Lumia: Other World
127 Towards the mission
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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127 Towards the mission

Kelvin clenched his fist to the fact that they were underestimated. The fact that they were combatants were also a reason for them to be the lowest of the lowest adventurer rank. It was the rank where they will be called cannon fodder and carriers. 

  "Kelvin, let's let it slide this time. We can just adventure without worries! And we will not even break a sweat like this! We can just slay anything that will come to us right?" Kael said to him with a smiling face.

  "Come now carriers! We will give you our baggage! Let's do your job right! And we will be protecting you! Right boys! Don't worry, we will distribute the experience evenly!"  Frank said to the two.

   Kelvin looked at Kael and nodded. Kael then whispered in his ears while they were being looked at. 

  "Yeah, we will do that! We agreed with your conditions!" Kelvin said to the party leader.

  "Right! That's what I am talking about! Now let's prepare and carry those bags on the back. With the help of you two, we will be unburdened with that load. Now let's go!", Frank said to them.

  Kael and Kelvin went to the back and carried the backpacks. Having a load was new to them. In the past, they were only carrying an ample amount of weight and was still fast enough to combat the enemy. They were having their time carrying the load and Kael enchanted their loads with [Enchant: Weightlessness]

  He enchanted it with no one was looking and made a thumbs up to Kelvin. Kelvin too was replying with thumbs up to him. They were following their leader and until they arrived at the carriage station.

  "Hey, carriers! Move fast! Or we will leave you!" Shouted their knight. 

  Kael and Kelvin then hurriedly went inside. Kelvin looked at him with dead eyes. Having no emotions while staring at him.

  "What do you want? Punk!" Anton bellowed at him.

  "Nothing! Just nothing!" Kelvin replied at him.

  "Tsk!" Anton spouted.

  Kael and Kelvin sit at the seats and then they observed each one of them. The leader Frank was in his white silver armor and has a round shield big enough to cover his chest. He was long-haired with blonde and white skin. Their rogue Jack was covering his mouth with cloth and has spiky hair that was colored black. He has sharp eyes and a long nose that was not covered with his cloth on his mouth. Two daggers were on his back and the hilt was seen on his shoulders. The priest Ann was black-haired and has a mature feminine body. With a curvy slender body and has a big bump on the front. She was carrying a staff and was round-faced. She has ponytail hair with pinkish cheeks. Round eyes with white skin. She was pretty in her way.

  The fighter was rather plain-looking. He has his robes and a gauntlet used for fighting. His legs were covered with a foot guard and a chest plate on his body. It was the first time that Kael and Kelvin to see a fighter in the first place. He was shaved on his head and was fierce-looking. The swordsman Sam was well equipped, he has a sword on his waist and was wearing blue swordsman clothes. He has no armor but Kael can see that he has chain mail beneath his clothes. It was the only protection but it was only for just in case. He was a black-haired guy with semi-sharp eyes. White skin and was the most handsome above all. The ranger Aulin was wearing brown robes and has a bow equipped on his back. He was a shy type and was looking down at the floor. He was matured and was a veteran. Gary, their mage was on his mage robes that were colored red. With his hair, short like one inch cut with brown color. He was carrying a mage staff that was made of wood. His eyes were round and brown.  Their warrior Bren was carrying a broad sword and he was holding it in his front. He was broader on his shoulders than the rest and was equipped with steel armor. He was also wearing a helmet that was covering his face. The knight was wearing yellow armor with a yellow kite shield. His one-handed sword was put on his hilt and he was also fully equipped with his armor. Kael was only wearing clothes at that time and Kelvin was also wearing armor. The two of them looked at each other and has thought of comparing themselves with them. 

  They were talking and Kael together with Kelvin was silent on the way. He was minding his own business. The way was calm and they were traveling at a steady pace. They have arrived at the Geralt forest the further north of the kingdom. It was on the edge of the Dwight territory. The way was foggy and the forest was creepy. Crows were flying off from their sides and birds were silent for the being. The forest was silent and the trees beside them were covered with fog. 

   They were on high alert of enemy ambush and thus was silent. The driver outside was on edge as he knows that the forest was creepy. On his travels in the past, he was able to distinguish if there were enemies that were going to attack. He was accustomed to it and has survived up until the present. Inside the carriage was silent and they were alert.

   "Be careful everybody, this place was famous for ambushes. As you also can see, many lives were claimed in these parts. The fog is also whispering and many creepy voices were heard from that forest. Some were a shout of girls, some were of the cries of babies, and others were like howls of animals. It will make you go crazy if you will live there. Many were lost in there. That forest was mysterious enough to be discovered what is happening. The forest of Geralt, I hope we can pass by safely." said Frank to them.

   Kael felt the chill and he felt uncomfortable by his story. Kelvin was left unbothered and he was not afraid in the slightest. He has experienced far more tremendous in the past. They traveled on the muddy road and the horse was pulling the carriage. With the non-stop travel, the horse was left panting. The weather became unrest and the dark clouds were forming in their direction. The breeze felt chilly and they were feeling the temperature to drop. They made the heater function and were getting cozy inside. 

   The driver stopped the carriage beside the road and saw that the storm was brewing. Thunderstorms were coming on their way and he felt that they need to take shelter from the upcoming storm. He opened the window on the front and talked to them.

  "We will rest for now until the storm will calm down. Please be comfortable inside the carriage for now." The driver said to them.

   "We will take our lunch for the time being. Let's eat first shall we?", Frank said to them.

  They all ate their food. Kael and Kelvin also ate the food that they bought. With the eating, the storm worsened. The wind was knocking on the window and the raindrops were thumping on the roof. Kael put down the big carrier bag and grabbed his robes. He put it on and he felt better. 

   The place inside the carriage was cramped. Some of them were sleeping. They were sitting there and slept as the storm was pouring out. Kael was looking at them and saw that they were comfortably sleeping. The wind can be heard that it was whirring on the window. The place outside was dark and the trees were bent over. Kael was looking outside and saw that the outside was in utter chaos. With the comfortable feeling that they felt inside the carriage, it was enough to make them sleepy. The heat from their body was building up and it was enough to fight the cold. The wind blew stronger and Kael was happy that they were inside a carriage. It was a great uncomfortable feeling if they traveled by foot and was met with a storm on the way. He took a closer look at the window and touched the cold window. He breathed to the window and saw steam was formed from it. He wiped the steamy glass and he breathed again. This time, he made a smiley face. With him has nothing to do, he checked something out. 

   "System imitate Frank's job class." He talked to the system.

  [Paladin Job class copied]

  "So it was possible! Gotta check others too!" Kael said in his mind.

   "System imitate the other's, specifically their job classes." He said to the system.


  [Priest Job Class copied]


  [Rogue Job Class copied]


  [Fighter Job Class copied]


  [Swordsman Job Class copied]


  [Ranger Job Class copied]


  [Mage Job Class copied]


  [Warrior Job Class copied]


  [Knight Job Class copied] 

  Kael can't help but grin at what he has discovered.


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