Lumia: Other World
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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124 Rank up

The sun rose in the east and so the roosters shouted their morning call in the citizens. They shouted with all their might to wake up the denizens. Kael and Kelvin were one of the ones who opened their eyes as they heard the crow of the roosters. They woke up immediately and has never been so refreshed for so long. They walked towards the food district to have a meal. Well, it was what you need to do when you will go on an adventure. Walking while the sun was not so high and the dew was still present on the window glass. They strolled while talking for minutes as they see it as fun to talk with each other. Not so far from their inn, they saw citizens pick flowers from the flower shops. They arrived at the food district where a whole street was full of food stalls. They went to the fried chicken stall and ordered ten pieces of fried chicken. Two cups of rice for each of them and they sat on one of the tables located at the front of the stall. Having many customers in the morning, at the noon, and, in the afternoon that last till night. They were crowded in the first hour of the day.

  Kael and Kelvin ate until they were full. They were happy that they ate a bunch of fried chicken. The flavors were still lingering on their mouths and were satiating their hunger. 

  "Hey Kelvin!", Kael said to him.

   Kelvin felt surprised and asked him what was the problem.

  "What is it?", he asked curiously.

  "Thanks for accompanying me. It was pretty lively now that I got you.", Kael said to him.

   "Nah don't mention it. It was pretty cheesy to hear it.", Kelvin said to him.

   "Yeah! You're right. I will be having a bad day because of you.", Kael said to him.

   They both laughed at it. They breathed and sighed. They followed the way towards their inn and then checked in. They entered his room and prepared to go to the adventurer guild. They walked towards the adventurer guild while talking.

  "Hey, Kael! What is your level now?", Kelvin asked.

   "Oh! Right! I forgot about it! It was on the 25 when I got back in the capital. I might check my status", Kael said to him.

  He checked the window card and saw that his level improved.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank D–

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 28

Character Statistics:

Strength (44) +

Dexterity (48) +

Vitality (49) +

Focus (99) +

Stats points: 84


  He was walking and Kelvin also leveled up. He looked at his window card when they were walking


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Mael Kelvin


Adress: Shelkhem Village

Status of living: Villager

Adventure rank: Rank D–

Job class: Combatant

Character level: 54

Job class: Combatant

Strength (54)+

Dexterity (54)+

Vitality (54)+

Focus (54)+

Free Stat points: 162


  "Oh! I have leveled up!", Kael said to Kelvin.

  "Me too!", Kelvin said to him.

   "What level are you?", Kael asked Kelvin.

  "I am currently level 54 and you?", Kelvin asked him.

  "Ahahaha! I am level 28. See you are stronger than me!", Kael said to him.

   "Nah, it was only a level. I think you are more knowledgeable than me. I am currently only a newbie on enchanting and alchemy. And other combat techniques too! Well, I will improve it in the future! Will you help me?", Kelvin asked him.

   "Yeah, sure! I will teach you! I might have something to do and that's teaching you! Well, I didn't even have a proper apprentice right now! So you will be the first! Considering that you have a higher level than me says that you are no pushover. Well, let's see it in the future! Gotta train you hard to make you at least on the level of mine!", Kael said to him.

   "What level are you?", Kelvin asked in curiosity.

  "Master level! Surprised right?", Kael said to him.

   "Yeah, it was not even surprising for you to be a master! Wow so cool! Please teach me!", Kelvin asked him.

   "Huhum! You will be my official student from now on! Hehehe!", Kael said while smirking.

  They went to the adventurer guild while walking. The way was lively as they were walking towards the adventurer guild. Seeing other citizens was not new to them but it still made them feel new to the place. Still filled with curiosity as they watched the citizens do their own business.

  Seeing the adventurer guild headquarters from afar, they saw a majestic view of its architecture. The design never gets old every time they were looking at it. With the flag of Dwight hanging on the wall of the guild, they never felt more honored to see it. They arrived at the adventurer guild without trouble and it looked to be lively than before. More adventurers registered day by day and it was getting crowded as time goes by. 

   Kael went to report their mission and Kael was with him. They approached the receptionist and told their mission.

   "Oh! Kael and Kelvin! Both of you have an update! Please give me your window cards to have ranked up!", she said while smiling.

  They both gave their window cards without thinking twice and she received it.

   "Please wait a moment sirs and you will be ranked up. Sit on our bench while you're waiting!", she said politely.

  They both sit on the bench and waited for it. Soon after several minutes, they were called and their window cards were given back to them. 

  "Oh! You all were given a gold coin each because you participated in the emergency quest. And thirty silver coins for exterminating the cave and as well as for investigating it. Congrats! You can now join the monster extermination quest and dungeon conquering quest. Both of you can now join them! And for Kael! The guild master sends his regards to you!", she said to him.

   Kael was happy with it and he smiled.

  "Um can I thank him personally?", Kael asked her.

  "He was inside! You can thank him personally!", she said to him.

   Kael went to look at the guild master and saw him writing a letter. The place was like the same as before and it was only the suit that the guild master was wearing that has changed. Several papers were on his desk and it was arranged neatly. Upon entering, Kael made the first one to voice out.

  "Um, thank you for your effort in rescuing me! I am glad to hear that you made the adventurers move in the form of an emergency mission. I am glad that I made it alive with your decision to rescue me. I don't know what will happen to me if I were left there alone to that snakes. Once again, thank you!", Kael said then bowed. 

  The guild master smiled while writing. He looked at Kael and replied to him.

   "You don't have to worry about it. The ones I wanted to nurture must be safe and I wanted to see them become stronger in the future. You see, I don't want to waste my investment on my favored adventurers. While they were young, they intend to be weak but with the guidance of the academy. They will be stronger in the future. You still have a long way to go young one and the way will be much harder each time you rank up. You need to be careful out there or I might waste my investment to you. You can say it stay alive until you become a student of the academy. Or my recommendation will be for naught. You need to stay safe okay?", the guild master said to him. 

  "I will be extra careful there. Thank you for your kind words. I will leave now.", Kael said to him.

   He exited the room and saw Kelvin on the bench. Kelvin stands up as he saw Kael exited the room. He approached Kelvin and tapped his back. With armor on his body, it clanged as he tapped it. Looking at the crowded place they have, Kael invited Kelvin to exit the place.

   "Hey! Wanna celebrate our rank up?", Kael asked Kelvin.

   "Sure! Want anything?", Kelvin asked him.

   "Yeah! Let's eat food again! The same food?", Kael asked him.

  "Let's try meat bread and a hot bun!", Kelvin said to him.

  "Yeah! Let's eat that!", Kael said to Kelvin.

  "Yeah! Let's go to the food district!", Kelvin shouted.

  They both laughed and mirth at the same time. Walking towards the food district that was the most rewarding place to them. Having a fun time while walking and was observing the people as they walk towards their destination. They saw a couple that was having their time together. Giving flowers to the female and she was smiling while the male was on his knees. 

  "Hey look at that Kael! They were having a fun time! Maybe the male will propose to her!", Kelvin said to him.

   Kael looked at them and he was dumped by the girl. The male feels down and gave it to the other girl. She on the process of being given with the flower blushed and the male went happy. In the end, they became a couple.

  "Haha, nice couple! It escalated so quickly.", Kael said to Kelvin.

  "Yeah! Pretty much they will end up being together.", Kelvin said.


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