Lumia: Other World
146 Lair assault part 5
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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146 Lair assault part 5

The poison spiders were spitting goo at them. It was corrosive at the same time and was hard to deal with. While they were being surrounded by many spiders. These kinds of spiders appeared from the inside and started spitting at them. It was only several minutes since they started fighting and it gets worse the longer they stay there. Having been spewed on makes their armors to be sizzling.

   "Be careful of their goo! It was corrosive!" Shouted Kelvin.

   Upon hearing him, it was already too late. The Priest bellowed as he was spitted on his back. He rolled to the ground to the pain.

  "Damn! I don't have a skill [Remove negative status] or [Remove poison] in me!" He shouted. 

  He was healing himself with his skills but the poison was too potent. 



   He was healing himself until the poison's effect vanishes. It was the same to the Knight and Paladin but they have armor so the effects were minimal. The swordsman and the others hide behind Mage. He used his skill to deflect the poison.

   [Force field]

   He was repelling the poison and they were sheltered in his shield. 

  "Everyone retreat to the back! My skill won't last long if it was constantly spewed." Said their Mage.

   "We should eradicate them if we wanted to live!" Kelvin shouted.

   Kelvin saw that the enemies were not able to cross the [Force field] that their Mage created. They were only bouncing off the boundary.

  "Can we attack while inside?" Kelvin asked the Mage about it.

  Upon his question, the Mage realized that they can make another plan.

  "Everyone! Move to the boundary of the shield and attack from the inside! Your attacks can pass through the shield." The Mage said while the enemies were bouncing off the boundary. Seeing that the enemies can not pass through the boundary made them regained their senses. They started walking towards the edge of the shield and then smashed their weapons to the enemies. Their weapons can pass through the shield thus they began to hit them hard.

  [Heavy hitter]

   The Paladin used his skill that made his hammer light as a feather and as heavy as an elephant. Smashing the enemies made them either splattered or the harder ones were blown to the force. They saw what Frank did so thus their morale once more reignited. 

  "Hit them hard!" Shouted Frank.

  They immediately heeded to his shout and then shouted with their battle cry.

  [Draw slash]

  The Swordman slashed the enemies with his sword. Further making combo with his another skill.


  A slash that made the enemies halved with his wide arc slash. Killing them instantly.

   The Fighter was on the edge of the shield and then used his skill without further ado.

  [Pull force]

   He pulled the enemies and then made a  combo with his other skill. An ultimate that was making the enemies shattered.

   [Shattering punch]


   As the name of the skill says, it shattered the spiders to pieces. Making them pulps that were squeezed.

  The Knight was jealous of their performance. He used his skill to slash the enemies. The greatest slash he has currently.

  [Ultimate slash]

  His sword glowed and it slashed the spiders. Using his mana as a catalyst for his skill, he slashed them with his sword. Making them cleaved by the glowing slash that was getting further like a ranged slash. Slashing through the spiders and also killed some poison spitting spiders from afar.

  Knowing that his skill of summoning mount was not the best idea in their current situation, he only used his other ultimate skill. He slashed the enemies with his sword as the enemies were not able to hit them. 

  [Attack up]

  His strength rose up and then he slashed the enemies harder.


  His attack speed rose and then he slashed faster than before. Making flurry while slashing the enemies. 

  The Rogue was using his skill to summon daggers on his hands.

  [Summon daggers]

  Summoning it in-between his fingers. Throwing it to the enemies while they can not approach them. 

  Kelvin was on a rampage. He tugs the arrow on his bow, making a perfect form to fire it up. He draws his bow with his pulling strength then aimed at the spiders.

  "Goodbye!" Kelvin said to them.

  As he said those words, he released the bowstring of the bow. Firing up the arrow towards the enemy. As the arrow hits the spider, it blasted off the part of its body when the arrow landed. Making a big hole as it pierced its path. A small shock wave was emitted when the arrow was released from the bow that made it being noticed by the others. They all looked at him when he released the arrow. After looking at him, they resumed their battle. 

