Lumia: Other World
139 Kael“s self time
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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139 Kael“s self time

Kael slept his tired self. He was snoring when he was sleeping in his bed. Having a tired day made him sleep so soundly. The night was cold and he was covered with his blanket. Making all sorts of positions when he sleeps. He was sleeping and dreaming while he was on it. It was when he woke up in the middle of the night. He opened his eyes and it was dark except for the window beside him. Looking at it, he saw stars glittering and dancing in the night sky. Clouds passing by the moon in the sky while he was looking at it. He saw that it was night time and it was cold. 

   "Kelvin!? Are you there?" Kael asked while feeling the bed whether he was present or not.

   He realized that he joined the extermination mission that the other adventurers planned to attack so he realized that he was away. Seeing that the room was dark, he lits the lamp beside him. He was looking at the lamp and wondered what to do. Realizing that he was all alone, he thought of something to pass time. Knowing that he was still weak, he exercised to build up his strength. Doing strengthening exercises to level up his strength while pushing up and curl-ups. Doing also the sit-ups while he has his weights on his body. It gradually rose to one. After his strengthening, he exercises his reflex by doing rapid sidesteps and maneuvers as he was jumping from wall to wall. Landing his feet on the wall while not making any noise. It was for the movement speed. Now for the attack speed, he swings his sword rapidly. Making his speed rise but it will be useless without reaction speed. Knowing it, Kael thought that it would be best to spar with an enemy. But he has not a single one to spar with. After it, he jogs around to increase his vitality. Perspiring while he was jogging, he removed his shirt and hang it. After it all, he moved to improve his focus. He meditated while sitting on his bed. Enhancing his focus while meditating and time go by as he was sitting there for a while. Knowing that he has improved gradually, he opened his status window with his window card.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank D–

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 30

Character Statistics:

Strength (47) +

Dexterity (51) +

Vitality (52) +

Focus (102) +

Stats points: 90


  He saw that he leveled up with two points. Thinking of it, he thought that he has killed too many spiders and he hasn't looked at his stats since the snake incident. He thought that it will be normal to raise two levels. Minding the time, it was in the middle of the night. Looking at the outside, he saw that it was dark–darker than before. He closed the window with the curtains and checked that no one was looking or spying at him. He equipped his ranger job class and used his skill [Hunter's vision]. Looking at his surroundings, he was able to tell that no one's watching him. They were all asleep in the middle of the night. 

  'Let's check out our other job-classes now. Or I wouldn't see a chance later on. I gotta see it!' Kael thought excitedly.

  'System! Equip Rogue job-class' Kael said to the system.

  [Job-class level 5 Rogue available]

  [Rogue job-class equipped]


 [Job Class Level 5 Rogue]


 A. Area of effect: Smoke bomb.

 B. Blink: Shadow travel, Blink stab.

 C. Mastery: Dagger mastery, Throwing mastery, Light armor mastery, Dexterity mastery, Sneak mastery, Annihilating mastery. 

 D. Buff: Night's friend. Night vision

 E. Debuff: Blinding Darkness.

 F. Burst: Assassinate.

   He saw that their Rogue adventurer was decent. Even though he was low leveled, he had skills that he didn't show to their last fight. Not minding it, he watched the next job-class he got. 

   'System! Equip the Warrior job-class' Kael said to the System.

  [Job-class level 4 Warrior available]

  [Level 4 Warrior job-class equipped]

   'Status! Open Job-class window!' Kael commanded the system.


 [Job Class Level 4 Warrior]


 A. Area of effect: Ground slam

 B. Blink: Shoulder Charge

 C. Mastery: Two-handed weapon mastery, Endurance mastery, Heavy armor mastery, Strength mastery, Skill mastery,  Rage mastery. 

 D. Buff: Battle cry

 E. Debuff: Intimidation shout

 F. Burst: Bastard slash


  He saw that the Warrior Job-class was also excellent in terms of combat. He thought that it has little skills but it has a small cooldown in which can be spammed. Its skills were lethal and has a melee advantage. He went to see the next job-class he has.

  'System! Equip Fighter Job-class' Kael commanded.

   [Level 6 Fighter Job-class available]

   [Level 6 Fighter equipped]


 [Job Class Level 6 Fighter]


 A. Area of effect: Push force, Pull force

 B. Blink: Fleeting step

 C. Mastery: Punch mastery, Kick mastery, Body conditioning mastery, Dexterity mastery, Force mastery, Martial Art mastery, Energy mastery. 

 D. Buff: Sixth sense, Gentle fist, Hard fist, Energy overflow, Speed burst, Iron body.

 E. Debuff: Inflict greater pain

 F. Burst: Shattering punch, Breaking Kick


   He saw that the fighter was not half bad. It was also a super offensive class. It can be at odds with the warrior. Minding that this class was only using your body. It was a class that made Kael interested. You can fight an army without a weapon just using your feet and arms. Minding about being stripped off of your weapons and only your bare hands were only available to fight off enemies. It was a very practical job-class that uses the least armory and protection. After he saw it, he went to the next job-class.

