Lumia: Other World
141 Lair assault plan
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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141 Lair assault plan

Kelvin wanted to join their meeting to infiltrate the lair. Being the representative of Kael, he has his dignity at stake. He also wanted to prove that they were not canon fodders even though he has no job-class yet. He closed the door of Kael's room and went to Frank's room.

  Having a meeting before the assault will prove to be useful. He went towards the room while walking to the hallway made of wood. The walls were wood and it has woody patterns that were unique on its own.  Walking to the room, he was hearing people talking from the outside. He prepared to knock on the door with his bare hands as he lifted it. While it was closed, he thought of what to say to them about Kael's current condition. Not minding it, he knocked on the door to Frank's room. 

  Tak! Tak! Tak!

  "Hello there! This is Kelvin!" Kelvin said to the door.

   As he said those words, the room became utterly silent. They shushed themselves as he waited from the outside. Knowing that he was waiting, someone came in his direction. The tapping of boots was heard from the door and stopped by the other side. It was then opened and Kelvin was surprised by the one who opened it. It was none other than Frank.

  "Hey come in! Um, where's your friend?" Frank said to him while holding the door.

   Kelvin was challenged with what to say. He can not say that his friend was sleeping and it would only make Kael felt inferior being. Knowing that their leader was deeply loathing the weak. Kelvin prepared to speak and used all his courage to talk.

   "He was sleeping!" Kael said to him.

   'Damn, I ended up saying it! I don't know what to tell him. Plus it's better, to be honest right? Damn! I'm sorry Kael! I will pay two folds to my mistake.' Kelvin screamed in his mind.

  "It's okay! Plus he has killed more than enough spiders so it's okay! Come in! We will start!" Frank said while caressing his beard.

  "Oh okay! Thanks!" Kelvin replied.

   'Damn! I thought it will get worst. I ended up entering unscathed! Talking about good luck!' Kael said in his mind.

   He entered the cozy room where the adventurers were located. Warm air assaulted him as he entered it and saw them in their scattered positions. The room was spacious as he observed in which were enough to accommodate them. The other adventurers were ready and well equipped as they have their gears on them. Some were brandishing their weapons and maintaining their armor and shields as he saw them. Others looked at him with piercing glare like he will be pounced on. He almost wanted to get out of the room. Despite it, he steeled his heart and endured. He was also ready and armed as he entered the room. Knowing that after preparing their plan, they will immediately go towards the lair. Knowing it, Kelvin prepared on hands with his armor and weapons. Frank approach Kelvin from the back and Kelvin was on guard about what will happen. Frank then tapped his shoulder armor and then putting his hands on his shoulders. 

  "Welcome to the team Kelvin! It was sad that your friend was sleeping. I have to say this also to him but nevermind that. You can tell him yourself. As you can see, we thought that you displayed great performance when we fought last night. I thought that you were only baggage carriers as we met. But I am greatly mistaken, you were all strong despite you didn't have job-classes. Knowing that fact was hard to accept but I am slapped in the face with the truth. You were all now welcome to the team! And let's be comrades from now on. You know, I hate the weak but it has a reason. I am just simply telling you that you become strong! Stronger than you are currently! For that, let bygones be bygones as well as past become the past. Let's hug my friend!" Frank said to him and then hugs him.

   They all group hugged and Kelvin was perplexed by the sudden development. He felt like a statue as he was digesting the situation. 

   "Okay! Now let's plan the assault! Now, who's with me!?" Frank asked them.

   "Aye!" They shouted together.

   The mood became merry suddenly which made Kelvin became comfortable. He observed and behaved himself to what will happen. Frank led the meeting and has prepared a map beforehand. The meeting commenced immediately without further introductions. Kelvin sat on the floor as other adventurers do. They were scattered on the floor as they observed. Frank lifted the map and then pinpointed the location of the lair. It was just near the village just located in the cave south of the village. They were looking at the map and then Frank began his talk.

  "This is the location of the cave. Called Arachnid cave. It was a cave full of spiders and also disgusting webs. That's right! I hate webs as they were sticky and annoying! The first plan was to scout the area. Due to the danger it has, it was tasked to the rogue and ranger. It was tasked to them due to them having greater survival being solo. How much more if they cover their backs! They have a fast cooldown on their blink skills making them retreat faster than us! Now that the first plan was made, the next plan was to infiltrate the cave. Knowing where we go as the scouts will make a map. We will kill them all by the way! But we have to know the way inside the cave. We kill the spiders and the babies and lastly the queen. Avoid the queen first and she will be the last to be killed. The formation will be a balanced defense. The vanguard will be the Warrior and the Paladin. Guarding the Mage and Priest. The rear guard will be the Knight and swordsman. Now that the formation was set, the ranger,  fighter, and rogue will be guardians of the middle. Kelvin will be one of them as he can also fight. Now we have to assist each other and protect each other while moving. Any questions?" Frank asked.

   The ranger lifted his hands to ask a question.

   "None currently, but why do the ranger and rogue have to scout as we will only have to kill each one of the spiders. Does the scouting make sense? We will only endanger ourselves if we do that. Not that we won't manage but it was hard labor just to know the way. Jumping to the lair full of spiders just to map the area. How about we map while being on the formation. How does that sound?" The ranger asked.

   The rogue also nodded as a sign of his agreement. Looking at Frank, he sighed as he thought that it was very risky. Yet he remained calm despite being questioned.

  "Okay, we will do the mapping while on the formation. Scouting was only effective when it was not a trap in the first place. I know that both of you can manage but it was pretty risky. In turn, you do use your skills of [Hunter's vision] and [Night vision]. Those skills will be needed. As for our mage, he can create light with his fire magic. Report everything when you can see something was coming or something was off. Is that okay with you?" Frank asked them.

   "Yes yes, that was a nice plan! Better from before! Right?" The Ranger said then looked at the Rogue.

   The Rogue nodded to him in agreement. Kelvin was just minding his own and has only observed from his position.

   'They were surprisingly using their heads! It was my first time hearing a detailed plan! They were not called veterans if they won't use it!' Kelvin said in his mind.

  He felt astonished about them as a team and thus he smiled. Knowing that they have a great leader.

   "Okay! You two were the eyes of our team while in the cave so don't take a chance for the enemy will slip inside our formation! The Ranger will be looking in front and the Rogue will be looking at the back. Report immediately what you saw then!" Frank added.

  "Yes sir! We will!" Shouted the Ranger.

  "Okay! Now we will be readying ourselves before we will leave. Let's eat first and be merry shall we?" Frank said to them.

  "Let's go eat breakfast in the tavern!" Shouted Ann.

  "Hey, Kelvin! Invite your friend Kael and we will be eating together!" Said Frank.

  "Ah, haha. You see, he was resting right now and will be replenishing his energy. He was currently recuperating so let's not disturb him yet." Kelvin said to Frank.

  "Ah, okay! If that's for the best! Now let's go!" Frank said then tapped his shoulder armor.

   They went to the tavern after the meeting. Right in the room of Kael, he was heavily snoring as he slept. Kelvin proceed to the tavern and ate with them and was enjoying the fun company with them. 


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