   It was a matter of minutes since they were fighting. The Mage was making a pained expression. He was gritting his teeth while holding on to his [Force field]. The others were also worried about their comrade.

  "Are you okay?" Asked their leader Frank.

   "I can manage. But I have to rest for a while." Said their Mage.

   "That's okay! Better worry about yourself." Frank said to him.

   After what he said, the Mage canceled the spell he has erected. Now that the [Force field] was canceled, the enemies rushed again to surround them. The Priest managed to survive and was greatly agitated. 

   "Damn you pests! I will surely make you suffer twofold from what I've experienced!" He shouted.

   "Die!" He shouted as he prepared his spell. 

   [Holy fire]

   The fire burned them and they were shrieking. An area of effect that burns the enemies.

   "Haaaaa!!!" The Priest shouted.

   [Holy ray]

   The spell burst towards them like a ray of light. It burned and disintegrated the ones who were on its way, making the enemies turned into crisps. 

   "Hahahah! Serves you right!" He chuckled.

   The enemies were obliterated by his spell. Not only did he killed the surrounding enemies by his [Holy fire], he also killed the poison spitting spiders by the distance by his [Holy ray]. Now that the spiders were obliterated. They breathed a bit then slammed their butts on the floor. 

   "That was awesome! You killed them all!" Kelvin said to the Priest.

   "Yeah, thanks to that I have run out of mana. I can't heal anymore. I have mana potion so I guess I have to drink one." He said to him.

   "Wo ho! That was awesome! We nearly died out there! Your skill was a lifesaver!" Said the Knight.

  Tapping him on his shoulders then laughed.

  The mage erected another [Force shield] to make the perimeter secured. Just in case of an assassin spider will make a surprise attack. Or a jumping spider that can attack them from above. They rested for a bit and drank mana potions. The others were drinking water after they drank the stamina potion and as well as a health potion. They have breathed for a while after an exhausting battle. They were perspiring heavily as they sat on the floor. Despite the floor is cold, their sweat was warm as it trickled the floor. Now that they were having a break, they were still alert. They have protection from the surprise attacks but not loosening up. 

  After they have secured the perimeter, the Knight approached again Kelvin. He wanted to check him after the fight. He removed his helmet and his face was shown at him. It was perspiring heavily and Kelvin thought that it was hot inside his armor. Without proper ventilation made his armor very hot. 

  "Hey, Kelvin! Are you alright?" He asked.

  Kelvin was shocked by his question this he replied.

  "Yeah! I am fine! My armor has stamina regeneration and I can feel that my stamina was slowly regaining." Kelvin said.

  "Wow! You have that enchantment?" He asked being surprised.

  "Yeah! It was weightless also!" Kelvin added.

  "You have a great enchanter of your armor!" He said to him.

   "Yeah! He was great!" Kelvin replied.

   The Knight then looked at his bow which was seen by its performance. He was deeply intrigued by its enchantments.

  "Can I look at the bow? Can I touch it?" He asked.

  "Yeah, sure! Go on! Try!" Kelvin said to him.

  He grabbed the bow then he felt overflowing strength permeated his muscles. He then tugged the arrow then aimed it at the boulder near them. He draws the bow and can hear the stretching noise from the bow. He fired the bow and it produced a small shockwave when he released it. 


  The boulder was obliterated and rocks flew from the crashing point. 

  "Whoa! So this is the real deal! It was not a joke after all! I might wanna see who enchanted this bow of yours!" He said to him.

  Kelvin was surprised by his request. He can only shake his head in disbelief.

  "I believe you have met him already!" Kelvin said to him.

  "What? Seriously? Who?" He questioned him.

  "He is my friend!" Kelvin said to him.

  "A what? Maybe introduce me someday okay? You're a friend of a master enchanter buddy!?" He said to him.

  "It was Kael dummy!" Kelvin said to him then laughed.

  The Knight was flabbergasted by his actions. He doesn't know what to say but he tried his best for his mind to go back on its track.

   "Seriously? He is a Master level?" He asked.

  Kelvin can only reply with a nod at him. He was also not sure what to say. He only knows that it will only give a clue for him to know how cool Kael was.


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