Lumia: Other World
125 The hot bath
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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125 The hot bath

It was the night where the kings were assembled. They were inside the man-made hot spring of the Dwight King. Inside the room, they were bathing in the warm tub. Steam was coming from the water and it was foggy white. They entered and relaxed in the meantime. While they were wrapping themselves with towels. 

   King Leomurd Ainztain was standing upon the tub and made his announcement. Their idle chatter subsided and lend their ears to him.

   "Kings of different kingdoms! I am pleased that you are all willing to take part in this wondrous cause. We believe that this sacrifice will be for the better and I am more pleased to hear that we kings were willing to do anything for our people. It was the second time to form a treaty but this treaty will be at its strongest. And I hope it will be strong enough. So to celebrate before we part ways and fulfill our duties, we will make a toast! A toast for our brotherhood!", Ainztain said to them.

   The maids entered and gave them fruits and wine. Filling the glass with the grape wine, they went outside after it. The kings held their glass and they toast with each other.

  "For our brotherhood!", Shouted King Ainztain.

  "For our brotherhood!", they replied with a shout.

  They were merry that night and were talking with each other. The vampire king was drinking his wine and was silent. The Dwarf King was a chatterbox. While the others were also enjoying his company.

  "Hey let's talk about our greatest feats! Mine is that I made a dragon being thrown by my cheer force.", King Dravid said to him. 

   The Lycan King felt that he can match his feat. So he said his feat to him.

   "Oh! That was epic but not as epic as mine! I have shattered a mountain with my roar! I mean it's just a roar but it was epic!", He said to him. 

   "Mine is only a simple feat of drinking contest! I have managed to destroy the tavern with just my burp.", said the Barbarian King Darius.

   "I'm sorry to disrupt the gleeful moment but I would like to ask if the current force we have now is enough to hold and for how long?", asked the elven king.

   They were silent for a while and the Dwight king replied to him.

   "You can say that it is our strongest currently. We will be the representatives of Lumia when we defend this world. And the other world will be our enemy. We were weak when divided but strong when we cooperate. So let us be united!", King Leomurd said to him.

   "Ah yes! Of course. I am excited to see what the enemies will be. We will be facing the stronger ones who will cross the rift. We might be the ones who will have fun the most! Is it?", the elven king said.

   "We will be the hunting dogs of scouts. It will be no problem facing them.", said the Lycan king.

  "Human kings will be the ones who will find the ancient heroes. We might be humans but we were useful. We will eventually find them.", said the Necromancer King Dread Skuld.

  "We will be teammates! All of the strong ones! But you see, we will be the ones enjoying the food here.", said the Dwarven king.

   "Hmmm, oh! That was not fair! But nevermind. As long as we will not die of hunger and has something to eat. It is fine right?", said the Druid king.

   "The world of Lumia will be approaching a time of distress and turmoil. Feelings of unrest will scatter to the kingdoms and will undoubtedly be unstoppable. It was what was written on the prophecy. We can not change it. If we can then it will not be a prophecy at all but fake news. All we have to do is do what we can. The enemies will be fast approaching, we will be the pillars of the next generation. Until the next generation will be ready, we have to sacrifice and become their foundation.", said king Leomurd.

  His hands were trembling as he said it.

  "We were all in this together! I know you are afraid that we will all perish but let's fight alongside each other. As we are still breathing, we will be supporting each other! Right kings!?", shouted the Dwarf king.

   "Now let's be merry! Come here in the hot tub and we will talk! You're getting cold there in the chair.", said the Dwarf king to him.

  He settled in the warm tub together with him. The Dwarf king gave him a glass of wine and he received it.

   "You know my friend. We are on this problem together. When we feel alone for some time, we felt fear that we will die alone. But it was not the problem here. You have the barbarian king and the necromancer king that will accompany you. Whether it will be a tough fight or an easy one. They will accompany you to death. It was okay to fear what's the unknown but we need something in our mind to carry on. And that is the reason to fight. I as well am afraid, but I know my butt will be saved by the Elven king and the Hobbit King. You see them as comrades but they will become brothers. As the leader of this treaty, you need to be strong. Stronger than us, wittier than us, wiser than us. And I know that being human was a strength and not a weakness! It was the courage that was inside you that made us agree to this treaty. Your kindness for everyone and the worry for all races. It was your strength! As a human, that is your innate power. As for me, it was my beard I guess? The longer my beard was the better. But I think it gets in the way when I drink wine. It gets wet every time I drink! I am also thinking of cutting it but it will be lowering my manliness.", he said to him.

   Leomurd calmed down and was relieved to hear him. He drank the glass of wine and loosened up a bit. 

  "Thank you for encouraging me! Sometimes my fear is haunting me. I would be trembling without you. Thanks!", he said to him.

     "That's normal for us! We fear also. What I am fearing are cockroaches and worms! I can puke when I am seeing those!", he said to him.

    The Lycan king also joined their chat.

    "What I am afraid of is a cat! I mean I hate cats to the bones!", Fang said to him.

    The Elven king also joined the chat.

    "We elves fear is to die of old age.", he said while holding his cup.

   "Bah! We all die! I mean the ancient heroes may be ascended to immortality but they will still die if they were killed. You see, nothing is permanent. We all know that!", said the Dwarven king.

    "Yeah, I know! But if you become ascender and unbeatable in the future then no one can kill you!", Dale said to him.

    He was astonished by his wisdom. Only he has that thought because he was an elf that has a longer lifespan than others.

     "Wow! You see I have never thought about it that far! Good thinking! Maybe I will start harvesting experience points to become level one thousand and ascend like the ancient heroes! But you see, we were busy people. Maybe if my son will be replacing me then I can focus on ascending!", the Dwarven king said to him.

     "Hey, Leomurd! Do you plan to ascend?", asked the Elven king.

     "Yeah! Maybe in the future! My daughter is still young so I will be acting like a king right now. Maybe when she marries. I can only hope that the kingdom will be in the better hands.", he said to him. 

     "Don't worry about it! We will be living to see her marry! And that of course us watching from the sidelines and see her walking in the carpet towards the groom. Well, that will be too far from now. We hope that we will live long enough in this predicament.", Said the Elven king.

     "Let's have a toast for the future of the Dwight kingdom! As well as his future son in law!", Shouted the Elven king.

    "Cheers!", seconded by the Dwarven king. 

     "Hahahahha! We will be attending to the marriage right!?", shouted the Barbarian king Darius.

    "That's still too far ahead! We might have to survive this and wait for her to be mature enough!", said King Leomurd awkwardly.

    "But still! We will be the godfathers right?", asked Necromancer King Dread.

     "Yeah Yeah! Of course! Hahaha!", he said to them.

     They were merry that night and they prepared for their journey. The Human kings were tasked with finding the ancient heroes. The Beast men kings were tasked to hunt the enemy scouts and the Demi-human kings were tasked for defending the rift. They said goodbye to each other and left immediately in the morning. 


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