Lumia: Other World
144 Lair assault part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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144 Lair assault part 3

The cave was cold and was damp. Having high mobility didn't make them immune to the coldness of the cave. They were only wearing leather armor and clothes underneath it. Their speed was the fastest when it comes to mobility and the two were the scout of the team. While they were going deeper into the cave, they felt perspiring as they delve deeper. Cold sweat runs down their spines as they moved on. Knowing that their comrades were relying on them as their eyes. They were thinking of the objective as they traveled farther.

  The walls of the cave were moist and the webs were also covering it while being moist. Thinking that they were making webs to cover the cold damp walls of the caverns. Jack the Rogue, was breathing steamy breath. Aulin their Ranger was also breathing the same as him. They were only making hand signs as they communicate with each other. The Rogue was using his skill [Sneak] while the Ranger was using his skill [Flash step]. Both of them were using their vision skills as they entered the dark. The Ranger was using his skill [Hunter's vision] while the Rogue was using [Night vision]. Both of them were elites on spying and scouting. While the Ranger was using his bow to [Snipe], the Rogue was using his skill [Summon daggers].

  Both of them were good in their way and can be the best at different angles. They traveled the same path as they were running silently. Both of them were looking at each other while running. Covering their backs while they were on it. As they paved the path, they saw a big spacious cavern as they exited the one they were currently paving. While looking at the place as they use their visual skills, they saw glowing eggs that were being brought from the different compartment. The eggs glowed neon green and they can see the babies from the inside. It was being carried by spiders to that compartment and the babies inside it were wriggling. They were both astonished by what they discovered. Cold sweat runs down their spines and their senses screamed like there was danger was coming. The [Hunter's instict] was activated thus the Ranger felt that it was not the place to stand on. 

  They looked at each other and has concluded one thing. They both thought that it was coming from the queen who was laying its eggs. Thinking of it, they both retreated before they will be ambushed. While their vision skills were on, both of them observed while sneaking. Just to get away safely from that place. Aulin about-faced and Jack was stepping backward. They both planned to get away immediately but Aulin the Ranger stopped moving and thus Jack bumped his butt on his back. 

   Feeling annoyed, he about-faced to confront Aulin. To his surprise, Aulin stopped moving not because he wanted to but he saw that spiders were coming from their exit. Knowing that it was only the way out was making their nerves shiver as they realized they were trapped. Aulin and Jack retreated towards the spacious egg-laden compartment. While being trapped in the cavern, they both ran towards the eggs hides there. As they evaded the eggs while hiding, it was spine chilling to hear their critters and shrieking. 

   They saw it while being in the dark of what the enemies they will be encountering. Luckily, they were not seen by them. Looking at them observantly, they have seen some of them be different from each other. Others were longer on their legs and have bigger butts than the others. Some of them were fast-moving and can only see their after images when passing by. They were smaller than the others who passed by. The others were slow-moving but glowing on their butts with neon green. Others were spitting webs on their brethren as they were bickering with each other.

   For both of them, they thought that it was great info about knowing their enemies. They were struck with great worry when they realized if the enemies were to attack them, they will have a great time fighting for their lives. It will be a not great experience for them, knowing it made them realized that they underestimated the enemies and will have to take measures to kill the enemies. 

   Time passes by and they both watched from the dark. They thought that they will be safe while being on the eggs. It was when they thought that it will be a good flight without having trouble. Aulin stepped back and has accidentally stepped on one of the eggs. 


  He stepped and the babies cried as they breathed air for the first time.

  'Damn! They were crying like human babies!' Aulin screamed on his mind.

  He never thought that it would be that bad when they were crushed. Knowing it, the spiders began screaming loud and spitted venomous goo from its mouth. It was the poison spitting spider that managed to be attracted and at the same time alerted to their cries. He thought that it will be their last time living so why be reserved. They both let loose to the fullest like it was their last struggle for life. 

  Aulin evaded the goo by rolling over and then he used his skill [Snipe]. Killing it with one shot. It bellowed as it let go of his life, alerting the other enemies for good. The other spiders rushed like it was a great flood that came out of the queen's chamber. Aulin and Jack nearly panicked as they both saw the enemies coming for them. It was a breathtaking view when they saw the enemies' numbers. Both of them boasting their movement speed but it will be hard to outrun those speedy spiders. They were fast enough to create after images when they passed by. 

  The first ones to the race were the hunting spiders. They were called hunters for a reason and it was their speed. Aulin and Jack went running towards the exit and were using their blink skills. 

  [Shadow travel]

  Jack immediately became a shadow and he became one with the shadow. He traveled faster than Aulin who was only using his [Flash step]. He was also running with speed but Jack was faster than him. Knowing that the [Forest blessing] were only usable when in the forest. He struggled with his fate and it was all relying on his speed. He dashed like never before and used his skill [Trap assembly] on the way when he was chased by them. It was successful in trapping one enemy but it was not enough for him to stop all of them. 

  "Damn Jack! I quite envy his skill! I gotta go faster than before if I am in the forest. Thinking about drawing the short straw! Damn! Damn! Damn! They were too many!" Aulin bellowed.

  Aulin turned around then jumped back to face the enemies.

  [Rapid arrow shots]

   It has to hit the spiders and some of them were down when the arrow hit them. While he was firing, he was walking backward. As he was firing he heard a yell from his back.

  "Duck!" Shouted Jack.

   Aulin immediately heeded his request. 

  [Summon daggers]

  He used his skill of summoning throwing daggers to throw at the enemies. Throwing at them while moving forwards. His daggers pierced their skins and they went down without a fight. Some of them landed on the heads as Jack has aimed and thus sending them off from this world. He then used his hands to drag Aulin. 

  "Let's go!" He said to him while dragging him.

  [Flash step]

  Aulin then went towards the light as he used the skill. He was not sparing any mana just to get away from the spiders. 

   [Blink stab]

  He used the blink without using the stab. Knowing it will be no enemy that he will be using it with.

  They have made ample space from the enemies. They went further and ran as their skills went to cool down. Relying on their high dexterity and move speed, they tackled the obstacles on the way. They used speed potion on their belts on the greatest emergencies and stamina potion. Moving forward towards their comrades. Knowing that they will have ample air to breathe when they will arrive there. Aulin was using all the force of his lungs to breathe heavily. It was also on the part of Jack. They were running at full speed thus they didn't mind the sound of their steps. Going towards the light source of the cave where their friends were. They were bickering while on the way.

  "Got damn it! Why did you leave me behind?" Asked Aulin fumingly.

   "I'm sorry I forgot about you! My fear made me forget about you and ran for my life! But hey! I came back right?" Jack excused himself.

   "Damn it! Luckily, I am a Ranger! If not then I will be a living snack for them! Let's talk about it when we finish this mission! You better pay for what you've done! Treating me to a meal will suffice!" Aulin bellowed at him.

  "Okay okay! But first, let's escape!" Jack exclaimed.

   Both of them managed to arrive at their comrades panting. They have seen the light from afar and they both screamed when they saw them.

  "Help!" Both of them shouted.


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