My Isekai Adventure
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My Isekai Adventure
Author :WritersGuild
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A\N: Previously we saw Kai falling unconscious again for like the 3rd time ? or 4th time? He seems to have a fancy for that. Anyway happy reading guys.

" Hello Kai."

I heard a voice. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from though. Everything around me was black. It looked like the void in the portal. My heart skipped a beat and I stopped breathing for a moment fearing that I had entered the void again.

" Don't stress. You are not in the void. Welcome to my world, Ethen. I have been waiting for you for such a long time now. You really to look like him. Hahaha. Revenge is surely sweet."

I didn't know who was speaking but the voice was of a female's and the laugh was evil. That meant, the revenge she is talking about... it's on me. Now what did I do?!

" Hey bitch show urself!"

" My my, such brave words. Unfortunately I have to go now. See you soon, Uzuma. Hahahaha."

The voice moved afar, becoming fainter until it finally ceased. 'Who was she?'.

As I stared at the nothingness I felt someone gently patting my head. I opened my eyes waking up from that dream which suddenly became a blur of memory, to find myself facing a grand white ceiling, decorated with inscriptions, paintings and sculptures. Above me was a purple velvet bedsheet. And below me was a red velvet bed spread. The bed definitely had a first class mattress as I could feel my body sinking into it. I could even feel a depression to my right as though something was kept on the bed beside me. I turned to my right to find Ella sleeping beside me, staring at me. Her eyes were hazel but it seemed to have a calming brown in it now. I locked my eyes with her's. Instinctively.

" How long do you plan on staring at me my Lord? Should I take off my clothes? "

Take off your clothes! You are already wearing nothing but a neglige! I pushed myself out of the bed. Ella sat up.

" Please master don't feel uncomfortable or hesitant. I am all yours."

" Stop right there! Isn't there something you should answer first?"

" About the master business? Yes master. Well my father told me that only a person worthy of me could come here. Dad locked me up in this room to keep me safe and told me to wait for my man, my husband and master. I kept on waiting but no one ever arrived. So I decided to put myself to a long slumber. But then yesterday I felt your presence. Someone had finally cleared all the floors of the dungeon. I was so happy to see you my Lord."

'l don't know anything your talking about.' I didn't clear any dungeon to get here. But a princess trapped in a dungeon... During the shut in phase of my life, I had played a lot of fantasy games. So i got the general idea of what's happening. But the difference is that this isn't any game, this is reality. And the girl in front of me- she is clearly dangerous. I don't know how I know that but I can clearly sense it. Being a man it is embarrassing to say that I am afraid of a woman but this girl, she is different. So I spoke with care.

" So as I have cleared the dungeon I have won you?"

" Not just me but everything that is in this room."

I turned around and I saw things I wasn't able to see because of the darkness earlier. This room was without doubt a treasury.

"A treasury....", I convinced myself.

All around me were beautiful articles made of gold, silver and diamond. There were also articles made out of other shiny metals and gem stones I couldn't identify. Here and there were chest overflowing with gold coins. To the left side of the room were hundreds of swords, shields, spears, bows, hammers, axes and staffs of all shapes and sizes. It looked like a museum of weaponry. To the other side was a library. Thousands of books and scrolls arranged cleanly in a thousand more bookshelves. This place was worth a fortune. Only if I could take it back to earth...

I slowly walked towards the beautiful articles. One of them caught my attention- a silver ring with a red Ruby on top of it. I wanted to touch it but it was so beautiful that I wasn't sure if I was allowed to. But the crimson-haired said that they were all mine. So I picked it up.

" This Ruby is beautiful."

" It's not a Ruby my Lord it's the heart of the celestial dragon. It has immense spacial Mana. Hence it is used as a storage space. That ring can easily store up to one billion ton."

There are dragons in this world! That is surprising! But what's more surprising is....

" One billion ton?! That means you can hold everything in the room in this. "

" Yes. That way you can leave the dungeon without leaving behind anything in this room."

This is just too convenient. I wore the ring and began up sucking up random things into it untill I came across something interesting. *Kachak* I found something cool. A pendent with a gold chain and a green crystal hanging from it.

" That's called The Eye of Gods. It is a legendary pendent which allows the wearer to see Mana intensity coming off from a body. It was originally used to track magic beasts and monsters but it is also used during wars to find spell casters hiding among the enemies."

There are monsters and magic beasts in this world! And spell casters too! So the Mana she is talking about is like in the games- magical energy!And that item it seems to be a type of appraisal equipment. This is nice, with this I can scan all the equipment to find good ones and use them. I wore the pendent and looked at the equipment but nothing appears. No name, no usage, no stats, nothing. Just somekind of aura coming from few of the equipment and articles in the room.

"Ella, why can't I appraise any of them?", as I said that I turned back towards her who was still sitting on the bed.

*Gulp* Sweat ran down my forehead. My body froze as I saw her.

'Such tremendous aura!!'

This was the most scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Purple aura was being emitted out of her with such furiousness.

'No I can't show any weakness in front of her. I can't stand here frozen like this. '

I gathered all of my courage and pulled out the pendant and threw it far away. If I had been a little late pulling it out, I might have died out of fear.

"Master is everything fine? "

Ella jumped out of the bed and came running towards me.

" Sorry I lost my temper. I thought it was a appraisal equipment but unfortunately it wasn't."

I lied but that helped me maintain this fake supremacy.

" I should be apologizing my Lord. I am sorry I don't know of this appraisal equipment you are looking for. Sorry for not having it in my possession."

" It's fine. There are a lot of other things around here which are interesting."

That was close. I have to make sure I don't fall into any trouble. Best thing now is for me to avoid conversation with her. I turned away and began looking at the articles.

" Master it might seem rude of me but I am really curious. When I found you, you had no armor weapon whatsoever. How did you survive the dungeon without any of them?"

*Kachk* What am I supposed to say now. Am I caught?! I can't get into a checkmate now. Arghh!

What should I do? What should I do? Yes! There are spell casters in this world right! I turn around to face her once again and I spoke.

" I am a spell caster. I don't use any swords or armour. I just had a staff but that broke when I used my most powerful spell in the dungeon."

" That explains it. That is why master was so low on Mana. A spell powerful enough to defeat the final boss on Floor-2000, it must have consumed a lot of Mana. Probably it put a such a huge toll on our Mana circuit that it damaged the Manaracts in your body so that is why you aren't able to recover any Mana. It must been really hard. Master please forgive this soul for asking such a thing."

Wow! That's some progress. She is answering all the questions which I was supposed to answer.

"Yes you are right. That's what happened."

"And my Lord all that happened because of me right?."

She kneeled down in front of me and lowered her head.

" Because of me you might never be able to use magic ever again."

Man! What kind of situation is this!

" No no no, it's not your fault Ella. Please raise your head."

" Master let me take responsibility! I promise you I will select the best magical equipment for you so that you can be able to use magic again."

Saying that she ran away leaving me alone.

*Huphh* I let out a long breath of relief. Today was quite close and lucky. If I hadn't known about the fact that there are spell casters in this world. I might have been obliterated from existence. As I thought about being killed, I remembered the scene - her aura, so intense. Just that was enough to get me sweating. Man, she is scary. With that I just sat down on the white marble floor feeling lucky for surviving one episode of my life in this new world.


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