Lumia: Other World
142 Lair assaul
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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142 Lair assaul

They prepared to attack the lair of the spiders. Kelvin was together with them as they planned the attack. Kelvin followed them to the tavern to have breakfast. They all exited the inn they checked-in and walks towards the tavern. It was a bright morning and they shielded their eyes from the sun's rays when they exited the inn. Walking while talking to each other, Kelvin was still silent on the way. He felt lighter because the past treatment was now more comforting. He traveled together with them with a few steps towards the tavern.

  The villagers were all happy to look at their presence. Thinking of them as their saviors and protectors while they were in their village. Other kids approached them and even gave them flowers. They accepted it heartwarmingly and was overjoyed by them. Thanking the kids as they left, Kelvin was happy to see it. Even though it was only a simple gesture of thankfulness, it was enough for them to be happy. They waved goodbye to the kids and then went on to their initial destination. They went to the tavern as planned and saw assaulted with the smell of cooked food. 

   "Hmmm, smells good! We will eat something delicious today! Wait here and I will order some food." Frank said to them as he left.

  They all sit on one of the tables and they occupied two with their numbers. Having entered the room, the locals inside the tavern all looked at them with their glares. It was undistinct whether it was malice or admiring. Despite their glares, they went back to their businesses and ate their orders. The adventurers felt uncomfortable despite knowing they were the defenders of their village. They dissipated their thoughts as their leader Frank came back from ordering. He sat on one of the chairs and then rested his arms on the table. 

   "I have ordered skewered meat accompanied by melon juice. We will make our stomach full before going to the enemy lair. We will replenish our energy and be in our best condition. Anyone want to go to the comfort room before the food arrives?" Frank asked them.

  Kelvin currently was feeling uncomfortable so he stands up and went to the comfort room. He didn't mind what will they thought but prioritized his well-being. He was walking towards the comfort room and then he saw several people looking at him. They were three in numbers and were residents of the village. He was looked upon but he didn't mind them. He can hear them murmur while looking at him.

  "He was an adventurer? He was so young and brave. He better be careful as life is short and don't know what will happen." The aged man with a bald and white beard said to him.

   He was praised but at the same time being worried. He knows that their glares will be normal due to him becoming an adventurer at such a young age. He proceeded to the comfort room to loosen up and take a pee. He saw a wooded comfort room and peed on a hole with a suffocating smell. His appetite to eat food was spoiled by the smell thus he hurriedly went outside. He washed his hands and face with water outside and went back to the other adventurers. Refreshing himself to bring back his appetite from the stench. 

  He was hungry thus he managed to revert himself from his lost appetite. Managing to bring it back made Kelvin refreshed. Not wanting to remember the stench, he walks towards the drinking station and drinking water. He felt refreshed and thus he went back to the other adventurers. Kelvin went back to his seat and waited for the food to be served. Waiting was just a breeze when he saw the waiter carrying the food. 

  "Wohooo!!! The food is coming!" Said Ann. 

   The others were also excited to eat the food. Knowing that their tummies were also gurgling from the hunger they felt. Kelvin was also excited to grab his food. Knowing that he will get a taste of it as soon as he received it. He waited for his food as they passed each of their shares. Wanting to taste it soon, Kelvin grabbed his portion and immediately ate it.

  Tasting the skewered meat was very refreshing for him. He was assaulted by flavors of spices. It was very delicious as it was marinated in the night and then cooked in the day. Making it very full of taste. They were wearing satisfying faces as they ate it. They drank the juice as they ate in between. Sipping the juice when they were tasting the food. They finished eating while they were satisfied. Satisfied with the food they ate, they paid their bills with their coins. 

   "Woohoo!!! That's a great experience. This village has good food! I will visit this place in the future!" Their swordsman said to them.

   Kelvin agreed with him as he said those words. They exited the inn as they prepare for their attack. They went back to their inn and then prepared their weapons for the attack. Having been prepared for the battle was for the best. They went on with their preparation and then exited the inn. Carrying their weapons and armors on them. They went on towards their journey towards the spider cave and as they walk towards them, they were cheered on by the villagers as they walk towards the cave. Walking while being cheered on was very inspiring and they were awestruck by them. With their cheers, they all were ignited and as well as challenged to defeat the enemy. It was then they replied by waving their hands on them. 

   They exited the village and they changed their minds. Focusing on their goals towards the objectives. The wind blew and the leaves were falling on the pathway. The road to the cave was narrow and was in between the forest of Geralt. Walking while on guard made them on edge. It was not a place to be losing your guard and make a nice stroll as you walk towards the cave. While walking towards the cave, they were talking with each other while being on guard.

    They passed by dead bodies on the way. Three dead bodies were seen and it was all bony. Being sucked dry while they were wrapped with webs. Two of them were likely to be low leveled mercenaries and were eaten just where they died. The others were either dragged into the cave or escaped from the battle. One of them was a priest with its staff and clothing still on its body intact. They scanned the surrounding area and they have not seen any signs of life form. Their ranger used his skill [Hunter's vision] to see the surrounding perimeter. It was utterly silent as no birds were chirping, no crickets were sounding, and no animals were seen. They thought that they were all killed and hunted by them as their food. Having seen many dead insects, they thought not a single one was spared. They went on with their travel and they have seen many more dead bodies. They felt that it was getting creepy. The bodies were all sucked dry with their enemies and has littered the pathway. If they counted it all, they can see that they numbered twenty and up. Some of them were adventurers and some of them were civilians. Knowing and seeing it all, they also wanted to puke the food they have eaten. 

    "These spiders have far more killed in their attacks for the past months. We should exterminate them as soon as possible." Frank said to his teammates. 

   Frank touched the helmet of one of the dead bodies and was silent from the time being. He sits and then closed the helmet of one of the adventurers. 

  "We move now for the time being. The enemies were waiting for us." Frank said to them.

   They went on towards the inside of the cave. Upon seeing the cave, they saw the entrance to be big enough to be called a mouth. Having a mouth and two punch holes like large eyes to be called a monster cave. They saw its eyes glowed red and was seen from afar.

    "The cave was creepy, we might get ambushed from the inside," Kelvin said to them. 

   "Yeah, it will be a fight when we get ambushed. Not gonna let them get us you know! We will fight till we exterminate them all." said Frank.

    They went to the inside of the cave and then their mage was making a fire to serve as a torch. They went towards the dark and web covered cave. Making them feel cold as they went inside. 

     "Be careful everyone! We might get ambushed from all sides and the front and back. Move to your formations and stay close to each other!" Frank instructed them.

     They moved to their formation and then prepared for the worst. Knowing that they were inside the enemy grounds.


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