Lumia: Other World
143 Lair assault part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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143 Lair assault part 2

The lair was humid despite its webby insides. Their first impression was surprised due to the cave being white because of the white color of webs. They were looking at the cave and it was covered with webs as they walk. While walking inside it, they can see many creepy crawlies. Small spiders were everywhere, crawling on the cave walls and the pathway. Avoiding the light of their mage's torch. Now that they made their way inside of the cave, they were focused on their limits and were prepared to fight. Some spiders were on the ceiling and were scattering as the light illuminated them.

  The pathway was spacious, enough for them to walk and run around. Having dimensions of twenty meters made them have ample space to fight on. Thinking of it, they were still closely intact and not spreading out. Having a wrong move will make them lose a comrade and the mission will be disturbed by rescuing them. Even though their mission was to exterminate them all, they will prioritize the rescue mission over the extermination. Knowing that their comrades were their priority than the success of their missions.

  They made their formation to be covering each other and were on high alert to defend each other. They thought that prevention is better than cure so it was only proper to cover each other's backs.  Now that they entered, they were prepared to fight anytime. Drawing their weapons, gripping their shields, and preparing their skills for the right time to use it. They engraved their thoughts on their goal to eradicate the enemies.

   As they walk on, they saw hanged corpses in the walls. Some were smiling at their deaths and were dried up like a malnourished person. Only skin and bones were left as their insides were all sucked. Some were adults who were dressed in their everyday clothes and some were kids who were holding close her teddy bear. Some of them were armored when they were hanged there and died there without eating for weeks. Some of them were kids and some of them were adventurers. All mixed and the spiders were not nit-picky with their victims. Seeing that they have collections of mixed dead bodies right in their walls. Ann wanted to puke as she saw them, knowing that the villagers died without having to see their loved ones in their last breath and to die there in that dark damp place with monsters. They might be screaming till their last breath while being eaten. 

  The adventurers were disturbed about the current view they were looking at. Seeing that the light was illuminating the corpses and some spiders were coming out of their bodies and eye sockets. Now that the current events have disturbed their feelings, Ann can not help but voice out her feelings. 

   "These people are suffering here while we were on our other missions. We thought that we saved enough but there were still many unsalvaged." She said to them.

  "Let's have a moment of silence for them. We gotta do our best to let this end here." Frank said to them.

  Kelvin was also sympathizing with them and was silent. They were in silence but others were still on guard. Not wanting to be an ambush by them the inside of the cave. Knowing that they were inside the enemy territory, it was not the best place to let your guard down. They were silent but at the same time, they were alert. Knowing that their Ranger was using his skill to look for the incoming enemy, they were at east on the moment.

  Moments later on, they started to prepare for the continued journey inside of the caverns full of webs. They went on and then they formed their formation again. The mage recast his light to illuminate the way. Upon their travels, they haven't met enemies so far. Just the small spiders who were escaping their ray of light. The way was still full of webs as they were on their travel. The wind was getting thinner as they moved deeper into the cave. Despite their current situation, they continued to move deeper. The light source was still brimming brightly. They were ready anytime to fight but they haven't met anything on the way. 

   "Hey Ranger, you don't have met anything on your vision?" Frank asked him.

  "No sir, actually I have seen only the small ones. Do you want me to scout first?" He asked.

  "You might wanna scout first so we don't waste our time going around these caverns. Bring the Rogue with you if you want." He said to the Ranger.

   "Yes if that will be for the best then let's go." He said.

  "Yes do that and be careful out there. We will rest for a bit here. No problem getting surrounded because we have a strong formation." Frank said to them. 

  "Okay, we will go now!" The Ranger said then left towards the darkness. 

  Both of them went on their way and thus they rested there in that cave. They all sit on the cave floor and drank water. Resting while they can and has not yet met other spiders. 

  "Hey, Kelvin! You wanna drink?" Asked their Knight. 

   Kelvin was surprised by his treatment. He was shocked by his offer.

  "Thanks but I have my own," Kelvin said to him. 

  "Can I ask you about your friend Kael?" The Knight asked Kelvin.

   Kelvin replied when he heard that Kael was the topic.

   "Oh about him! I only met him on the adventurers guild. But I know that he was a good person. Even shared his money to give me this armor and weapon. He was a friendly person and made the first strike of conversation with me when we were just strangers. We were together since the second time we met in the city and even gave me his enchanted armor and weapons. He was an enchanter and at the same time, an alchemist. It was what I have known so far!" Kelvin said to him.

   "Thank you for telling me about him. He was strong! Wait so you mean he was just an enchanter when he battled the spiders back then? I didn't know enchanters to be a combat class?" He said while being perplexed.

   "See! He was awesome! As you can see, he has high enchanting speed and can enchant his sword in a matter of split seconds. Making him enhanced by his enchantments. He was enchanting different kinds of enchantments whether it was the most needed enchantment at that moment. His only weakness is that he didn't want to use heavy armor. Making him very vulnerable when it comes to brawls and group fights. He was only wearing light armors because it has higher effectivity when it comes to enchantments. He weighs the pros and cons and chose the light armor. I didn't know what is on his mind but I think he prioritizes offense over defense. Well, he can avoid most of the time when he wanted to but it was imbalanced. Maybe he was an offense-oriented guy and low on defense. That was maybe his battle plan." Kelvin said to him.

  The Knight was amazed to know that he was only an enchanter and didn't even carry any job class. Thus he replied joyfully to Kelvin.

   "That was pretty badass you know! He was that great even though he still was young! Not being born on the noble job-classed family but still! He has prowess rivaling them in his age. Knowing that he was that strong but I didn't know that an enchanter can be that offensive. You know that enchanters were pretty rare! They were rich! They have consumed a great amount of time to enchant one weapon or armor and have drained tantamounts of mana. Knowing that he can enchant in split seconds will make the wealthy enchanters jealous! All I have to say was, protect your friend! He is a precious one!" The Knight said to him.

  "Yeah! I will! But he was strong! He was more trained compared to me you know!" Kelvin nearly shouted.

   The other adventurers were looking at them then averted their gazes when Kelvin looked at them. Others were whistling and others were minding their own business. 

  "Okay! That ends our conversation! We will continue it in the future I guess?" He said to him.

  "Yeah! Let's get back to our mission. We have all the time to talk when we get back to the village!" Kelvin replied.

   They stood up and they went back to their formation. Knowing that it was not the place to be relaxing with. They were on their guard as they were waiting for their comrade. While waiting for them to arrive. They were seeing only what the torch of their mage has made. Shadows from afar were not seen by the light and were making their hair's skin to rise when they were hearing sounds and shriekings of the unknown. Their sanity was getting worse as time passes by, knowing that their two comrades were still not coming back. 


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