Lumia: Other World
137 Night patrol part 8
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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137 Night patrol part 8

Kelvin protected Kael. It was the moment where he sliced off the incoming enemy for him. They resumed their ongoing battle after Kelvin defended him. Ann was busily healing him and Kael felt a little bit better. He was slowly recuperating and his wounds have closed. Kael wanted to stand up but he was supporting himself to sit.

   "Hey don't push yourself! You have lost a large amount of blood! You will still feel dizzy if you fight!" Ann shouted at him.

  Kael sits but he felt cold sweat trickled his face. Having lost blood made him pale and anemic. He sits but failed to stand up. He didn't have the strength to do so. 

   "Sigh, I gotta help but I don't have the strength to stand up," Kael said to her.

   She was worried about Kael's situation and she stopped him to move. 

  "You should relax a bit and recuperate. Don't waste our efforts to save you and to kill yourself again." She said to Kael.

   "Yes yes, I have a potion on my pocket but it won't heal it as fast as the skill of the Priest. I collapsed before I can take it out." Kael said to her.

   "Don't worry about it. At least you are saved now." She said then resumed healing others.

  She was using buffs as a support to her teammates. With her healing finished, she resumed assisting them. 


  She blessed their swordsman while she was on their backs. Applying [Bless] to anyone in their formation. 

  "Wow! I can feel strength surging from my body!" Kelvin almost shouted in his surprise.

   The others were also showing the same reaction. They felt it in the past before because she was their comrade. Using it was her specialty as their Priest. She was the main buff skiller of their team and as well as their healer. She was like their foundation as she was their healer. Her skill in healing made them not afraid of getting hurt as she can heal them. After buffing them, she switched to healing them. Holding her staff to protect herself and also Kael. Kael was being protected and Kelvin approached him.

  "Hey, Kael are you alright? How are you feeling?" Kelvin asked him.

   "I feel a little bit anemic, maybe due to losing too much blood. Don't worry about me and go back to defending." Kael replied.

  "Okay! I will go back now!" Kelvin said to him.

  Kael felt troubled about what happened. He can not replenish lost blood by healing spells. He can only hope that he will not experience it again. Having been in near-death states in the past up until the present made him feel weak even with his struggles. He accepted that he was weak and thus he etched it on his mind to become stronger and stronger. He realized that he needed somebody to help him at times like this. If only he can display his job class skills to them but it will only make them suspicious of him. It will only attract unwanted reactions. Because a person can have many job classes but it's the amount of experience to train them all were large amounts but ending up trash. The adventurers were having only one job class because stronger adventurers were only having one job class but it was strong, stronger than versatile ones.

   It was the problem in this world but due to the system of Kelvin and Kael. It will be the answer to their dreams. The other system holders were also strong but the two of them will have the most job class on the rest. 

  The fight still goes on and they were repelled by their formation. They were capable of holding their ground as they fought. They roared with might as they slay the enemies using their weapons. With the help of buffs from their allies, they surpassed their current capabilities. 

   Kael drank water as he was sitting there inside their defense formation. He was regaining his strength slowly but surely. He was still wary of enemies coming for him but he felt safe as he was protected by his comrades–especially Kelvin. The leader promised that they won't even hold a sword to fight with them as they were carriers but the promise can not be fulfilled. They badly needed an extra hand due to the situation. It didn't matter to Kelvin but Kael, it was different. He needed to fight to show that they were no pushovers. It only backfired with him being protected due to jumping on the fray without proper protection. For him, enchantments were more powerful if used on light armors. On heavy armors were still powerful but it was different from the light armors. It was the reason why Kael was using light armors. But it only made him be harmed instead due to his confidence. He gritted his teeth and focused on recuperating as time goes by.

   'I need to regain strength and help slay the monsters even it will be only on the last enemy. I need to be acknowledged. But still, if fate didn't permit it. Then I will just sit here and relax. I can only bath experience points while sitting here. Worrying about dignity didn't matter if I will only push myself to the extent of being on the brink of death again. Thinking wise will also be useful in times like this. I gotta calm myself and think more.' Kael said to himself.

  He can't move like before and thus he used his head a bit. Nothing good will happen if he will be rash and attack the enemies with his current condition. Sitting there while meditating. Focusing his mind while he was meditating inside them. 


  Another loud noise that exploded from near him. 

  "Got damn it! I can't even meditate to increase my Focus here. If I only have the strength to lift a sword." Kael said.

   The spider attacked the shield of their leader paladin. 

   [Shield bash]

   He bashed the spider that pounced at him. 

   "You will need a harder attack to deal with me," Frank said to the enemy.

  The enemy rolled to the ground and then attacked again. The paladin was one of the best when it comes to defense. The knight was semi-offensive compared to the paladin but the paladin boast of its defensive skills. The warrior was currently smashing the enemies with his heavy sword. Boasting of its strength and destructive force as it attacks.

  [Intimidating shout]

  The warrior shouted with a roar when he used the skill. The enemies flinched a bit as they felt a great aura from the warrior. They felt fear effect as they heard his shout. Thinking of retreating and fleeing as they gaze at him. It was one of his debuffs and a useful one when used on a group of enemies. 

  [Battle cry]

   He used his buff to increase strength and both attack and movement speed. Applying bleed effects to each strike. He smashed his sword left and right to the spiders. His attacks were smashing the enemies to a pulp. He then used his skill [Bastard slash] to the enemies. Swiping the horde of enemies as he slashed them. The skill [Ground slam] was ready so he used it.


   The ground shook to his Area of effect skill and then the enemies on that designated area were stunned. Making them open for attacks. The ranger felt it to be an opportunity so he used his skill [Rapid shot]. Piercing the enemies with his arrows.

   Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

  The spiders were easily annihilated. The Rogue was hidden in the dark and then pounced on the spiders. Jumping at them and stabbing them with his daggers. 

  [Shadow travel]

   He became a shadow in the darkness which made him practically invisible. Then he pounced at the enemies.


   His skill that causes a critical strike to the enemy.

  [Blink stab]

  He disappeared like smoke and then appeared at the top of the spider. Stabbing its head with his dagger. He went on with his rampage as he waited for his skill to cool down. Slashing the enemies in their stomach and ripping it open.

  The Fighter was also busy with his enemies. The fighter class boasts of their attributes of being semi-tank and at the same time semi-assassin. They were capable of being alone while jumping on the fray.

  [Iron body]

  He used his skill to enhance his body. Becoming as hard as iron and numb to the pain. He strikes his enemies with his martial arts while unarmed. Despite only using his body. His body was his only weapon and his greatest weapon. Kicking the enemies with his foot guard and punching them with his iron gloves. He has his basic skill [Punch] and [Kick] that can be used without a cooldown. Making them any combo as you like. 

    They defended him and Kael was fully healed. He cracked his neck and shoulders as he stretched a bit. He closed his eyes and then when he opened it, all enemies were all slain.

    "What!? Finished already?" Kael exclaimed.

    The sun rises and it made the place vivid with corpses around. Kael can only sigh at what he saw. They all cheered and were happy that they all survived.

     "Wohooooo!!!" Kael and the others cheered.


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