Lumia: Other World
135 Night patrol part 6
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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135 Night patrol part 6

"You want to see your parents soon?" Kael asked her.

  "Yes!" She said to him then went crying.  

  Kael carried her in his arms as he walked towards the village. It was quiet in the forest but the village was in unrest. Both of them can hear from the forest that the village was overrun by the monsters. Banging sounds from spells were heard from afar and Kael felt worried. He didn't imagine that the enemies were more from what they expected. 

  "Why did the spiders left their den and attacked the village? Did they go insane this time?" Kael murmured.

   The girl was perplexed by what he said. She held his shoulders and Kael looked at her. Kael noticed that she felt calmer from before. As the moon's rays pierced the leaves, he saw that the girl was only in her seven years old. She was wearing nightwear of pajamas and her shirt that was colored white with colored polka dots. Kael didn't notice it recently but she carries a brown teddy bear on her shoulders and she was hugging it. She was cute and short on her height and she felt lighter than she looks. No wonder Kael can carry her with his arms. She stopped crying and then was staring at him. Kael felt worried and at the same time uncomfortable when he was stared at. 

   'This girl was staring at me like it was nothing to her. Well, I will just ignore it in the meantime. Gotta focus on the objectives and bring her to her family.' Kael thought on his mind.

   "Um, mister? Can I know your name?" She hesitantly asked him.

  "It's Kael! Kael Melvin! Nice to meet you!" Kael said to her.

  "I am Evangeline! Are you an adventurer?" She said in her cute voice.

   Kael was annoyed by it but at the same time, he has no choice but to answer her. He coughed a bit and then answered her.

  "Yeah! I am an adventurer and I am a carrier!" Kael said to her.

   She was perplexed by it and she doesn't know what a carrier is. In her curiosity, she asked what was it.

   "What's a carrier mister?" She asked.

   Kael felt stupid. He said unnecessary things and it complicated things.

   "Um, it's the one who was carrying things and belongings of the party. A strong one that was carrying a heavy backpack." Kael said to her.

   "So my hunch was true then! You were strong! You defeated the spiders with just you alone!" She said to him.

  Kael felt awkward. He forgot that he just used the job class of a Ranger. He thought that he was just a combatant recently as he spoke to her.

   "We were close to our house mister! I can see our house from here!" She said to him.

   Kael focused on his goal. He was wary of an enemy ambush as they were nearing the village. The wind passed by and the leaves of the trees sounded as it was touched by its breeze. 

   "Here we are! The village was just a few steps away!" Kael said to her.

  They approached with caution. Looking out for an enemy ambush as they were getting nearer. Kael looked on his side and also on his back. He was pretty cautious even though he can manage. It was what has etched on his mind currently. It was the best attitude for that kind of situation and he was also confident that he can evade an attack due to he felt that the cooldown of his skills was finished. He was prepared for the worst but he was also calm and composed at that time. 

   [Hunter's vision]

   He steps on the leaves of the trees that fell and he can feel that no enemy was nearby. Even though the perimeter was clear, he was observed for several seconds before he exited the forest. He saw dead carcasses of spiders and it was littered on the ground. The place was silent except for a crying sound that was heard inside the house. 

   "It was safe now. Go to your parents and lock the doors okay!" Kael said to her gently.

   She went running towards their door and called out her parents.

  "Dad! Mom! I'm here!" She shouted outside the door.

   The door was opened and the parents were deeply happy when they saw their child. The kid then said that she was saved by the adventurer.

   "Dad I am saved by the carrier adventurer! He was strong and can defeat enemies using his skills and he was helped by animals!" Evangeline said to them.

   They looked outside to see whether the adventurer was still outside to thank him. But they were dismayed by the fact that he has already left. They closed the door as they saw the dead bodies of the spiders. The door was shut and it was locked. It was then the couple went to their bed. Still watching out for the enemies that attacked them. They still were on-edge on what has recently happened. But still, they were deeply happy that their child has returned alive and it was what they only wished at that time. Contented on her return and they felt indebted to the one who saved her. They went to bed and were hugging their daughter as they waited for the chaos to calm down. 

  Kael was running and has left them. He was hurrying to find Kelvin. He was happy that time that he has unlocked his Ranger job-class. He was wondering if he will use it openly or hide it in the meantime. He didn't want to use it openly but he was also bothered by the fact that if others were in danger, he will have to use it whether he like or not. Just to save them, he has to do it openly. But he thought that he was strong enough with just his enchanter's skills. It was a noncombat class but due to Kael's casting speed and mana control, he can use it while in combat. He has mastered it that he can cast it instantly. Other enchanters were enchanting a certain weapon in minutes but in Kael's case, he can enchant the weapon in just a second. Nevermind the time, he also reduced his mana consumption to the lowest. Just like enchanting it on a whim. With it on his mind, he thought that he will only use his job-class in the academy where he will train each of them and also when it was in the solitary place. In the worst-case scenario, he will use it but only in life-threatening situations.

   With it concluded, he will only use his enchantments in the meantime. But still, he was open to the thought that he will train his other job-classes. It will level up when used frequently so he will use it on a secret. It will be a problem of how but it was not a major problem. He has all the time to do so if he wanted. 

  He was running towards the town square. On his way, he saw that the spiders were combatted by his colleagues. The adventurers were killing their enemies. It was what Kael saw and he thought of helping them. Approaching fast speed, he was seen by other spiders who were also going towards the adventurers. Seeing him running towards their target. They were running on the rooftops and saw their target. It was Kael who was also heading towards the other adventurers.

   Kael was running towards them but he heard a loud shriek from his back. His hairs went up as he heard them. He looked back and then saw spiders were jumping from roof to roofs. He was perplexed but not panicking, he draws his sword on his back and prepared for their assault. He held his sword in its flat form on its side and as the enemy jumped at him, he swatted it like a fly. Battered it like a baseball bat and the spider went flying back to where it jumped. He saw them be jumping at him simultaneously so he planted his feet on the ground. He prepared to swat them while holding the hilt of the sword firmly. He saw them heading at him and slapped them with his sword. 

  They went flying again and they were landing on the ground splattering upon their impact. He swatted left and right with his sword and they were all blown by the sheer force. He then saw them be thinking twice before going back to him.

    He then went on towards his colleagues. He went running at them and the other spiders were alarmed by his presence. The spiders turned around towards him and they all attacked him. 

   The adventurers felt alarmed and thus Frank shouted at them.

   "Hey! Where are you all going?! Kael will be in danger! Help him!" Frank shouted at them.

   Kael on the contrary was calm. He grinned like a grim reaper. Smiling at the enemies. He rotated and slashed anything that was coming at him like there's no tomorrow. The enemies were either slashed into half of being crippled by his sword. Frank who was dashing towards him saw it and he who was running slowed down and then watched Kael. He was astonished by his prowess.

   "What kind of combatant is that?" Frank said in a stupor. 

    "That was Kael! The one and only Kael!" Kelvin shouted at them.


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