Lumia: Other World
136 Night patrol part 7
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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136 Night patrol part 7

Kael swings his large sword as he fends off the spiders. While looking at Kael, the adventurers were startled by his prowess. The enemies who have gathered to attack their formation have left them and went to Kael. He has accumulated the aggro from them and as they looked at the situation, they saw that they will have time to attack the enemies without worry. As Kael stole the aggro from them, they thought that it will be for the best. Frank saw it and he was dumbstruck by him. He never thought that a combatant can grow that strong. Rivaling their warrior's strength as he swings his sword.


   Another spider went flying from him. It went crashing into one of the houses nearby. Kael was holding his sword like it was weightless. As he lifted his sword, he enchanted his sword with his enchantment.

   [Enchant: Weightlessness]

  He strokes his sword at fast speed and then prepared to smash it to the enemy.

  [Enchant: Increase weight]

   He smashed it to the spider that was attacking him.


  The enemy's body crackled as his sword made its way through its body. Breaking its hard body. The blade was cutting through its exoskeleton and then the sword pierced through its body. Managing to hold the sword while it has its weight increased, he enchanted again the sword.

   [Enchant: Weightlessness]

   He was fending them off and was getting surrounded. Kael was more terrifying in terms of damage than Kelvin but he was weak on his defense as he was only using leather armor and clothes. The complete opposite of Kelvin who has armor covering his whole body. The enemies surrounded him and attacked altogether in different directions. Stabbing their legs towards him. Kael managed to cut some of their legs that were attacking him but it didn't hinder him to be stabbed. His leather armor was stabbed and it pierced through his armor.


   Kael was stabbed on his back by several thrusts of their legs. He slashed some of the attacking legs but some still pierced his armor. He was getting stabbed left and right by their hard legs and Kael coughed blood. In split seconds, a knight and a swordsman slashed the legs and then grabbed him. He was dragged towards the adventurer's formation. 

   "Remove the pierced legs on his body and heal him!" Frank shouted.

   The priest removed the attached appendages on him and began to heal him. Kael felt that blood was oozing from his wound. Kelvin was struck with great worry as he saw Kael be bleeding.

   "Kael! Hold on a little longer!" Kelvin shouted.

   "Damn! It hurts!" Kael said in a low voice.

   "Kelvin I got this! Go back to defending!" Anna said to him.



  Kelvin bit his lips but followed the instructions. He went back to his formation and once again defended. Kelvin focused on his objectives and slashed the enemies. The knight used his best to defend the perimeter. The paladin leader was shouting with all his might to cheer them on. The spiders attacked their shields but they managed to hold it with ease. Their attacks were heavy but it was bearable. The warrior slashed the incoming spiders with his skill.

   [Bastard slash]

   The spider was slashed in half. The swordsman on the back was fending off the enemies. He holds the hilt of the sword and its scabbard. He prepared to attack the enemy as he saw a spider that was coming for him.

  [Draw slash]

   A normal slash but its speed was faster than a knight. It was far more refined than a warrior's slash or the knight and carries a burst of speed. The leader cast his skill to buff his allies.

  [Last stand]

  He cast the skill and they who were just on their positions were buffed by an increase of strength and defense. It will be far more effective to use it while holding positions while fleeing. Its effects will be nullified when you run away.

  With the buff they had, they were fired up with confidence. They shouted with fierceness as they defended their positions. Kael heard them shout and he can only lay down on the ground while being treated. His eyes were failing to endure to open. His strength was slowly fading when he tried to move his hands. He felt that his blood was running in puddles. He was constantly healed by Ann who was doing her best to heal him.


  "Hey don't you close your eyes!" She said to him. 

   She slapped him and it made his cheeks to be reddened. Kael regained consciousness and he was being treated by her. Slowly, his wounds stopped bleeding and some parts of his flesh were weaved like it was being repaired. 

   'Damn! The healing can't cope up! I have many wounds to heal and I am losing blood more than I thought. I will be in danger if this goes on. I gotta make my move.' Kael said in his mind.

  'I will use another job-class. But I need it to be secret. I don't want them to know. System switch job-class Priest!' Kael said in his mind.

   [Job class Level 3 Priest available]

   [Job-class switched]


   [Job Class Level 3 Priest]


 A. Area of effect: Holy Fire

 B. Blink: ???

 C. Mastery: Staff mastery, light armor mastery, Holy element mastery, Focus mastery, Buff mastery. 

 D. Buff: Bless, Regeneration, Heal, Cure Disease, Resist elements. 

 E. Debuff: Judgement

 F. Burst: Holy ray


  Kael saw his skills and thus he immediately used the skill he badly needed right now without being noticed. He gritted his teeth as he still felt his blood oozing and his wound aching.


   His skill was slowly healed accompanied by Ann's skill [Heal] and [Regeneration]. It was her skills in the first place and It was used by Kael to supplement the [Regeneration] skill to amplify it. 

   Kael was regaining his mind. He can't bear the pain and the world was spinning around. Even though he was healing himself, he can not deny that he has lost blood. Far more than he thought. He can hear his comrades fighting the spiders. He closed his eyes as he felt dizzy when he looks at them. 

  'Damn! If I didn't overestimate myself and fought cautiously. I won't be in this sorry state. I wonder what's happening right now? The world keeps spinning around. Is this the cause of losing too much blood? I don't have endurance like a warrior so I ended like this. I will have to reflect on my mistakes later on. I gotta focus on healing first.' He thought in his mind.

   The battle rages on, they were defending their positions while being buffed by their leader. Spiders pounced at the shields of the shield bearers. The knight slashed anything that pounces at him. Having been buffed made them sturdier as a result. The Paladin used his skill [Shield flash] and the enemies stepped back as they were flashed on their eyes. They were afraid of the flash of light so they retreated.

  The rogue and fighter fought fiercely, the rogue hunted down enemies and retreated to the dark. The fighter was punching and smashing their faces with their fist. Accompanied with kicks that were making them threw to the force. The swordsman was slashing enemies left and right in split seconds. Cutting their legs and their heads. The ranger was firing his arrows at the enemies that were on the buildings in their surroundings. Using his skill [Rapid fire] just in case of the enemy that will break their formation. The warrior was swinging his sword left and right towards his enemy. Using his spam skill [Bastard slash] and [Ground slam] to the enemies. The former skill was slashing the enemy with heavy force. Making the enemy dealt with the Flinch status effect. The latter was to stun the enemy accompanied by the slow effect. The mage was casting spells to support his allies. He was casting support skills like [Speed up] and [Defense up]. Not only support skills, but he was also attacking enemies with his offensive skills. He cast [Inferno] to the enemies, he was like breathing fire from the distance. His teammates moved aside for him to attack enemies. The priest on the contrary was healing Kael unhindered. She was healing him without a mind on the battle that rages on.  Kelvin was also fighting to fend off the enemies who will disrupt the healing of Kael. He was holding his sword to protect him. He thought that once in a while, he has the chance to repay Kael's generosity to him. It was what made him happy for a while. A spider jumped at him and they felt alarmed. It was heading towards their Priest. At that moment, Kelvin burst from his position and flung towards their Priest. Slicing off its body into two. 

  "You will pass over my dead body before you can get to her!" Kelvin shouted.


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