My Isekai Adventure
7 Facing Laugan
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My Isekai Adventure
Author :WritersGuild
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7 Facing Laugan

After going around the room for one last time to make sure I had taken everything into the spacial dragon heart ring, I closed the entrance door of the room. Once outside with Ella I noticed elaborate designs of a city with incredible infrastructure of buildings, lakes and mountain top castles carved into the black lead like door.

' It would have been so much better if I had found myself in a city like that instead of a dungeon ', I thought to myself. I shouldn't complain though, I had at least survived for more than a day , if my sense of time is still working properly, and I have a even if very small, some chance of survival in the future, unlike the boys who came to this world before me.

Shit! Why does everything remind me of that incident?

" Master, you look tensed. I totally understand having to face the respawned Laugan again. But this time I am there with you. I have a plan, I shall engage the monster while you use your long ranged spells to damage him and confuse him so that I can land the final blow to his magic crystal. "

Magic crystal? This world's similarly with a video game creeps the hell out of a scientist like me.

I treaded along behind Ella who was leading us to the 2000th floor to face 'Laugan' if I heard her right.

I hadn't noticed before but the armour was actually quite heavy. I just wanted to throw it away but that would reduce my chances of survival drastically. So I put up with it.

Ella suddenly stopped in her track and said,

"This is it, master. Beyond this doorway lies the 2000th floor. Are you ready?"

' I don't think I will ever be' I said to myself.

"Let's go", I said as I gulped down saliva through my throat.


Ella pushed open the heavy golden door which was almost ten meters tall. We entered inside the dark room on the other side of the door and as soon as we did, the door slammed shut. It reminded me of those scenes from horror movies where a little girl enters a old room inside a mysterious house and the suddenly closes tight all by itself. Then the candles by the edges of the room would slowly light up, bringing the face of an horrific ghost to sight. As I thought of that, flame torches like the one in the treasury lit up in a sequencial order starting from the far end of the room and illuminating towards us. The torches were almost six to seven meters apart so with every torch lighting up a huge part of the room got illuminated.

And then the final torch the one just behind us, lit up. Then..... I saw a large shadow being formed by my not so large body. *Pause* Oh shit! The shadow raised a large sword over its head. And *BHAM* Ella kicked me in the side to sent me flying leftwards and she jumped out to the right. And exactly where I had been less than a second ago the gigantic red sword fell forming a crack on the floor almost twenty feet long with a sound of a thunder dropping down on earth sending a shockwave across the room. 'That could have split my head in half ! ' -was the first thought I had after I realised I was still alive. I literally froze still due to the fear.

Ella quickly moved and stood between me and Laugan. Laugan looked like 25 feet tall royal monster knight in every aspect. He had silver armour, a bloody red giant sword in one of his hands and a legion like long rectangular shield in the other which seemed to be attached to the gauntlet of his left hand. He wore a silver helmet which had long vertical slits in them through which two rage filled red dots stared at us. On top of his helmet were two holes pierced through by his two long bull like horns.

"Master let's stick to the plan" ,Ella whispered softly. Then she screamed at the armoured monster, " FIGHT ME !".

I doubt it understood what she meant but the monster roared in return and shot towards Ella. He should be no less than a ton for his size but he closed the gap between himself and Ella in a split second. He raised his great sword up into the air and swung it down. Ella amazingly saw that coming and doges it by a hair breadth. Then

she stretches her hand to her side and then a thin long golden sword materialised out of nowhere.


"Master start your spells". Saying that, she dashed towards Laugan. She went straight for the abdomen with the first strike however Laugan blocked it with his shield and sent her flying by pushing her away with his shield.

At the same time I began preparing my totem. When I hovered my hand over the top head of the totem, it seemed to activate and the eyes of the dragons lit up with different colours. Then I heard a voice in my head.

" Totem of the Eleven Dragons has been activated. Do you wish to use it?"

"Yes", I whispered to myself.

" No magic found. Add spells to be casted."

Add spells? It means to feed it with scrolls right? But which magic scroll should I use? I don't know the spells that exist. As I wondered about it for a second I went for 'Fireball' because it is one of the most basic fire type spell I can think of. So a spell called fireball must be there. I thouched the spacial dragon heart and said ," Fireball spell scroll". The ruby-like heart shined and in its light appeared a scroll. Now I had to feed it to the totem. Obviously I didn't know how but, the dragons seemed hungry so I kept the scroll near the mouth of one of them. Suddenly the scroll caught fire and turned to ash only to be sucked into the mouth of the dragon with the red eyes.

" Magic found. Would you like to use Fireball?"

"Of course"

A small red circle which looked like a wheel with inscriptions on it appeared infront of me. I aimed it towards the monster and as soon as Ella distanced away from him I shouted "Fireball!". A ball of fire of about the size of a football was released from the circle and hit the monster's left right arm.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!", I was delighted at getting a hit in on my first try. However Laugan didn't even notice the fireball hitting his arm.

"Master? A beginner spell? That won't do any good. You need at least a tier 4 spell to damage him. "

" I don't have the time to feed the totem with selected tier 4 spells." I replied.

" Just put the entire book in !"

Heh? I can do that. I touched my ring again and said, " Book on fire type spells". A dozen of books appeared before me. I randomly picked one and the others vanished. I kept the entire book near the dragon's mouth and the book caught a dazzling fire.

"Many spells have been detected. Do you wish to use them?"

Even tough I was in middle of a probably deadly battle, my scientific attitude kicked in. I wanted to experiment with the capabilities of the totem.

" Use all the spells read."

"Error. Not enough mana."

You would think that I felt sad just then but notice what the totem just said. It said 'not enough mana' not ' not possible'. I put on a wide grin.

"Totem use all tier 4 spells detected"

"Error. Not enough mana."

Hehe. Looks like my expectations were too high.

Let's try single spells.

" Release random tier 8 spell"

"Failed. Not enough skill"

"Tier 7"

"Failed. Not enough skill"

"Tier 6"

"Failed. Not enough skill"

"Tier 5"

"Activating 'Plasma jet'. Take your aim"

Yeah! So I am capable of using tier 5 spells. I took my aim and said "Release" as soon as Ella moved out of the way. A blast of super hot plasma shot off like water from a hydron pump, from the bigger magic circle which had five wheels. Probably the number of wheels in the circle depict the tier of the magic.

The jet incoming to Laugan heated the air around us and melted the floor above which it was moving even though it wasn't actually touching the ground. Laugan put his shield for defence. The plasma came in contact with his shield. A bright light was all I could see. When it came down, I saw Laugan's shield which was silver had turned black at the spot where the plasma had hit. Other than that there were no other signs of damage. I was both happy and disappointed. But the happiness was in a higher proportion. I was initially scared of facing a monster , but now i feel like it's fun. I put another villainous smile across my face.

" Laugan, Laugan. The game has just begun."

I evily laughed at the beautiful rhyming couplet I made.


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