Lumia: Other World
145 Lair assault part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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145 Lair assault part 4

"Help!" Both of them shouted at their comrades.

  As they approached them, their comrades were alerted by their initial call. Knowing that they were approaching towards them made them prepared for the upcoming battle. As they shouted at their comrades, it was accompanied by shrieking sounds. As they waited for them, they can hear the spiders too who were approaching them. The party prepared their weapons and shields when they were alerted. Even though it was dark, their voice was loud and clear. 

  "It was Jack and Aulin! They were coming!" Shouted Ann.

   "Hurry up! Cover them!" Frank shouted.

  The Mage immediately covered their backs with his spell.


  A big ball of fire was created. It was big enough to cover the two of them. While they were running towards them. The Mage shouted and fired the spell.

  "The two of you! Duck!" Their Mage shouted.

   The two of them went ducking and the spell was fired at their backs. Aulin lay down and Jack ducked while covering his head with his arms. 


  The explosion was heard from the back and it made a great shock wave that was coming towards them.

  "Hurry up! Run!" Aulin shouted.

  "I know I know!" Jack replied.

  They went running towards them as the mage prepared another spell. As they were dashing towards them, they both saw another big ball of fire that was coming from their comrades.


   He cast the spell and then fired it up towards the enemies. They ducked at the right time when the spell came towards them. 


  Shrieking shouts came from the fire. Burning enemies emerged from the fire and then collapsed to the floor.

   The two of them made their way towards the finish line. Making both of them very happy. 

   "It's good to be back! I am happy for a mission complete! Now back to formation!" Frank instructed them.

   They went to their formation as they prepared. The vanguards were the Warrior and the Paladin. Guarding the Mage and Priest. The rear guards were the Knight and swordsman. Now that the formation was set, the ranger,  fighter, and rogue acted as guardians of the middle. Kelvin was one of them as he can also fight. Now they have to assist each other and protect each other while guarding.  

  "Hey what did you do that they were agitated that much?" Frank asked the two of them.

  "Um, you see I accidentally stepped an egg of theirs. Better prepare for the worst as they were coming." Aulin said to them.

  "Okay, everyone! Prepare for battle!" Frank yelled.

  As Frank shouted, another scream was coming from their back. Upon realizing it, their hairs went up a bit.

   "We're surrounded!", Jack shouted.

  Both of them were still panting from the past chase. While panting, they drank another bottle of stamina potion. Sighing as they emptied the bottle. They were glad to be back on the formation and prepared for another battle. 

   Kelvin was holding his bow as he sheathed his sword. Knowing that his bow was enchanted and there was a defense that he can shoot while in the distance. He changed his weapon as he saw that the defense was solid and he has the distance advantage. 

  The fire was still burning and the spiders crossed it. Some of them were spitting spiders; spitting web or poison from the distance, and some were hunters; they were jumping spiders and assassin spiders. 


   They shouted with a grimace. Launching themselves on their prey. 

  The assassin spider dashed towards them and the Ranger fired his arrow. 

  [Rapid arrow shots]

  Arrows hurled towards the enemies and it made them killed by his arrows.

  The three jumping spiders jumped towards them and assaulted their formation. One of them was targeting the mage. Others were the Fighter and swordsman. Knowing that the enemies were coming at them, they prepared to fend them off.  The Fighter kicked them upwards and it crashed on the ceiling. 


  The swordsman used his skill to kill the enemy that was coming for him. 

   [Draw slash]


   His sword flashed as he slashed the spider into two. The dead body was flung on his back and it rolled over three times. The mage used his skill to prevent the enemy from further hurting him.

   [Force shield]


   The spider slammed into the force shield that he created. He used another skill to kill it.

  [Ice spears]

  He created spears of ice on his back and it made his back full of spears. Upon casting the spell, he fired it at the enemy.


   All of the spears skewered the spider. Making overkill to the pitiful enemy. Right where they were standing. A jumping spider was at the ceiling. Currently looking at their Priest, it was a looking at his back while he was on the floor. Slowly, it was accompanied by other spiders who were planning to attack him. 

   At a moment's notice, it jumped at him by surprise. The Priest on their formation didn't know the upcoming attack. They were busy on the attacks that they forgot about their Priest. Now that they were on the ceiling, they jumped towards them. On the adventurers part, it was like a rain of spiders that were coming from the top. The Mage made another [Force field] and thus protected himself. On the other hand, the Priest shouted as he was pounced on by the spider and it was on his back. 

   "Ahhh!!! Get this thing off me!" He bellowed in fright.

   The others were the same too. They were all struggling as they were shaking off the spiders on their backs. The lucky ones were the heavily armored ones who only grabbed the legs of the spiders and smashed it with their weapons. While the others struggled, they were helping each other to regain the tides of battle. 

  The Knight smacked the spider on their Priest's back with his shield while the others were holding them and throws them away. With them killing each one of the jumping spiders, other spiders were attacking them. The web spitting spiders spit them with very sticky webs. It made the Knight and Paladin be struggling with the web. While they were spitting, the Mage fired his spell [Blizzard]. The Ranger too fired his arrow at the spitting spiders. Hitting them to the forehead. The Rogue didn't want to be left behind and thus he used his skill [Summon daggers]. Throwing it on the enemies while distancing from them. 

   A brawl was currently happening inside the cave. Kelvin was assisting the others who were having a bad time with the spiders. He fired at the ones who were disturbing the formation. He immediately killed them by using his enchanted bow. Knowing that it has high damage to the enemies, he fired it and the arrow nearly obliterated the spider. 

   "Damn! It was too damaging!" Kelvin exclaimed to his surprise. 

   He didn't think that it has that firepower behind it. Looking at the result of his damage, he went on with his rampage. Firing at the enemies with his bow and arrow. 

  The Mage approached the webbed ones and burned the web that was sticking at the paladin and Knight. The warrior also was webbed and thus his web was burned. 

  They can only thank him for his generosity and help. Knowing that they have him gave them the confidence to fight on. He went back to his formation and then used his buff support towards them.

  [Speed up]

   They can feel that they were boosted up and thus they fight on. Their attack speed has risen up and thus they feel motivated. The Knight's slashes were faster and the Paladin too was smashing the enemies faster than before. The Rogue was using his skill [Blink stab] to the enemies. Retreating while he can and then throwing summoned daggers at the enemies while somersaulting. The Priest was supporting them with [Bless] as they were combatting the enemies. Knowing that his skill will make them stronger and tougher. They hit the enemy harder than before. 

  [Blinding light]

  Frank used his skill to flash the enemies. The ones on his front and the ones who were near him were blinded. The spiders were flashed by the light. Making them utterly blind for a few seconds. They used this chance to eliminate the enemies that were near them without breaking the formation. Primarily, Kelvin eliminated the ones in the distance with his overpowered bow.

  [Last stand]

  Their defense rose and they were able to hold back the remaining enemies with the buff skill. Their bravery and courage also rose. Further making their morale rose. They smashed, slashed, and fired the enemies with their weapons and skills knowing that they got the upper hand. 

  While they were battling the spitting spiders, another variant of spiders appeared. They were so-called poison spiders. Appearing and rained them with poison goo. Their armors were sizzling to the acidity of the poison and it made them panic a bit.

  "Be careful of the goo! It was corrosive!" Kelvin shouted at them. 


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