Magic Farmer Dara - 2nd Edition
132 Arash is wrong
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Magic Farmer Dara - 2nd Edition
Author :ursus010
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132 Arash is wrong

Dara was amazed by his persistence, skill, a new look at the problems of his sister. She turned out to be more lively and active.

While he was immersed in the affairs of the farm, he was engaged in self-improvement, the study of medicinal herbs, and treatises of traditional Asian medicine. Fooling around with Shir, Little Lee, Suharab, laughed at Dilshad's innocence and learned new things about the old world of the Tang Empire from the younger and older sisters, magic coins. Bickering with the curmudgeon system, he did not pay attention to city affairs. As is customary in the toy part of the East, where he lived, if there are too many problems - just release everything on the brakes, that is, self-deflect from them. Let it go. And the problems are somehow solved by themselves.

This method was well known, the old format method of socialism. Three great rules - Tighten the nuts, unscrew the nuts, and do nothing. But at the same time, carefully monitor the situation.

But it was all lyrics.

Now having wings - Barno, a wise head - Fanga, it was necessary to find quick legs. But Dara, as a truly oriental person, did not seek, he hoped for chance or rather fate (Maktub).

Therefore, now he did not have to think a lot about city affairs and shops. He could focus on the farm.

Three months have not been in vain. The farm, thanks to a Chinese friend, has become Small-An's only fully digital farm. It was Smart Farm.

Fang equipped the farm with wireless, self-contained video cameras. Suhrab and Dilshodu were engaged in farming. They watered the seedlings themselves, applied fertilizers themselves, plowed them themselves. And Dara only watched the process through the virtual display.

Because the soil was magical and was irrigated with magical water, received a special highly cultivated photosynthesis, then the fruits and berries had a certain magical power.

But which one? This was to be found out! However, Dara suggested that the berries and fruits must have some medicinal effect. It was not for nothing that the system drove him through the mountains, fields, valleys for 3 months so that he studied medicinal roots, plants, soil, and water.

During this time, Dara lost 25 kg of weight, now he was more athletic, more in his feelings than in appearance.

In a healthy body, a healthy spirit! As the communists often liked to say.

"Eh, how much work ..." only Dara could say, returning to the farm with the depressed Arash.

"What am I, a programmer going to do on the farm"? Arash did not stop asking.

"He who does not work does not eat to work," again said Dar's quote, familiar to the communists.

"Aaaaaaa" came a heartbreaking cry, Arash.

"I don't want to weed the beds, I don't want to knead the dirt with my feet ... there you have no internet, no shops, nothing ..."!

"But why is there nothing? Yes, it was like that before! But now we have Chinese technology! Therefore, an ordinary village, now not what you imagine, those wretched villages of the late 90s of the 20th century"! Dara bent his line.

Indeed, in 3 months, Fang installed a satellite dish, so that satellite, cheaper Internet, high-speed was available. Cameras powered by solar-powered motion sensors.

The house was insulated with special panels using nanotechnologies. Now it was warm in winter and cool in summer.

If in other prefectural centers, Small-An, when the electricity was cut off (and cut off during cold periods, often 2-3 times a day), it suddenly became very cold in the rooms. There was no Internet, only mobile. How did people live? It was difficult to imagine.

Dara was surprised to see in the capital of the prefecture, in an apartment on the third floor, a stove that was fueled with propane in cylinders! And the house was a new, multi-story, "smart house". But without electricity, it turned into the "House of the Idiot"! Because people got stuck in elevators, automatic doors jammed and could not be opened even manually. Nothing could be cooked as the stoves were electric. And the gas pipes were not laid. Central heating, pipes were but no boiler room.

If all over Small-An, farming was at the level of the late 90s of the 20th century. Hard and hard work.

Either at Dar's farm, everything was clean, beautiful, super modern. If there is a lot of money, good friends, magic help, then life in the village can be very good and easy.

Stupid Arash didn't know that his cousin's farm was rather a mini super modern city.

Running the farm was a pleasure. All processes were reflected on a virtual screen. How much water was watered, when fertilizers were applied, what is the moisture content of the soil. When to harvest.

Technological magic helped to nullify all the hard work, and space magic helped to make the products tasty, juicy, beautiful, and healthy!

During these 3 months, Fang and Dara have also planted new vegetables and herbs.

Therefore, now Dara himself could try what they were growing. Surprisingly, vegetables, herbs, and berries were growing faster than they usually do. The harvest was not in 5 months but in 3!

Now, to test the compatibility of vegetables and other plant foods, Dara began to slowly prepare salads, vegetable soups, side dishes, and stewed vegetable stews from them. He also dried various herbs and fruits and blended* them. To understand how all this magic works!

The system mocked him, saying "you can only find out half of the truth, since different people have different properties, some effects will increase, others will decrease"!

"But why"? Dara was shocked.

"Because this magic only enhances natural genes, instincts, and each person is unique. This is not a fairy-tale world, everything is real here. Magic is just alien microbes, viruses that destroyed other viruses in space, on other planets. And on the third planet from the Sun, they destroy only other alien viruses. They want to become a monopoly in all galaxies! Therefore, this is not magic, but simply the activation of hidden abilities, on your planet, alien viruses turned out to be useful, they give you, people strength. on other planets, they killed other living beings. This is how this world works! " the system sometimes indulged in philosophizing.

It sometimes fell silent for a long time. Who will understand these systems?

Dara, however, did not give up and tried, over and over again, reduced portions, looked at how different types of food processing affect the change in medicinal properties.

Here Shir Ali could be useful to him, but here both cousins ​​did not know about each other's strength. One was the cultivator of the forgotten doctrine of "Gourmet-Tao" and the other now possessed a magical power capable of animating objects, but not all.

Since anyone should be able to cook homemade food, Dara considered this to be a rewarding experience.

He was surprised to learn that ...




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