Lumia: Other World
134 Night patrol part 5
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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134 Night patrol part 5

Kelvin saw the enemies were getting numerous. He was breathing deeply as he regains air and stamina. The spiders were climbing the walls and the others were on the roofs. The others were approaching him. Their teeth were rubbing each other and it sounded as they approach them. Having been surrounded didn't even make Kelvin scared of them. He has the armor of Kael and it was enough to protect him. 

   Kelvin observed them as they approached. Waiting for them to attack first. He was holding his sword with his two hands and exhaled deeply. He was standing still as he held his sword. His face was trickled by his sweat. His exhaling made his face to be hot as steamy air was let out from his breath. Making his helm to be sweaty as he breathed into it. He calmed himself to regain enough stamina before the fight begins. Having enough amount of stamina before the enemies will attack him was an important factor for him to win the fight. This will be a battle of endurance if he wants to win. 

   Several seconds have passed and his stamina was slowly increasing. He can feel that his fatigue was slowly fading. Even though the enemies were not attacking him, they were only getting numerous. He was killing the time and was gaining enough time to recuperate. Time was his only problem but it was also his enemy. As time goes by, the enemies will be getting numerous. It will be harder to kill them.

   He was alarmed by it but can not help but to wait. Wait for his stamina to recuperate. He stands there firmly while holding his sword. He was observing the enemies and then one spider initiated the attack. It jumped at him from the back. Knowing where the enemy was, he slashed it with a horizontal swing. Cutting it into the half with a swing that was wide in an arc. The others were alarmed and thus they made their move. They attacked in unison while jumping at him. Kelvin focused himself on the fight. In a matter of a second, the enemies that jumped at him were ten in numbers. Three were in his front, two on both sides, and three were on the rooftop of the nearby building. He first prepared on the enemies on the front. He gripped his sword and made a diagonal slash in the three in the front. 


   The two on both sides were going for him at his blind spot but he slashed them with a rotating slash from his left to right. The enemies were immediately killed. After it, the spiders on the roof jumped at the air towards him. He slashed the first one to reach him with a right diagonal slash and the second one to reach him was slashed with a left diagonal slash. All were killed immediately as their carcass went limp as it reached the ground. Being slashed in half with their eyes open. The last to reach him was still flying in the air. Kelvin prepared his sword as he held it with his two hands. Putting it on where the enemy's direction was opposite to it. He prepared for the enemy to approach him. And then he stabbed it with his sword after the enemy reached him. Lifting it then slammed it towards his back as he turned around. 

   "Haaaaaa!!!" Kelvin shouted as he slammed the skewered spider. 

   The enemies were still not reduced to half. It was still the start. The other spiders were aiming for him and it will be a bloody fight. They were coming at him with great numbers. He prepared himself to be paraded with rushing enemies. He was attacked in all directions. Despite it all, he stayed calm and slashed anything that he can see. He stabbed some and throws them sideways. It crashed into the other spiders as he threw them. The others were landing hits with their legs on his armor. With a stabbing action of their legs as they attacked. Kelvin's armor was not pierced but it was battered by their attacks. Making him flinched a bit from their rapid attacks. 

  He was annoyed by it so he slashed their incoming legs. 

   Swish! Swish! Swish!

  They shrieked as their legs were cut. Goo went out from their wounds and he attacked them. Slashing them to half who's legs were cut. Making them end their agony as the mercy killed them. It was utter chaos as he butchered them. His sword was enchanted with an enchantment called [Enchant: Sharpness]. It was the same enchantment from Kael's sword where he fought the snakes.

   He slashed them with speed. In split second, he slashed two enemies who were jumping at him. He managed to defeat them in split seconds. Even though he was fast enough, he was surrounded by spiders in all directions. Attacking enemies on the front made him open for attacks at the back. He was attacking with speed to counter them. Managing to fend off two, he was assaulted again in the back. Making him be in a difficult situation. 


   He swings his sword with power behind it. In the process of being in the range of his strike, they were slashed without difficulty. He attacks aggressively to change the tides of battle. He partially evaded some of their attacks but he was still hit by some of them. He moves forward as he strikes them. He slew orcs in the past and it was when he was blessed by the Angel. It was not the same but he felt a very nostalgic feeling. He attacks faster as they can't defend his attacks. It was the only offense that they know so Kelvin attacked them mercilessly. 

   The tides of battle shifted to Kelvin. He was slashing them with a rapidly rising slash on his left and right. Fending off their attacks and killing them at the same time. He continued his onslaught and slashed them with fierceness. Some who jumped at him were fended off. The enemies all jumped at him and he was piled up with them. Kelvin felt their heavy bodies but he rotated himself. Having the strength to do so was surprised by the spiders that he was able to move his body despite their heaviness. 

   He rotated while slashing them. It was not able to hinder his movements in the slightest bit. 

  "Haaaaaa!!!" Kelvin shouted as he sliced them off. 

   The enemies were either thrown from his force or slashed by his sword.

  Bang! Bang! Bang!

  Others crashed to the ground and others flew to the houses. They were all perplexed by his strength. He was able to destroy their piled bodies as their last resort and final trump card. He saw them coming again towards him and Kelvin was amazed by their tenacious selves. They attacked again and they surrounded him again. Their will to fight didn't end there and they were back again to fight.   He was getting annoyed by them. He once again attacked them aggressively. He saw the other spiders were attacking his feet. Grabbing his feet and then pulled it to make his balance off. He slammed his body to the ground and he has piled again with them.

   "There they go again. Piling up their bodies to me." Kelvin said to himself.

   They went to their last resort and they piled up on top of him. Kelvin was struggling as he can only lift them but he can't move them aside. He can only see darkness and hear their shrieking sounds. His breathing became hoarse as the air was getting thinner. With his struggling, he heard a banging sound.



  The spiders were roasted by the fire. Kelvin felt the heat but his armor has fire resistance on it. The spiders fled from the attacker and Kelvin has been set free. He emerged from the fire unscathed and walks towards them.

  "Kelvin! You survived!" Anna shouted at him.

  Kelvin walked closer towards them and they were cheering. It was the other adventurers who were fighting alongside him. Frank hugged him and tapped his shoulders. 

  "You did great kid! Now you leave this to us! Watch how we fight these pesky pests!" Frank said to him.

   "Now form yourselves! Kelvin! Protect the mage and the priest. Warrior, Knight! In front of me! Ranger, Fighter, and Rogue! Do what you do best! Swordsman! Protect the back!" Frank instructed them.

   They formed themselves and went to their positions. Kelvin will see how they act as a group. He will observe them in the meantime on how effective they were. A team with complete combat job-classes. His hairs went standing up and he felt excited. He was in front of the mage and priest. Protecting them was his mission. A task bestowed to him by their leader. A charismatic leader but he was the underestimating type who look down on the weak. He will prove his worth by showing what he can do. Surprising all of them will be one key but he refreshed his thoughts. He focused his thoughts on the upcoming battle as he heard the enemies coming.


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