   'Next, Priest job-class.' Kael commands.

   [Level 3 Priest Job-class available]


   [Job Class Level 3 Priest]


 A. Area of effect: Holy Fire

 B. Blink: ???

 C. Mastery: Staff mastery, light armor mastery, Holy element mastery, Focus mastery, Buff mastery. 

 D. Buff: Bless, Regeneration, Heal, Cure Disease, Resist elements. 

 E. Debuff: Judgement

 F. Burst: Holy ray


   He saw that it hasn't changed. It was the same job-class that he used in the past. It was the best support that can buff and heal the allies. It has to be in a good position to heal the enemies and has to be protected. Well, it will be different when Kael tinkers about it. Getting plans ahead in the future. While looking at it, he remembered his job-class Ranger and checked it out.

  'Equip Ranger Job class.' Kael commanded the system.

   [Level 4 Ranger available]

   [Level 4 Ranger equipped]


[Job Class Level 4 Ranger]


 A. Area of effect: Trap assembly

 B. Blink: Flash step

 C. Mastery: Dagger mastery, Bow mastery, Light armor mastery, Dexterity mastery, Forest adaptation mastery, Marksmanship mastery. 

 D. Buff: Hunter's instinct, Hunter's vision, Forest blessing, Hide.

 E. Debuff: Forest adversary

 F. Burst: Dagger strike, Rapid arrow shots, Snipe.


  It was the first Job-class he tested knowing that it was the forest that he will be fighting on. He browses a bit and then went on to the others.

  'Equip Swordsman Job class.' Kael commanded.

   [Level 6 Swordsman available]

  [Level 6 Swordsman equipped]


[Job Class Level 6 Swordsman]


 A. Area of effect: Paralyzing Zone, Cleave.

 B. Blink: Dash

 C. Mastery: Sword mastery, Light armor mastery, Dexterity mastery, Focus mastery. 

 D. Buff: Intense focus, Skill cooldown reduction.  

 E. Debuff: Paralyzing killing intent.

 F. Burst: Split the second slash, Draw slash, Ghost slash.


   He saw that the swordsman was pretty legit when it comes to duels. Knowing that the swordsman was good and was first-rate when it comes to butchering. He then proceeded to the next job-class.

  'Equip Paladin Job-class' Kael said to the system.

  [Level 12 Paladin available]

  [Level 12 Paladin equipped]


[Job Class Level 12 Paladin]


 A. Area of effect: Blinding light, Shield flash.

 B. Blink: Shield charge.

 C. Mastery: Blunt mastery, Heavy armor mastery, Focus mastery, Light mastery, Lighting mastery.

 D. Buff: Last stand, Divine armor, Omni Armor, Heavy hitter.

 E. Debuff: Judgement.

 F. Burst: Shield bash, Summon giant hammer, Thundering Hammer.


   He saw that this job-class was mostly a defense-oriented killer. Its offense skills were also very damaging. No one will take lightly when it comes to Paladins. They were mostly leaders in the party that can lead the charge and support the team. He moved on to the next job-class.

   'Equip Knight Job-class' Kael commanded the system.

  [Level 5 Knight Job-class available]

  [Level 5 Knight equipped]


 [Job Class Level 5 Knight]


 A. Area of effect: Slash cleave.

 B. Blink: Piercing charge, Shield charge.

 C. Mastery: Sword mastery, Blocking mastery, Heavy armor mastery, Riding mastery, Guardian mastery, Spirit mastery. 

 D. Buff: Summon mount, Defense up, Attack up, Swift, Summon guardian.

 E. Debuff: Stun bash. 

 F. Burst: Mount charge, Ultimate slash. 


   Kael saw that the skills of Knight has offensive but it was also a defensive job-class. It was a defense and offense oriented job-class. Rivalling the Paladins but has mounts to summon. Kael then went on with the other job-class.

  "Next Mage Job-class," Kael said to the system.

  [Level 7 Mage Job-class available]

  [Level 7 Mage Job-class equipped]


[Job Class Level 7 Mage ]


 A. Area of effect: Inferno, Blizzard, Gust, Meteor fall

 B. Blink: Teleport

 C. Mastery: Fire mastery, Wind mastery, Light armor mastery, Ice mastery, Lightning mastery, Spell mastery, Earth mastery, Telekinesis mastery, Spatial mastery.

 D. Buff: Force shield, Mana overflow

 E. Debuff: Slow, Bind, Stun,

 F. Burst: Fireball, Lighting strike, Ice spears.


   Kael saw it was a great damage dealer. He has the time to nourish his job-classes at the academy. Thinking of it, he was very excited to level it up. He went on with the other job-classes he already has.


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