Lumia: Other World
126 New missions
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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126 New missions

Marlin and Kelvin went to the food district. Having a hot bun and meat bread in their minds. They have met a couple that didn't make it to the engagement stage but the male has found a new partner to begin his new journey in his life. The food district was once again lively and more people were coming to the place. Meeting all kinds of people there, they saw adventurers that were dining in to eat delicious food. Others were commoners who wanted to eat the food there. The place was lively and it was in a festive mood every time the night came. Lights and lamps were hanged outside the stalls and it was visited by many people every night.

  Kael and Kelvin went to one of the bakeries and saw a hot bun displayed outside. It was put on glass and the hot steam of water was always heating it to make it as fresh as possible. Kael entered the place and saw other customers inside. A small room of three tables inside with a glass container to display the bread. Kael went inside and saw that they have a heater that was letting out steam. Making the room warm and cozy at the same time. Kael and Kelvin went inside and sits on the wooden table. The lady went to accommodate them and was on her uniform of a marine blue shirt and an apron. Having a handkerchief tied on her hair and good looks. She approached them and asked what will be their order.

  "What will be your order sirs?", she asked politely.

  "Hot bun, three each for the two of us and also meat bread. Also three for each of us. Please!", Kael said to her.

  "Okay, sirs! Would you like drinks?", she asked.

  "Coffee, please! One cup each for us. It's cold outside so at least let us have a hot cup of coffee.", Kael said to her.

  "Thank you, sirs! Please wait for your orders. It won't take too long.", she said to them. 

   She left and Kael was looking outside. Many passed by the bakery and were talking with each other. Waiting for their dinner, they chatted a bit. 

   "Hey, Kael! What do you think of this bakery?", Kelvin asked.

  "It was accomodating and it felt relaxing here. I might add this to our favorite places for eating. Hey Kelvin, what are your favorite places? Can you tell me?", Kael asked him.

  "That would be the barbecue stands, the fried chicken stands, and, the ramen stands!", Kelvin exclaimed on the last part.

  "Yeah, it was mine too. When the enemy invades, this will be eradicated. If you think about it. We will be helpless if we were not strong enough to defend ourselves and our loved ones. I will be strong someday and protect the kingdom but it will be still in the future. I mean I am not strong enough to outmatch a fallen.", Kael said to Kelvin.

  "I know. My mother was killed by one of them and all I can do is watch her. I tried my best but I was spared instead by the enemy. It looks like we need to go to the academy. I mean it will be not cheap to go there as you can see, getting to the academy was pretty hard as the pay for tuition was high. To be recommended there was one way but the screening was high standards. Most of the noble made their sons and daughters attend but us commoners will be difficult to attend there. The tuition was high and one way to solve that was to be recommended. And the other one was to be a scholar. To be a scholar was to belong to the top ten.", Kelvin explained.

   "Wow! You are already knowledgeable! I got my recommendation from the guild master and you Kelvin has to strive for the top ten. Well, I also will strive for it and rise to the top.", Kael said to him.

  The lady waitress arrived and gave them their order. Handing the coffee and the bread with a hot bun.

  "Thank you!", Kael and Kelvin chorused.

  She left and they started eating. The hot bun was grabbed by Kael and the meat bread was grabbed by Kelvin. They both ate it and tasted what the other one was eating. 

  "Yum! Yum! That was delicious! I gotta try the coffee.", Kael said.

  He sipped it and felt the warm coffee was warming up his cold tummy. He blows the steamy coffee and its steam was blown away. They finished eating and they talked again. 

  "From where we left off. I will need to be in the top ten. I heard that at the opening of the school, there will be an entrance exam. Other nobles were teaching their children to prepare for it. But we were adventurers now! We are a step higher than them! I believe that we have a chance!", Kelvin said to him.

   "You better prepare for it. It will be a tough fight.", Kael said to him.

  "Yeah! And you will also fight yes? But you have your tuition covered! You only have to fight for the sake of being on the top ten scholars. I, on the contrary, have to prepare for it. It will be a tough fight for the time being. Gotta make sure I secure that spot. But first! I need to be trained with alchemy and enchanting. As well as techniques! That will help raise my chances of making my way through to the top ten. Even just a slight possibility of winning will make me happy.", Kelvin said to him.

  "Don't worry! I will teach you all I know. Your flight to the top was resting assured!", Kael said to him.

   "Well let's go home now! It will be colder as the night goes deeper.", Kelvin said to him.

  They exited the bakery and traveled to the inn by walking. Having a good time to walk was that moment. Feeling warm inside and the cold breeze was hitting their skin on the outside. It was starting to be in winter. A few snowflakes were falling from the sky. Winter is coming and they will prepare for what to come.

  They arrived at the inn and checked in. They went to their room and washed with warm water. They immediately slept on that cold night. 

  On the next day, Kael and Kelvin went to the food district while it was still dark. Where the sun has not yet risen. They ate on the grilling stall and ate grilled pork. Having eaten in the food stall. They purchased barbeque to be their lunch. They went to the adventurer guild to have a mission. Walking in the crowd of people while they were walking on the way. Looking for the citizens as they passed by. They have arrived without problems and saw the same majestic castle-like adventurer headquarters. They entered and approached the lady on the mission desks.

  "Oh! Kael and Kelvin! You can now join the monster subjugation and dungeon conquering quests. But you need to accompany strong veteran adventurers. As you can see you are still D minus which means you can only join others on their mission and learn while on the battlefield. Okay! Now you can pick a mission with other adventurers. We have a mission on a spider-infested cave! You will accompany a rank D plus party there with the others.", she said to them.

  She pointed out the others who were in the party who were waiting on the sidelines. 

  They approached them and introduced themselves. They were a party well equipped with armors and weapons. They looked like a veteran party composed of a priest, a knight, rogue, ranger, warrior, fighter, mage, and swordsman. The Paladin looks like their leader and was coaching them.

  "Hello! We were a D minus party and we wanted to join you on your mission to the spider-infested cave. I am Kael the leader and Kelvin my partner. We were both combatant class but we can fight enemies!", Kael said to them.

  "Well, you can be our carrier if you were combatants. We appreciate if you will carry our belongings.", said their paladin leader.

  Kelvin felt irritated and Kael bit his lips. He smiled and Kelvin wants to blow up. Kael hindered him from spat insults and Kael smiled at him.

  "Yes, we will be carriers! But if our lives were on the line, then please make us defend ourselves. Can you agree with my proposal?", Kael said to him nicely.

  Their leader heard that it was fair so he agreed. Considering that they need to defend their lives too so he agreed.

   "Nice to meet you! I hope our mission is a success! By the way, I am Frank! A paladin. Ann our priest, Jack our rogue, Bruce our fighter, Sam our swordsman, Aulin our ranger, Gary our mage, Bren our warrior, and Anton our knight. We will be accompanying you and rest assured that you don't need to fight and stay as carriers till the end of our mission. If we were strong enough for the enemies. Right guys?", Frank said to him.

  They chuckled and murmured a bit. Kelvin didn't feel accepted and so he clenched his fist.


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