official launch of Myths Galore. Millions of helmets were being sold every hour. Various tech provider companies had joined hands with Fantasy Builders for VR room creation and Gaming pod development. The City of Gilama alone now hosted 750 thousand VR rooms with another half a million under construction.

Finally the Big day arrived. Rajas and Brocky made their way towards VR room Center which was just a block away from hostel. Rajas had managed to convince Brocky against buying a helmet which cost a hundred thousand credits, while not giving the best possible performance.

As soon as they reached the VR rooms center, they found it almost deserted. Wondering about the reason for lack of customers, they reached the reception desk. And they quickly found the reason why. 1 CC per hour while discount rate was 10 CC for 1 session. Each session could last for maximum of 12 hours. Even though refreshments were included, it still was daylight robbery!!! They even offered monthly, quarterly and yearly packages. At the cost of 5999 CC/year one could even get their own VR room built if they had right connections.

Any ways we were poor souls who didn't want to buy game helmets and couldn't afford buying Gaming pods. So renting VR rooms was our only choice. After paying the deposit of 20 CC and paying 10 CC for first session upfront we were led to VR rooms.

Even though the room was dark, the air conditioning was good. Varied of equipment props were arranged outside. After you had successfully completed class quest and gained equipment you could pick the same prop as your in game equipment to help you perform better.

Rajas entered the room with just a small knife prop and his regular clothes. The lights flickered and and new world was built visibly around him.

'Thousands of years ago, a messenger of God descended from heavens who announced the end of era of peace. He announced the arrival of immortals who couldn't be killed. The Human Empire, The Elven Kingdom and The Underworld entered into conflict since then. Not one empire could over power the other. So they retreated into seclusion, bidding their time building strength. They all have sent their scouts to the Barbarian lands to recruit the Immortal heroes. So Immortal Hero choose a side and Use your strength to help end the eternal strife by conquering all'

That was the narrative introduction as various scenes of Battles surrounded me. Soon I was teleported to a Village.

I was level 1 in plain white clothes. I had a broken knife for protection and a roughly made leather water bag. All around me were barbarian NPCs and lots of players who were just like me without a class and race.

Myths Galore had a special way of obtaining race and class. You had to complete quests for the representatives of the factions to earn the glory points with faction and then you would qualify to join them. After you have joined a faction you will be offered faction exclusive race and the race exclusive jobs. You could also earn glory with other races in game to join them. But they would still offer you classes of their allied faction only.

Rajas had already decided to play Archer class. All the factions had them under different names. But his preference was Elven Ranger. Now to find Elven Representative.

As he walked down the road, he could see many players pestering NPC's to find representatives of the factions. Many of the rude ones were slapped away. There was one in particular who was so hilarious that quite a few had gathered to watch the show.

"Where is the Representative of the Human empire?"


"You brute answer me"

The unknown player got hold of NPC's collar and asked him threateningly.


He was slapped to ground. As he couldn't die at Level 1, he was saved or that slap was enough to cause a 1000 point damage.

"Please tell me I beg you, where is the representative of the human empire?"

The same guy who was slapped was now on his knees and crying dramatically before the NPC. The NPC was once again ignoring him. Then that guy went ahead and grabbed the pants of NPC's as the NPC was about to walk away.


And the guy was sent flying again. Now many players had gathered to watch the show. None of them bothered to guide him to Barbarian Chief. Only after completing the quest of Barbarian Chief would you be guided to locations of the Faction representatives.

"Wait don't go, at least answer me before you go..."

The player had come back again even after being kicked away.

As soon as NPC heard him, he fled from his location.

{System Announcement :- Player Sad Childhood has persistently annoyed an NPC. He earned the title of 'Annoying as a Fly'. NPCs will ignore him more often.}

Rajas took a cold breathe. Ruthless. Absolutely ruthless. This was the Legendary Noob. And just because he didn't seek help of any player he was punished so heavily.

Shaking his head he started going towards largest tent in the village.


The largest tent of encampment was the tent of Village Chief it was now swarmed with players who had come to seek his recognition. A long queue of over 100 players was already formed outside the tent. Rajas joined the queue and patiently awaited his turn.

Soon it was his turn to go inside. Inside the the tent a giant sized barbarian with Viking style horned helmet and red dense beard was sitting on a large chair. The chair was supposed to be his throne. 'Sorsha the Barbarian Chief' was written in gold above his head. Besides him was a bored looking barbarian boy who was picking his nose at the moment.

I went forward and bowed.

"Greetings oh great chief. I seek to obtain your recognition. Please grant me quest to prove my strength"

"Another one..." Barbarian chief muttered under his breathe. He sounded exasperated.

_This is new_

Rajas thought.

" My young lad here is bored. Entertain him for some time"

{Quest alert: Alleivate boredom of Young Barbarian Goku}

_Barbarian chief, I am not a baby sitter_

"What do you like to do young master Goku?"

Rajas turned his attention to the young barbarian besides the chair.

"Fight me."

That was the response I got. With no other option I complied. NPC Goku led me to the training grounds in the eastern part of the encampment. It was fully equipped with all the weaponry and other necessary facilities for training with weapons. I realised this was the place father had designed and practicing archery here didn't consume arrows. As long as you practiced archery here and familiarized yourself with aiming, you could use your Bow more efficiently while saving quite a few arrows.

