Lumia: Other World
130 Night patrol
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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130 Night patrol

"Let's go!" Kael said to Kelvin.

  They went to walk in the street of the village. Having a light to brighten the way, they walk steadfastly. The village was silent in the night and the moon appeared as the clouds unblock its radiance. Howls of dogs were heard as they step on the pathway. The houses were small, just enough for their family to dwell. Houses are made of wood and have small fences in their yard to keep monsters at bay. Whether they like it or not, it was what they can only afford. They were not impoverished but still, they were lacking.

   The night breeze was cold and the crickets started to sing their melodious song. They heard it and the night felt calmer. They walked for minutes as they observed the village. It was carefully laid out. A street was leading towards the town square and there were houses beside the road. It was straight up until the hill towards the house of their lord's manor. Torches were lit along the path and it goes straight towards the hill. Making lights along the path. The clouds were moving in the skies slowly and were seen as the moon was shining upon them. Crows cawed as they flew in the distance. Kael heard it and it was a bad omen. 

  "Kael, this village was creepy. We were walking for minutes now but it was eerily quiet. It seems that the villagers were awake but they were waiting for something. I can see others who were closing their windows as they peeked at us. They were watching us!" Kelvin said to Kael.

  "Maybe they were nervous about the spiders that were attacking at night. Let's check it out if it was true or not." Kael said to him.

   "Yeah! Maybe they were quite relieved a bit because we were roaming around. Shall we shout all is well at them so they will get to sleep?" Kelvin said to him.

   "Nah, it was better to be silent for now. We don't know if we will attract unwanted attention." Kael said to him calmly.

  "I don't know how big these spiders were but I have read that they were as big as horses. The babies were as big as wolves and the mothers were big enough to be as tall as a small house! They were weak to fire damage if they were frost spiders. They were also afraid of light and most damages except poison damages." Kelvin said to Kael.

  "Yeah, I have studied them too in the past. But they were agile and fast. They will be tricky to kill because they were a cunning race. They were a hunter species. Most of them can jump on high buildings and can sprint silently. They were fast that's why they were dangerous." Kael added what he knows. 

   "If they were leaving their lair to hunt as far as here. Then I can worry about the villagers. I can assume that they were driven by hunger if that's the case. Becoming food for them will be a tragic death. They will wrap you with their web then inject you with their poison. Your insides will be digested and will become food juice for them. You will feel the pain while your insides were turned to juice. Enough for you to be limp like jelly." Kael said to him.

   "That's very knowledgeable of you! You have studied them deeper than I thought!" Kelvin added. 

   "I have studied them but not that deep. Their poison sac can be used as a poison ingredient or a weapon coating. They have that purpose." Kael added.

   "Hmmm, come to think of it. The mercenary said to us that in the past months they began becoming active and attacking villagers. There is a possibility that they became aggressive because of Fallens. Or just plain reasons like hunger. But still, in the past decades, it didn't happen. Was it just plain hunger that drives them to attack here?" Kelvin asked him.

   "I don't know but I have investigated the Kobolds in the past and they became intelligent. They were manufacturing their weapons and it was what happened in the Hentana cave. I don't know what happens in the other parts of Lumia but I hypothesize that it was caused by Fallens. There were also dungeon gates that were appearing on some parts of the Lumia. It will be challenging to eradicate them all but I know that the kingdoms were moving to make plans for that problem." Kael explained to him. 

   "So we will be putting that burden to the kingdom?" Kelvin asked.

  Kael was baffled by his question. He smiled and answered him. 

   "What do you think adventuring is my friend? We were working and get paid by helping the menial tasks that the kingdom has to offer. We are adventuring at the same time getting stronger. We were no help to the adults right now but you see, we are getting stronger day by day. We are the system holders, right? We are gifted! But don't get it on your mind. We are still weak right now! Your system was for job-class growth, right? As long as you train your job-class, you will be boosted and your job-class level will rise further than the rest of the system holders!" Kael explained to him.

  "Wait how did you know all this?" Kelvin asked him curiously.

   "It's because of my system. I asked about the other system holders." Kael explained.

  "Oh! So that's how you did it! Then what's yours?" Kelvin asked.

   Kael smiled and he answered.

   "The Imitator system!" Kael said to him.

   "You have what?" Kelvin almost shouted.

   "Yeah! And I can imitate your job class. I don't know if it was restricted to only job class but maybe I still don't know everything right now. We should get stronger when we became academy students. Right?" Kael said to him.

   "Yeah let's get stronger!" Kelvin said to him.

   "Yeah!" Kael said to him.

   Kael offered his fist and Kelvin replied with a fist bump. They continued their walk and then was happily talking. 

  They were having a great time while walking and has walked far enough to arrive in the middle of the village. It was when they suddenly heard a scream. Loud enough for them to hear it.


   A girl's voice was heard by both of them. Located just up ahead.

  "Kael! Let's investigate the voice! We need to hurry!" Kelvin blurted out as he dashed.

  "I know I know!" Kael replied to him.

   They both dashed to where the voice was coming from and they drew their swords. Both of them went to where the voice was coming from. Dashing with all their strength to save the ones who screamed. Just ahead, they saw a house and the couples were hugging each other. The man was hugging his wife and they were crying. Kael and Kelvin went to approach them while running. The floating lantern has brightened up the darkness and they were immediately seen. Both of them went running and was seen by the couple. The man approached them and was sobbing. He immediately kneeled at the two of them. They were seen but only they were not clearly distinguished as young ones. Their shadows were seen as adult adventurers and their faces were dark due to the floating light was behind them.

   "Help! Please! Please! Save my daughter! She was taken by a spider! She must be saved! The spider left just seconds ago! Please save her! I am crippled and I can only hold her hands as she was dragged! Please!" The man said to the two of them. 

   "Rest assured sir! Where did they leave? Can you point to me where?" Kael asked him.

  The man pointed out where they left. Located at the northeast from where they were standing.

  "There! There! Please hurry and save her!" He said to him.

   The light was still lighting up the darkness and from the shadows appeared arachnids who were as big as dogs. They have multiple eyes who reflected the light from the floating lantern. The man shrieked as he saw them. Kael can not help to be annoyed. He considered them as blunders to what his goal was.

  "Kelvin please stay here and protect them. I should hurry up and get to know my enemies. I have a life to save." Kael said then dashed on his way.

  Kelvin held his sword and prepared for combat. He saw seven baby spiders and he was surrounded by them. 

   "Hurry Kael and save her! Damn these pesky arachnids!" Kelvin said while he holds his sword.

  Kael went to find the enemy kidnapper. He left his floating lantern to the village where Kelvin was fighting. It was not needed for him due to he discovered something.

  "I might check how my system works. I might try this if it will work." Kael said as he ran.

   "System! Equip Ranger job-class!" Kael said.

  [Ranger job class equipped]

  [Level 4 Ranger available]


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