Lumia: Other World
147 Lair assault part 6
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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147 Lair assault part 6

They rested on the battlefield with bodies of spiders all over the place. Having been rested for a while made them took a breather from the battle. On the other hand, the Knight was talking at Kelvin.    

  "Seriously? He is a Master level?" He asked.

  Kelvin can only reply with a nod at him. He was also not sure what to say. He only knows that it will only give a clue for him to know how cool Kael was.

   "You're joking, right? I mean he was so young! I'm not buying that you know! Nevermind that, I think we should be heading to the queen now and attack it so this mission will be finished. We gotta attack soon, so be ready." He said to him.

  Kelvin thought that he will believe him. He only rejected the thought of it. Now that he was not believing it. He nodded at him as a reply.

   The Knight walks away and then can only shake his head. Thinking that it was a joke, he walked away from him. Now that he walked away, Kelvin was left alone. He readied himself for another fight. Now that they regained their strength, they prepared for the last fight that they will fight on. 

  The others were equipping their helms and shields. Even though they have scratches from the surface, it was all still manageable. Kelvin can on make a sigh, he told the truth but he was not believed that Kael was a master enchanter. Despite his efforts to say it to him, his words were rejected by him. 

  Frank stood up then rallied the party. He coughed then made his announcements. 

  "Okay! Now that we eliminated the spiders, we proceed to the queen's chamber. A little sacrifice and we will finish this mission. Now let's move towards the chamber of the queen." He instructed them.

   They now moved to form their actual formation. Kelvin was inside the formation and was holding his bow. Having the vanguard of Warrior and Paladin, the Mage and Priest on the middle. Their guards were the Ranger, Rogue, and Fighter. The rear guard was the Swordsman and the Knight. Kelvin was also guarding in the middle. He was specifically guarding the Priest and the Mage. Because both of them need great protection from enemies. Knowing that they were great damage dealers but weak in defense or endurance. They needed ample protection from the enemies.

  They marched towards the lair while under the guidance of the Ranger and Rogue. While their leader secures them, he also leads the attack. Knowing that he was a great tank, to begin with. The other shield-bearer was the Knight defends the rear, making a perfectly balanced defense. Kelvin was observing how they act and was astonished by them. They were disciplined when it comes to their formation. Maintaining their distance from each other as they walk. They were not too crowded nor too far from each other which makes them able to swing their weapons as well as cast their skills while not hitting each other. 

  They moved towards the path where the spiders came out and have arrived at the eggs chamber. Glowing with luminescent colors as they were seen from afar. The eggs were seen from the naked eyes even without the light source of their Mage. The babies were wriggling inside it as it glowed. Making an eerie and disturbing sight from their eyes. They were a couple of hundreds when counted but still were too many to count. Some were piled from the other eggs. Some were bigger than the others and some were smaller. They were glowing majestically and was pulsating when they were moving. The others were on the walls of the cave and some were sticking on the top of the others. Having seen it, the Ranger explained to them what happened lately.

  "We were hiding behind the eggs when the spiders passed by. It was then I have stepped upon one of the eggs and they were alarmed. It resulted in our retreat and came towards you. As I have seen, the queen's chamber was inside further in that hole." The Ranger said then pointed at the hole further in.

  The others looked at each other and then they nodded at each other. Their leader then leads them towards the hole.

   "Okay, let's go now. Watch your heads up above and from surprise attacks. Make a force field just in case." Frank said to them. Especially their Mage to create a [Force field].

  Their Mage immediately followed his request to take extra measures. Not knowing what will happen was what on his mind. Now that he has ample mana to use it, he used his skill to build a barrier.

  [Force field]

  A barrier was made and they all looked at it in awe. They felt more secured when it was in their sight. Kelvin and the others felt relieved as they saw it. As they were standing there, Kelvin saw an unfinished business with the eggs. The eggs were hundreds in numbers making it itchy to the eyes of Kelvin. He suggested making a solution to the problem.

  "Does anyone want to eradicate the eggs? We might wanna clear this chamber first before leaving." Kelvin said to them.

  "What he says was right! We might kill them before leaving here!" The Ranger said to them.

  The others were in thought when they heard them. They only waited for their leader to command them to attack the eggs. Their leader can only shake his head. He immediately made a command to them.

  "Well, let's kill them right now! Shall we?" He said to them.

   The Ranger and Rogue both stomped the eggs while there were spiders inside it. They saw that the babies were premature and will die off in just a matter of time. The Paladin smashed the eggs with his hammer. Making them broken in just one smash. The swordsman slashed the eggs with finesse. Making several slices in just a flash. A slash that was fast and efficient to kill. The Knight smashed the eggs with his sword and the eggs were immediately shattered. He was laughing as he slashes the shells with his sword and he was mercilessly stomping it when they crawled outside the egg. He was merciless to the monsters despite him being a Knight. The Priest was just standing there watching them kill them. The Fighter was looking at them and only stepped one spider that was near his foot. The others were busily killing them off but the Warrior was only watching them. He was asked by the Priest why he didn't join and he only said that it was not enjoyable killing enemies that can't fight back. It was not challenging for him so he didn't mind watching them. The Mage was only watching them, knowing that he has a force field that he erected and maintaining.

  They immediately smashed the eggs that were in the chamber. The cracking sound of eggs was heard one after another. Kelvin draws his sword and slashed his portion. The others also joined in the fun. Making huge experience points while killing harmless mobs was the best kind of experience for them. It was satisfying as well as effortless. Even though it was so many, it ended up so fast. Goo and blood were splattered on their armors as they finished their rampage. They have gained experience points making them level up just from the eggs. 

   It has experience points equivalent to an adult spider. Killing them was hassle-free that made it like an easter egg on games. They wiped their swords and weapons with clothing to clean the goo. Not wanting to make their weapons go rusty due to the uncleaned stains.

  Kelvin sheathed his weapon after wiping it. He switched to the bow he was using and was back to business. They made small chit-chat as they felt that their character level has risen. Feeling that their overall stat rose, they used the window card that they have.

  "Wow! My character level has risen! I'll add points to my Focus!" Said their Mage.

  He has a happy face that he wears currently when he assigned his points. The others were also doing the same thing. Forgetting that they were still inside the enemy territory and were still not safe. They were surprised by the sudden feeling of getting stronger as they were killing the spider eggs. The same to Kelvin, he saw them looking at their window cards so he also joined into the fun. He opened his window card and can see that his character level also risen. He stared at his window card after he said the triggering words to open it.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Mael Kelvin


Adress: Shelkhem Village

Status of living: Villager

Adventure rank: Rank D–

Job class: Combatant

Character level: 57

Job class: Combatant

Strength (57)+

Dexterity (57)+

Vitality (57)+

Focus (57)+

Free Stat points: 171


  He saw that his level rose by three. He assumed that his first level has risen when they fought on their patrol. The other one was on their attack on the lair. The last one was when they killed the eggs. It was quite hundreds in numbers so it will be huge amounts of experience points. He also read in the past that the character level was leveling up when they kill monsters. The job-class was only leveling up when you use them frequently. This made him think that having multiple job-classes will only lead to weak skills. It was when they have been blessed by having the Systems and it changed their lives. It was one step ahead compared with others. Making their dream of mastering all job classes a dream that can be reached.    


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