" We prefer the strength of fists to those that of weapons. So we will fight with fists"

And with a war cry he got in position to beat me up. I took defensive stance but it was more of an imitation. With half baked knowledge of martial arts I was ready to take on this barbarian.

" And now we fight!"

And he came at me with a fist aiming straight at my right eye. It got bigger and bigger and it hit me straight in the eye knocking me out.

_Son of a Bi*ch_

I called out in my mind.


"Too weak. Build your strength and challenge me again"

Goku said after spitting on the ground.

Strength building? The only way to build strength that Rajas knew was exercise. So he started doing push ups on the spot. Now Goku looked interested.

" What is it that you are doing? "

" Building strength *pant* in my arms. *pant* 12"

As I counted to 20 I received system notification.

{Strength +1}

{Boredom alleviated by 10%}

This is great! I could complete my quest at the same time increasing my stats.

Goku on the side was also copying Rajas posture and doing push ups. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

{Strength +1}

{Strength +1}

Rajas got the notifications after he reached the count of 50 and 100 respectively. He had reached his limit in real life. Now he knew why many players preferred to use game helmets where you don't have to train your body so rigorously. Goku also got up.

{Quest alert :- Goku's Boredom has increased by 5%}

Now Rajas had a bit more of understanding of Goku. He liked to compete and he liked to improve his strength. And that was the key to completing this quest.

So now he started doing all sorts of exercises. Squats, Pull ups and Sit ups. He even did a round of Aerobics but that didn't even garner the interest of Goku. By the end of his exercise regime, his strength had improved by 8 and Goku's boredom had been alleviated by 40%. Goku was most interested in Pull ups. So that had reduced Goku's boredom by whopping 30%. And then Rajas did Aerobics and Goku's boredom increased by 10%. Just reduce the boredom bar by 10% more and he could hand in his quest. Anything more would just be bonus.

_Now what to do?_

Rajas suddenly had an idea.

_Maybe that would work_

" Goku, you challenged me to Battle of fists and I complied. Now I challenge you to try and imitate all the postures I do"

I had decided to do stretches now. With such intense work out if I didn't properly stretch my body, I would be getting cramps.

Rajas also realised that Barbarians relied on brute strength much more than flexibility. So challenging Goku in a match of flexibility was obviously cunning move on his part. First he started with various simple static stretches. Holding up his legs, aeroplane posture and all the other stretches. Lastly he did the split. With a body of 14 year old, it was quite easily possible for Rajas to do a complete split. But try as hard he may, Goku couldn't do it. Finally he gave up. But Rajas also heard the sweet ding of the system.

{You have successfully completed the Quest Goku's Boredom with 85% completion. Please meet the Barbarian chief to get your reward.}

{You have shown the capabilities of your body to Goku, Familiarity with Goku rose by 20}

Also there were series of notifications after performing successfully the the static stretching exercises which improved the Constitution and Agility.

Constitution was important hidden stat which would determine your health recovery rate as well as success rate of conditions such as crippled, concussion or fracture. It also reduced the strain put on body due to the weight of Heavy Armour, thus increasing movement speed of Heavy Armour Classes. It was also hardest to raise with it being capped at 10 points per tier. So increase of 1 point in Constitution was very good news to Rajas. Agility was very important to archers as it determined their evasion rate and movement speed. Even though he only had 1 point increase it was worth celebrating.

Rajas went back with Goku to submit the quest. This time Goku was much less colder to Rajas and even initiated conversation with him. It was then Rajas realised the 5 foot tall barbarian was just a10 year old kid.

" Well done Young hero! You have given my son something new to pursue in his path of strength. Tell me who you are and what do you want?"

_Finally I get to name my Character_

"O great Chief, this body is called Mrigendra. I wish to join Elves who are protectors of nature."

" Are you sure you want to join those haughty Elves? You would do good as a barbarian!"

This was offer to join barbarians, one of the hidden races! Too bad I was too set on becoming an archer. So I had to Decline.

"An archer is best suited to woods, Chief. I have to decline your kind intentions but I would like to join Elves"

" Too bad you would have made a fine berserker. 'You will find what you search for when you closely listen to the sound of wind whistling in glades.' This is the message I was asked to give to all the adventurers who seek Elves. Also as a reward you can now use the training grounds of the Barbarians."

{You have gained 600 exp for completing the quest Goku's Boredom}


A beam of light fell on me and I leveled up.

My Stat window now looked like this:

Mrigendra (Level 2)

Race - NA

Class - NA

EXP - 100/1000

HP - 103

MP - 50

STR - 18

VIT - 10

AGI - 11

INT - 10

WIS - 11

(CON) - 2

Unassigned - 5

Before a player did the class quest to upgrade to Tier 1 at level 25, he would receive 5 points per level. They would decrease gradually as Tier of players go up. This was also the provision of Sarvesh. According to him equipment becomes much more powerful at later levels so giving too many stat points then makes defeating bosses too easy.

Rajas put all the five points in Agility. His only regret was he hadn't unlocked the hidden stat Dexterity, which would let him increase his attack speed. As the Training grounds which would not open till level 5 were opened early, it was time to do some grinding.


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