Lumia: Other World
138 Sleepy Kael
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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138 Sleepy Kael

"Wooohhhooooo!!!", they cheered on.

  They cheered on to the mess they've made. Happy to see that they were all alive. The other adventurers were finishing off the still kicking spiders on the ground and at the same time, scavenging the spiders with their cores and any useful parts it has. All of them were finishing off the pretending spiders that were still alive. Specifically, their rogue that were stabbing the bodies of the spiders–dead or alive.


  Sounded the sword of the knight as he pulled his sword. Kael was sitting on the ground and was alive and kicking. Kelvin approached him and tapped his shoulders and talked to him. 

  "Are you okay?" He asked.

   "Yeah! Just wanna eat in the meantime and replenish my blood. I can't fight later on and was planning to rest. Let's eat first in the tavern shall we?" Kael said to him.

  "Yeah, sure! We might wanna replenish our stamina and your blood first! Gotta rest so that I will have strength." Kelvin said to him.

   "Let's go!" Kelvin said then lent his hands to him. 

   He grabbed it and they walked towards the tavern. The other adventurers were looking at them and they looked at them both pitifully.

   "We would like to eat food first! My friend here should rest a bit." Kelvin said to them.

   "Yeah! And be back in the inn! We will have a meeting to infiltrate their lair! We won't force you to join Kael if you still need rest. Rest first okay!" Frank said to him.

  "Yeah!" Kael said then lifted his hands while walking away.

   "Frank was nice despite his behavior of looking down on us. I gotta drink lots of grape juice and eat lots of meat to regain my strength." Kael said to Kelvin.

   "Yeah! Let's eat!" Kelvin said to him.

  They walked towards the tavern while being supported by Kelvin. Kael and Kelvin went inside the tavern and they sat on one of the tables. 

   Kael went sleeping after he sat on the table. Having a tired night made him utterly limp when he sat at the chair. With Kael sleeping, Kelvin made the initiative to order the food. He walked towards the counter and ordered the food. He approached a man with a curled beard and black hair. He was in his thirties and he has an apron on his waist.

   "What's your order, sir?" He asked.

  "Sir! I would like to order grilled chicken and pork and grape juice also. If you have rice then also two cups for both of us." Kelvin said to the counter. 

   "I am sorry sir but we don't have rice for now. You see, we lost anyone who delivers the supplies to the spiders who were ambushing them. It made the supplier halt their delivery to us when they were attacked on the way. Never wanting to be attacked again." He said.

   "You did not hire mercenaries to escort them?" Asked Kelvin.

   "Unfortunately we were only a poor village. The expense to hire an escort was hefty in sum and our salary for them was equivalent to a month of our profit. Hiring them was impractical sir. We can only afford to hire mercenaries to defend the village. It was only for defending sir and your team of adventurers has to be successful in attacking their lair. Our village will have no future if this goes on, sir." He said to him.

  "We will do our best sir! You see, we fought last night and have slain many. Our next step was to infiltrate their lair." Kelvin said.

   "Oh, that's reassuring! We will be hoping for your return!" He said.

  "Thank you for that. I will wait for the food then!" Kelvin replied.

  He walks towards the table and then saw the mercenaries of last night entering the tavern by the door. Kelvin saw them and they greeted themselves.

  "You have slain that many in one night! I am glad you all survived!" Said the bearded man. 

  "We survived but our friend here nearly died!" Kelvin said then pointed at Kael.

   "Oh! Hahaha! At least he survived intact! We will eat first! Gotta fill our tummies with meat. We will just sit there on your left. We will order first." He said then left together with his escorts. 

  They went on their way to order food. While sitting in his seat, Kael murmured. 

   'He is tired to say it like that. Having dreams while sleeping is nice but this place is not a good one at that.' Kelvin said to himself.

   He waited for the food and while waiting, he smelled the grilled chicken and pork scent mixed. He thought that it was his order that was being cooked. Having thought of it, he felt excited to eat it. He can not wait any longer for the food to arrive. While waiting, he was observing the mercenaries to be laughing around while talking. They were talking about what happened to them while fighting the spiders in the night. They were capable enough to survive the fight. Kelvin approached them and asked them a question. They all looked at him and talked.

   "Are you perhaps mercenaries that were combatants?" Kelvin asked them curiously. 

  "Yes! And we were strong! Are we?" The leader said.

   "You see child, we failed in life and have not entered the academy. We were only a bunch of ragtag team of combatants. Despite it, we were trained with swordsmanship techniques. And if you will ask if we defeated swordsman of our level, then I can say yes. We almost defeated them when they were challenging us. Being a job-classed adventurer was good but it was not everything. You see, we trained our cores and foundations and do not rely on skills that have cooldowns. Keep it in mind that it was important to train your core." He said to Kelvin.

   Kelvin was perplexed by his answer and he was admiring them. He won't look down to combatants anymore. Despite being a combatant also, he will etch it on his mind about their advice. They were the perfect examples of Frank's principles. Having a combatant that strong was refreshing for him.

   He went back to his seat after he saw his food was coming. 

   "Please excuse me for now. The food is waiting for me." Kelvin said to them.

  He sits on the chair as the grilled pork and chicken were served to them. He immediately woke up Kael who was currently sleeping. 

  "Wake up Kael! The food was served!" Kelvin said to him.

   Kael, on the contrary, was sniffing the food and thus he woke up.

  He saw the food to be waiting for him and thus he let loose for a while.

  He ate the grilled pork that was seasoned with spices. Grabbing the chicken leg and bite off its roasted meat. Kelvin was also in his focus while eating. Drinking in between with his grape juice and then eat again. It was a feast for them so they didn't stop eating while they can. While eating, they were talking with each other.

   "Kelvin, I think I can not participate with the lair extermination. I need to rest and while I'm at it, I need to check something. About the system I have." Kael whispered to Kelvin.

   "Oh, sure! You need to rest for now. You have done your part and have killed far more than they have killed. Maybe it was also the reason that Frank lets you rest. Maybe he changed his mind about you." Kelvin said to him.

   "Really!? Well, that's good news!" Kael said to him in his surprise.

   "Yeah! So rest all you can and be in your best condition. In return, I would join them in their hunt." Kelvin said to him.

   "Yeah be careful then. I will wait for your return." Kael said to him.

  They finished eating and they waved goodbye to the other mercenaries. Kael has regained ample energy and can walk on his own. Walking while on the way Kelvin talked about the mercenaries that they met.

    "Hey Kael! About the mercenaries we've met! They were also combatants like us!" Kelvin said to him.

   "Really! And they survived last night with just the three of them?" Kael said in his surprise. 

    "Yeah! I wonder how strong they were but they said that they were using sword techniques." Kelvin said to him.

   "Sword techniques? Wow they were that strong using that? Maybe I am underestimating our own techniques! I will reflect later on." Kael said to Kelvin. 

   Kelvin told Kael that the mercenaries were also a combatant. Kael was surprised by it and he felt proud that they were using their sword techniques. He starts to reflect and wondered how strong a technique user was. Kael was reflecting and he was a master level. It was a shame for him to boast that he was a master and he was defeated by mere spiders. He began to doubt that he knows the true essence of their family's techniques. It was like he was thinking that he was a frog in a well that didn't know the vastness of the ocean. Continuing their walk, they entered the inn and Kael changed his clothes. Sleeping then after it. Kelvin was still awake and so he walk outside to meet the others to begin their plan for the lair assault.


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