Lumia: Other World
129 Geralt village
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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129 Geralt village

They continued traveling towards their destination. They were now approaching the Geralt village. They first saw the town square and the elder's house in the front. Many kids were playing outside their houses with sticks. Some were sparring with each other and others were playing hide and seek. On the town square, they have a small platform that will be the standing place for the ones who will make an announcement. They also have wells that were being their water supply. Some people were tanning the hides of the animals they have killed and the meat was for consumption. They exited the carriage and smelled the fresh air that they felt welcoming. They stepped on the ground and it was muddy. Their boots were soiled by the sticky clay and still, they continued. They were all stared at by the citizens and they were looking in amazement. Considering their fancy armors and looks. It was a feeling of a bit awkward and at the same time, was a feeling of uncomfort. 

  The onlooker's reactions were mixed. Others were amazed, the kids saw them as heroes, and the other adults saw them as green leaves. Kael was carrying his bag, the other citizens were seeing him as a pitiful slave of the adventurers. It was not a problem for Kael because he carries a weightless bag. He can't help but smile deeply. Both of them were getting some eyes looking at them. They went to a tavern and entered together. With their leader Frank, they marched inside the tavern.

   He went to the counter and asked the lady receptionist. She was young and was in her twenties. She was elegant with her black long hair that goes to her waist. She has brown commoner's clothes that were being covered with a white apron. She smiled at them and Frank throws a conversation at her.

   "Hello, miss! We would like to eat and drink! What's your meal this time?" He asked.

  She was baffled by the presence of the adventurers and thus replied.

  "Are you adventurers perhaps? We gladly welcome you all here. Our meal will be grilled chicken and mead! We will serve you all just a moment." She said to them.

   Frank and the others went to find a seat and secured two tables for them. Kael was just following them and Kelvin was just following Kael. They sat on the table located on the right side of the tavern. There were also drunkards on the left side of the tables and this they picked the right side. Never wanting to have a commotion and fistfight in the tavern so they avoided them. 

   They waited for several minutes and their food arrived. With the food still hot and steamy, they ate their portion. Frank tapped Kael's shoulders and talked. He was semi-drunk at the mead that they drank.

   "You know what Carrier! I didn't dislike any of the two of you. It's just a matter of fact that the weak have to be commanded by the strong. We can eat together without minding our ranks and roles here. It was our tradition that if we eat together, we treat each other members of the family. But if we were on the battlefield, you need to act your role. Right! Hahaha!" Frank said to them.

   "Come on Frank! We will find an inn sooner due to him being drunk! Now the two of you! Enjoy your meal and we will scout an inn." Said their knight, Anton. 

  They carried him and they went outside. The others finished eating and went on their way for the inn. The two of them also followed the drunk Frank and the others. Kael was lightheaded at that time so he went to find an inn. They saw what they were finding just a few meters from the tavern. A small inn that was only two floors and was made of wood. They entered and checked in. The room smelled roasted meat and they entered their rooms. They all went sleeping. Kael and Kelvin puts the bag on the floor and went to sleep. The room was small with two beds and just three meters wide. A small window on the front of the room between the two beds. The beds were made with wood and has a cushion of hay inside it. Having drunk a bit made them sleepy and it was the moment for sleeping. Time went by and the outside went dark. Stars were just in the sky, glittering and dancing up ahead. Kael woke up in the middle of the night and he also woke up Kelvin. 

  "Hey, Kelvin! I'm hungry! Let's eat in the tavern!" Kael said to him.

  Kelvin woke up but still half asleep. He moaned and get to sleep again.

   "Hey wake up! I need to eat!" Kael said as he shakes him again.

  "Wha? What!?" He shouted after he opened his eyes. Having been surprised by Kael's call, he immediately stands up and looked at him. 

  "Let's eat first then go back to sleep. My tummy is calling forth food and I have to do something about it." Kael said to him.

   "Okay okay! But let's get equipped first! I don't wanna go around here unarmed. It doesn't feel right." Kelvin said as he grabbed his sword. 

  Upon equipping, they smiled while getting dressed in their adventurer attire. Kael grabbed his sword shield and puts it on his back. The potion belt was worn and the weights were put on his arms and legs. Kelvin too put on his armor. He was ready to fight anytime with his equipment. They exited their room and went towards the tavern just a few steps away.

  The village was quiet at the night. With few barks of dogs in the surroundings and accompanied by their howls, it was very creepy for them. The villagers were in their homes at night. They were disciplined people and were not roaming around in the night. Few torches were present beside the road and it lighted the way with their radiance. They walked towards the tavern and entered the door. Upon their entrance, they were looked upon by the three people dressed up as a mercenary. They were bearded and one of them was bald. They have leather armor and swords on their waist. 

   "Hey were you adventurers? You have traveled far! What is your business here in our village? Let me guess! Monsters?" The bald one asked.

   "Um yes. We were investigating the spider lair miles from here. Can you tell me something about it?" Kael asked him.

   "Lads you're still young! I advise you to be careful. Recently, there were missing people that were reported from us and we were hired to guard the village. Up until you adventurers will be able to kill them all. Can I ask your numbers?" Ask the bald one.

  "We were eleven in numbers. A single one of each job class and two combatants. That two were us." Said Kael.

  Kelvin looked at Kael then nodded. The bald one nearly coughed his drink. 

   "You mean you will assault their lair with just the eleven of you? Well if you all have a job class then you can manage. And the two of you have no job class? What is your position then? Carriers?" He spouted at them.

  "Yes! And we can manage! But still, it made me curious about the lair. After hearing our numbers, you are still worried. Can you make my doubts clear?" Asked Kael. 

  "You were underestimating your enemies. They were roughly hundreds in numbers. Considering that they were weak but in their numbers, they will attack you by flooding you all. We were being attacked by several of them and we managed. It was their hunters. The kidnappers of the citizens. In the past, they were not behaving like that. But in this past month, they began abducting people. Many villagers were already lost. The numbers of the villagers here dwindled. As time goes by, the villagers were one by one dragged to their lair. They were active at night. In some cases, some attacked in broad daylight. We should be alert by now and patrol the village. Having a little talk with you was fun. We should go patrolling now." The bald one said.

   They left and Kael ordered food. The waiter went to them and served them goat milk and cheese. The roasted pork was served and she left. 

   "Let's eat first and join the mercenaries," Kael said to Kelvin.

  "I have slept a bit for the whole day so I have the energy to patrol for now," Kelvin said to Kael.

   They ate the food and drank the milk. They both burped and paid for the food. They exited the tavern and let out the floating lantern. It illuminated the darkness and far brighter than the torches. They went to the town square first and proceeded to their patrol.

  "Let's go!" Kael said to Kelvin.


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