Lumia: Other World
131 Night patrol part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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131 Night patrol part 2

"I might check how my system works. I might try this if it will work." Kael said as he ran.

   "System! Equip Ranger job-class!" Kael said to the system.

  [Ranger job class equipped]

  [Level 4 Ranger available]

   Kael can't help but be amazed. All his hunch became true and it was what he needs currently. After he has achieved great success, he immediately tested it out. His excitement for testing out his job-class was unquenchable. Having been able to equip one was only the start and it was also the reason that his heart raced. He was never been so excited before. All he could do was smile as he ran to the forest. Thinking about his new skills, he can not stop his heart to throb. His pulse became intense and he can't stop his excitement. He was like a child that has found a new toy to play with.

  Having all his excitement, he was eager to know what skills he has gained. He checked his skills to confirm it and his heart skipped a beat. 

   "Status! Job-class section!" He asked the system. 

   [Job Class Level 4 Ranger]


 A. Area of effect: Trap assembly

 B. Blink: Flash step

 C. Mastery: Dagger mastery, Bow mastery, Light armor mastery, Dexterity mastery, Forest adaptation mastery, Marksmanship mastery. 

 D. Buff: Hunter's instinct, Hunter's vision, Forest blessing, Hide.

 E. Debuff: Forest adversary

 F. Burst: Dagger strike, Rapid arrow shots, Snipe.


  He was amazed at the skills. He was looking at it and was amazed despite it was still level four. He used the most immediate and needed for the current situation.

   [Hunter's vision]

   He immediately saw the spider from afar. All life force within the forest were glowing red. He saw birds from the trees, the deers from afar. The wolves that were hiding in their lair. He even saw the ants and insects from the dark. His vision was clear and he was like looking from night vision goggles. He saw that the girl was dragged by the spider. The girl was fighting off so it made the spider have a little bit of difficulty to drag her.

   [Hunter's instinct]

   He immediately knows an immediate danger from his instinct. It was more like a refined hunch from his perspective. 

  He can not use dagger skills if he did not have one. Luckily, he has his twin daggers on his back. Bow skills too will not be available for his disposal because he hasn't been holding one in the meantime. 

   He felt that he can take on any enemy in the meantime. He equipped his daggers and put his sword shield on his back. It reminded him of his dagger techniques in the past and incorporated his learning to the upcoming battle. Having been released of his potential felt a great difference compared to the past. He held his dagger and still looking at the enemy.

  Far from him, he saw that the spider was accompanied by the other two of its comrade. He used all his strength to approach his enemy. Having a job class made his heart joyful beyond compare to the past. It was a feeling of happiness that was very soothing to his jealousy of the other adventurers. He ran with speed on the forest floor. His skill [Forest adaptation mastery] has activated without him noticing. He tackled the obstacles with ease and ran like a fish in the water. He evaded the outgrown roots and was jumping from tree trunk to tree trunk in between. 

   Kael didn't make the mistake of choosing the Ranger class. He has the advantage when it comes to the forest and has the greatest upper hand when it comes to the forest. With his skills on hand, he will be the greatest hunter when it comes to the forest. 

   Kael didn't mind his presence and saw the spider be dragging the child. The girl was crying and was shouting as she was dragged. Kael can not help to waste any second and to sneak attack the enemy. He chose a frontal assault on the enemy. Without further ado, he jumped at the enemy. The spider then evaded his attack and has let go of its hold on the child. Kael then saw her crying and sobbing. 

  "Hey, kid! Are you okay?" Kael asked her.

   She was only sobbing and hicking. No replies were made for him. Kael felt alarmed, he thought that the girl was traumatized and accepted her fate to die. Kael then gave her a health potion. She gulped it and her wounds on her legs and arms were healed. She was still hicking and her hands were shaking. Kael didn't know how to console her to relax thus he hugged her. 

  "It's going to be okay. I will protect you." Kael said to her as he saw the spiders be getting numerous.

  He saw that they were surrounded by them. He counted them off and they were more than his fingers can count. They were more than ten. The spider called off its brethren and they surrounded them with great numbers. Shrieking and growling at the two of them. Kael felt alarmed and he didn't know what to do. He needs to secure the kid's safety first. He was being handicapped by the fact that he needs to protect her. He needs to attack the enemies and protect her at the same time.

   He was struck with an idea in his mind. He grabbed her and he gave her the cloak that he has. They ran and he activated the skill that boosts his stats as long as he was in the forest.

  [Forest blessing]

  He dashed further from the enemies and used his skill to her. A skill that will make her invisible as long as she won't move. They successfully outrun the enemies and then hides in one of the large trees. Big enough to hide her with its big roots. 


   "Stay here and I will come back," Kael instructed her.

   He then looked back and then appeared at the enemies. 

   "Come here! I will fight you all if you want!" Kael shouted at them. 

   The enemies felt unfazed by his shout. They were only laughing inside and was laughing in their language. They saw him with no company and thus they felt that they will be killing him with their numbers. They approached him to step by step and closer as the second pass by. 

   Kael reverse gripped his daggers. He was crouching like he was ready to go anytime. He saw that the enemies were getting nearer and nearer. The spiders initiated the attack and in split second, three jumped at him. Kael saw it and he was surprised by their agility. They were fast on their movement speed even in their attack speed. Kael was baffled by it so he made a contingency plan for their attack. While they were in mid-air. Kael used his blink skill [Flash step]. Getting out from their attack range. 

  In just a split second, he felt the power from his feet to surge and he evaded their attack.

  "Whoa! So this is it? The feeling of using a skill! I felt that some of my mana was consumed a bit but it was satisfying!" Kael said in his surprise.

   He saw that they were also surprised by his sudden movement. They were perplexed but yet unfazed. They launched their second attack on him and jumped. Kael sidesteps a bit and he evaded their assault. He then used his skill [Dagger strike]. Launching his self to the enemy then trusting his daggers towards his target. He succeeded in his stab and the enemy was killed by it. He felt that the spider went limp as he drives through his dagger.    "Eleven spiders were left," Kael said as he turned at them.

   His skill [Flash step] and [Dagger strike] went to cooldown. He felt that it was unusable for the moment. His [Forest blessing] also fades its effects and went to cool down. He can only rely on his pure combat prowess which was his dagger techniques. 

   He launched his attack towards them and then went on a rampage. The spider launched its jumping attack to him but instead of evading, he stiffened his body and collided with it. He stabbed it then twisted his dagger. He then throws it towards his side and the others were stupified by it. They were enraged and then attack him altogether. Kael ducked and rolled over towards the side thus evaded their strike. He then dashed towards them when they collided with each other. Having the opportunity can only come once or twice in a battle so he grabbed the opportunity to attack them while they were still confused. 

   He dashed after he rolled over then stabbed one of them. They regained their composure and resumed attacking. He killed yet another one and they were now only ten. They surrounded him again and attacked in succession after one another. Kael stabbed each one of them that attacked him without fail while fending them off. They were left limping on the ground as Kael whips his daggers. 

    He went find the girl who he left and when he went back to where she was hidden, she was nowhere to be seen.

  "Damn! I didn't think she would left!" Kael cursed.

   Kael nearly collapsed as he felt betrayed. His efforts to save her will be for naught if she will be found dead. While accepting the reality, Kael's heart raced and was full of worry. He used again his skill to locate her.

  [Hunter's vision]

  He saw her running towards the village to where Kelvin was.

   "Damn! She can't wait for me?" Kael nearly shouted in annoyance. 


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