Lumia: Other World
128 Onwards
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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128 Onwards

They woke up in the carriage in the middle of the road. Having slept for a while made them moan as they stretched their stiff body. Kael and Kelvin went outside to have stretching to alleviate their aching butts. Having been sitting for hours in there made their backs to ache. They were still in the foggy forest and many leaves and broken twigs were on the road. Kael guessed that it was from the wind that assaulted the forest. He can only saw a meter from his foot and it was the utter white fog that was covering the forest. He walks further to see the road but he was called by Kelvin. 

  "Kael! Don't walk further or you will be lost!" Kelvin shouted.

  Kael turned around but he can't see the carriage by the distance. Looking at his surroundings, he can only see white. He can feel that the fog was carrying cold wind as it touches his skin. He can hear that the fog was calling him.

  "Help me! Please help! Help! Help! Come to me!" The fog whispered to his ears.

  It was a kind voice and it was alluring to the ears. He felt tempted by the voice and was walking further. Step by step, he was walking towards the voice. He was captivated and walks towards it. Stepping on the leaves and twigs, he walks further towards it. Leaving the carriage that they were riding on.

  "Kael!" Kelvin shouted as he shakes him up.

  "What happened?" He asked.

  Kelvin held his arms and then pulled him towards the carriage.

  "The fog was bewitching anyone who answers her call. You will be lost if you will keep walking towards the forest. Luckily, I have resistance to mind attacks on my armor. You should think about enchanting yours too!" Kelvin said to him.

  "Whoa! That was close! I think I should enchant on my clothes." Kael said.

[Enchant: Resist Elements]

  "Okay done! I should just enchant anything to my clothes from now on." Kael said to himself. 

  They arrived at the carriage and the others looked at them. He was seen as careless because of what he has done. 

  "Hey, carrier! Better not go around and be lost or you will lose your status of a carrier. You should just stay close to us okay! You are quite dumb for an adventurer. Don't do that again." Frank said to him.

  "Okay! Let's go now, shall we? This place creeps me out!" Kael said to him.

  "Okay okay! We will resume our travel for now! Please check if you are all complete?" The coachman said to them.

  "We are complete! Let's go!" Said Frank.

   "Hiya!" The coachman whipped the horse. It continued to pull the carriage towards their destination. They went further towards the foggy road. Having been deceived by the fog was making Kael shaken. He didn't know what will happen if Kelvin was not there. He contemplated it for some time.

   "Hey, are you still thinking about it?" Kelvin asked him.

  "Yeah! But I am okay now." Kael replied to him relieved. 

   "I know that you will be okay even though you are all alone. But I just helped because we will leave at that time. I know you can survive it even though without me." Kelvin said to him.

   "You are mistaken, Kelvin. I needed a little shake at that time. Maybe I will think about putting my guard up at all times even though it was still not so dangerous at that time. You see, I needed you too sometimes." Kael said to him.

   "Hahaha! Just look at the two of you! You are all weak! You deserve to be cannon fodders if you are that weak! Hahaha! But don't worry! We will protect you, weaklings!" Said Frank to them.

  Kael looked at him with dead eyes then he looked at Kelvin. Kelvin nodded in response to him. They then whistled to him.

  "Hey! Are you kidding me? You wanna get kicked in the face thrash!" Said Frank to them. 

  Kelvin heard it and stopped whistling. He responded to his words.

   "Nah, I advise you to refrain from such actions. We don't want to beat each other while we don't finish the mission. You see, we have to be in the best conditions while we were fighting the spiders. Creating a discord now will make our teamwork to be in shackles right?" Kelvin said to him.

   Frank laughed at his words.

   "You will be on your own when you will be attacked by spiders. Right boys!? Hahaha! Don't expect help from us if you have that attitude! A carrier has to act as a carrier! You should act like one! You know that! You have to swallow your pride and act as carriers!" Frank shouted at them.

