Lumia: Other World
132 Night patrol part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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132 Night patrol part 3

Kelvin was in the village. Looking out to the two couple who was defenseless. While having the advantage of the weapons, he was disadvantaged with the numbers. He thought that he can survive this predicament alone but he has to protect the couples with all his might. Having been in a pinch, he thought of a way for them to be unscathed and at the same time, he can fight without worry and without being handicapped. He was struck with a bright idea and he shouted at them.

  "Hide inside your home now! Lock your doors and windows! Now go!" Kelvin exclaimed with all his might.

   They immediately followed his instructions. They hastily ran inside and lock the door. Kael was left alone and he was surrounded by the spiders. He grinned at the fact that he can slay them all out without worries. He gripped his sword and prepared for a fight. 

   "Let's see what you can do and how strong you are! Come!" Kelvin shouted.

   They hesitated a bit at first but they suddenly attacked. Kael held his sword and swings it in a wide arc horizontally. The three spiders were immediately sliced with his sword.


  "Damn! This sword is not a joke! It was sharper than it looks!" Kelvin shouted in excitement.

  His elusive self vanished and he went all out. Having enchanted armor and swords made his reserved self to be unleashed. He launched his attacks towards them. Five spiders jumped at him and Kael saw them coming. He gripped again his sword and then slashed them. Rotating his body three times as they attacked him. 


   They were sliced like butter. Goo and their blood splattered in split second. The others were perplexed by it and they can not help but think twice before attacking him. They have seen a monster that annihilated their kind. They saw him be stronger than they imagined him to be. They underestimated him even though he was only solo. One of them shrieked and they immediately fired up. Their lost courage was once again lit. Having one of them encouraged them made them different a second ago.


  They all shrieked at Kelvin. They all intimidated him and to make him lose his courage. They thought that he will cower at them when intimidated. Their voice chorused in the night and it was all heard by the citizens. Kelvin, on the contrary, was waiting for them to finish. They were still shrieking for several seconds and was not planning on stopping. Kelvin got bored and attacked when it was when they were least prepared. 

   He dashed with all his might and held his sword vertical to his head. In just a flash, he appeared to one of the spiders and slashed it in half. Green goo went splattering to its brethren and he didn't waste even a split second. He dashed to the other ones and rotated. Lifting his sword and slashed another one diagonally. It was killed immediately and then he approached another one. He was very agile even though he was carrying full plated armor. He was light as a feather as he moved. Having no restraints on his movements was very satisfying on his part. No enemies will make him had a hard time killing. 

  He dashed and then went towards the others. He slashed them with a burst of movements. The spider jumped on his back and bite off his helm.


  It made a sound as he was bitten. Despite the effort of the spider, it didn't even make his armor to be pierced through. Neither a scratch was made on his helm. Kelvin felt annoyed by the spider that was on his back. The spider also felt that he was in great danger. It jumped backward but Kelvin was fast enough to slice it in half. Only a dead body was thrown to the ground as it jumped away from him. Kelvin then dashed to the others. Making slashes to the ones he has passed through. He saw that the enemy numbers were getting numerous. They were beyond his fingers can count. 

  They were all over the place. Some were on the houses, some were on the top of the roofs. Some were also on the road and others were on the walls. Kelvin slashed anything that pounces at him. The spiders were all over the place. Kelvin then observed and saw from afar the other adventurers who were fighting them off. He thought that they will be alright as they were adventurers. He was worried about them but it will be his self first to worry. He was also worrying about Kael but he was confident that he will be okay.

   He was running and he was chased by the spiders. Others were jumping at him and he was evading them while he can. Some were sliced off by his sword. He dashed towards the open and plans to fight them there. With the floating lantern on his head, he can see the enemies. 

  "With my light, they will have a hard time approaching me. I will be having a great time leveling up with this." Kelvin said to himself.

  "Come at me if you can!" Kael shouted.

  He held his sword with all his might and prepared for another round of the fight. He breathed long and deep to calm himself.

   Without taking a long time, he was assaulted with numerous enemies. He was bashed left and right by their bodies. Kelvin can't help but coughed a bit.

  "They were too many! I need to get serious right now." Kelvin said to himself.

  Bang! Bang! Bang!

  He was bashed by them. Some were biting his armor but it was not making any effect. He was being piled up by the enemies. He swatted the ones who were flying at him by his sword and the others were bashed by his arms. Flicking them sideways while they were piling at him. He slashed them while rotating his body and it made them blown by his sheer force. 

     He was the target of many enemies and it was thanks to his armor that he was not getting any damage so far. But even though he has armor, he was constantly battered by bashing damage. Heavy armors were weak to bashing damage and light armor was weak to slashing and piercing damage. He was enduring the constant damage that was put to him. Thanks to the armor's enchantments, he was constantly regenerating without problems. He was getting annoyed by them so he gritted his teeth and used all his force to fend them off. He was attacked on the back and he slashed it. Others were heavy enough to be colliding their body with him.

    He breakthrough to their encirclement and he was drenched on goo. The spiders who piled at him jumped again towards his direction. He stopped running and saw that numerous enemies were in mid-air and was jumping towards him. He gripped his sword and then battered anyone who was going to pounce at him. 

    "Come! Come! Come! Bloody bastards!" Kelvin shouted.

   "Haaaaaaa!!!" He was screaming while he was waiting for them to arrive.

   Swish! Swish! Swish!

  He slashed anything that comes towards him. Putting all his strength to his slashes while doing it rapidly. He slashed one enemy and its halved body was thrown to his back. The same to the next spider he slashed. He stands his ground and the enemy perished on his blade. He never failed to slash anything that comes towards him but his stamina regeneration can not keep up with his output. One slammed its body and he stopped its momentum. His feet were moved a bit but he stopped it. The spider was wriggling on his arms thus he stabbed it with his sword. Making it lifeless on his arms.

   The other spiders were also coming at him. He was slicing it off with his sword and was almost running dry on stamina. Other spiders jumped at him and it collided with his armor. 


  He was thrown a bit due to the heavyweight it has. Kelvin was thrown to the ground and he was assaulted by its face while he was underneath it. Kelvin was panting but he was pushing its face away from him. He pulled his dagger and stabbed it right into its eyes. Stabbing it three times and it shrieked to the pain until its life has left it. He throws it away and grabbed his sword that was thrown a bit when he was attacked. He stands up and then saw that the enemies were not diminishing but was getting numerous. 

    "I have to survive this if I want to be worthy of being Kael's partner. Even though I am weak now, I should get stronger faster. I have to be strong to be able to avenge my mother's death and to punish the fallen who killed her. These enemies will be my experience points and my level will rise as this onslaught will go further. I gotta last that long to be able to level up fast." Kael said as he gasped air.


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