Lumia: Other World
133 Night patrol part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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133 Night patrol part 4

Kael was running towards where the girl was. Having been left was very hearth aching to his part. He was left by the girl he saved. Knowing this, he nearly panicked and went to find her. He used his skill to locate her. The skill was the very first skill he used up recently.

   [Hunter's vision]

   He saw the heat of the girl far from him. The vision he has was like night vision. He detected her to be running away from him. He dashed towards her as he saw that she was surrounded by the spiders. They were gathering to chase her and Kael felt alarmed when he saw enemies were coming for her. 

  [Forest blessings]

  He was blessed by the forest and his stats were boosted partially by the forest as long as he was in the forest. His speed was now doubled as his other passive skill has activated.

   [Forest adaptation mastery]

   His maneuvers in the forest became more fluid. His skill was helping him to be in tune with the forest. 

   [Hunter's instict]

  He used his skill and he felt that his sixth sense was telling him to hurry up. He felt imminent danger was coming. Having felt it, he hurried with his movements. Running with all he can and dashing with all his might. He can hear his deep long breath and his footsteps while running. He saw that she was getting nearer as time goes by. He passed by the large trees and he was seeing her heat from afar. He was stepping on the leaves of the trees and it was sounding as he steps. 

  The girl was hiding on the root of the tree. Her heart was racing as she was breathing in and out to calm herself. She can hear the battle of her savior to be commencing. She hides with her cloak and she felt safe to be hiding on the roots. She can feel that a spell was cast on her and she felt that it was protecting her to be invisible. She saw spiders to be roaming around her and was holding her breath. Being in the process of hiding was helping herself to be calming and her heartbeat was slowing down. She can feel that the spell was hindering the monsters to be able to detect her. As time goes on, she was observing the spiders to be roaming in the forest. Some were going to the village and some were going to his savior's direction.

  She was watching them and felt that the spell was fading. She thought that the spell was not lasting forever. Having discovered it, she felt it to be alarming. She saw that the spiders were getting nearer and nearer. Her heart raced once again and her breathing was becoming frantic.

  A spider looked in her direction. Its eyes glowed as it looked at her. Staring at her for a second and she also stared at it. Having been looking at each other. She stopped breathing and her heart skipped a beat. Her sweat trickled her cheeks and it flows towards her chin. She stared at it and at the same time it also stared back at her. The spider hesitated if it was prey or not. It was not there a while ago and then she appeared without it noticing. She gulped her saliva and has accepted her fate.

   In split seconds, it ran towards her and then jumped to her face. Her heart skipped a beat but she managed to evade its attack. She dashed towards her savior but it was blocked by many more spiders. She saw him be fighting the other spiders and she froze on the spot. 

   "Help me." She said but it was muffled. 

  She used her strength to shout but she has no strength to speak after she saw that he was battling the enemies. She thought that she will only be a blunder on him when she will approach him. Making him protect her will make him disadvantaged in the battle. 

  Not knowing what to do, she ran towards the direction of her home. She disposed of her thoughts of going towards the adventurer that saved her. Running towards where her parents were.

   The girl was running with a cloak on her body. She was desperately running away from the spiders that were chasing her. She pants as she was running out of the air as she ran. Having been chased was very horrible for her and she was getting desperate as she was running out of air. Even though she was desperately clinging on to her poor life, she was not letting go even though it was only a needle that she was holding on to.

   She was running as she heard the shrieking of the spiders from her back. Both of her sides were also making noise that was creeping her out.

   Shriek!!! Shriek!!!

  They were getting louder and louder as time goes by. She was horrified enough when she was dragged away from her parents. But still more horrified by more spiders. She thought that if she was eaten alive then it was better to be dragged and be eaten later. It was pretty much the same ending but she thought that it will be better than to be eaten alive later than sooner.

   She ran without looking back. Clenching on her savior's cloak as she ran. Tears were flowing from her cheeks. Sobbing and crying while running.

   "Mom! Dad!" She shouted with her little voice.

   This time she has summoned the strength and shouted. She felt that it was her last time calling out her parents so she called out them. She let out her last cry and then she stumbled on one of the roots of the tree. 


  Her body slammed to the leaves on the ground. She sobbed as she was getting up. She then saw that she was surrounded by the spiders. She felt dread as she lifted her head and accepted her fate. Her will to live was extinguished and she accepted her fate. 

  The spider jumped at her and her legs were still aching due to her tripping. She tried to move but she failed to do so. Her body felt cold after she realized that her body was not moving. She saw the spider be jumping at her and can only close her teary eyes. Accepting her fate to what will happen next.

  [Dagger strike]


  She opened her eyes and saw that she was watching the spider to be stabbed. She lifted her eyes and saw her savior once again. Watching him while he was lifting the spider and she was watching his back. He has clothes and was wearing leather armor. Having a big sword on his back.

  She wiped her tears and she felt relieved. 

   "It's okay now. I am here." Kael said to her.

   Kael throws the body of the spider and then cast a skill at her.


  She disappeared in their presence after he used the skill. The spiders were perplexed and they immediately attacked Kael. 

  Kael saw them but he was left unfazed. He breathed long and deep while closing his eyes. He opened it and then cast another spell.

  [Forest adversary]

   It was a skill that was acting as a debuff to the enemies. With his skill being used, the enemies felt alarmed. They felt great worry and depressed when they were cast with the skill. The forest went quiet and it became loud as the animals made a stampede. All animals within the perimeter came and attacked them. A bear came and mauled at the spiders. The crows attacked them as they peck their eyes. Wolves were on their pack and attacked the spiders. They bite off the legs of the spiders. The birds were also helping to distract the spiders. 

   The girl saw it and she was amazed while looking at them. She saw him as a hero, she imagined him to be wearing a cape on his back while looking at him. They were in chaos and there was a battlefield all over the place. The bear was swiping its paws at the spiders. The spiders were stepping back a bit to its attacks. The wolves then assisted the bear and bite off the spider who stepped back. 

  Kael was amazed by his skill. It was his first time too to look at how majestic it was. He smiled at the fact that it was only a level four ranger and he was not expecting it to be that strong. He joined the fray and attacked others who were escaping. He eliminated the other ones who were trying to escape. Running and stabbing them with his dagger. 

  [Dagger strike]

   He stabbed the enemy and the other animals were helping him. All the enemies were eliminated and the animals left. His skill expires and then they left without making any other interactions to Kael. It was utter chaos that was on the battlefield with dead bodies of arachnids. 

  "It was okay now! We will go to your family." Kael said to her.

   She was shy and then he grabbed her hands. He carried her in his arms and went to the village. 

  "Do you want to see your parents?" Kael asked her.

   "Yes!" She replied then she went in tears. 


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