  "Okay! We are carriers and there is nothing we can do about it. Right right! Got it! We will shut up now and enjoy the rest of the way shall we?" Said Kelvin.

   Kael then thumbs up at him. Kelvin then smiled.

  "Damn these carriers!", Frank said to them.

  "Frank! Don't overdo it. They were our comrades and we should each other like one." Said Sam to him.

  "I am sorry if that disturbs you. You should understand that Frank hates weaklings the most. You aren't weak are you?" Sam asked them.

   "We can manage it! We were adventurers too right? We were not rank D minus for nothing." Kelvin said to them.

   "Hah! You were just leeching off at another party! How could a mere combatant be a rank D minus? No one will believe that lies!" Frank said to them.

   Kael and Kelvin sighed at the fact that they were not believable and they don't have hard evidence to back their claim. 

  "I guess we will just shut up for now. I will rest and enjoy the ride." Kael said to him.

   They quieted down a bit and cooled off a bit the rest of the way. They traveled for miles in that foggy forest. The coachman was an expert on handling situations on the way. Having no problems while on the road was an exemplary feat for them. No ambush happened while they were on the way. They can only hear voices when they were outside. Without the fog inside the carriage, they were having a great time and no one disturbed their journey. Kael can only see the top of the trees outside and that was not covered by the fog. The fog was thinning and they finally exited the Geralt forest. 

   'The Geralt forest, I will find out what secrets it holds.' Kael said in his mind.

  They exited the forest and have seen that the forest ends there where the fog ends. The rest of the way was the grassy plains of the Elmia or called the Elmia plains. Having small hills on the way and the greenery was a sight to behold. 

  "Hey, Kael look! Rabbits were hopping! And sheep too!" Kelvin shouted.

   He saw that the plains were peaceful and Kael looked outside. He saw that they have fences to protect the animals from the bears or wolves. While on the way, farms were seen and barns from the farmers can be seen from the road. The road towards the edge of the Dwight territory was muddy and they were having a great time. Up ahead, they saw a great river that was coming from the mountain tops. Forming into brooks until it was becoming a river. He saw that the carriages were passing by the bridge of Elmia. It was one of the bridges of Dwight. They were on the bridge and Kael looked observantly at the rushing river. 

  "First time seeing it?" Asked Ann to Kael.

   "Yeah! Hey Kelvin it was your first too? Right?" Kael asked Kelvin.

  "Yeah!" He replied.

  The two of them looked at it until they passed by the bridge. Now that they passed it,  they were now sitting properly. They chatted along the way but Kael and Kelvin were silent. Chatting on the topics about their past journeys while on the way. Frank boasted about their accomplishments and he was telling them that he has subjugated an orc in the past. He has also slain a Hobgoblin. Kael and Kelvin thought that he was not just prideful of his achievements but also was looking down on them because of it. Kael considered his achievements to be that lame. Even though he has a job class that was on his arsenal.

    Looking at it. Kelvin was silent along the way. Kael was observing them and he thought that it would be best to be silent about the fact that he already copied their job classes. It was all thanks to his system that he already have their job class. Even though he has copied them, he was not that happy though he saw that the job classes that he obtained were all low leveled ones. The highest level was level twelve paladin which he gets from their leader Frank. The others were level three priest, level five rogue, level six fighter, level four ranger, level six swordsman, level five knight, level seven mage, level four warrior. He expected it because they were not attending the academy and the noble's families of Dwights already have their job class. They were taught since they were young in their family's job class. Like the Combat class families (nobles)

1. Families of swordsmen, Guzlavs

2. Families of rouges, Brandels

3. Families of paladins, Leomurds

4. Families of warriors, Dmitrivs

5. Families of priests, Neons

6. Families of Knights, Vyancheslavs

7. Families of rangers, Abavels

8. Families of mages, Howarts

9. Families of fighters, Rezhearths

    They were called the families that the founder of Dwight kingdom has assembled and created the kingdom together with them. It was what Kael and Kelvin have read in their libraries located at their underground archives.  


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