Lumia: Other World
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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Kael was sleeping soundly on his bed. Kelvin too was asleep. They were in the depths of their sleep and it was hours that passed by. Having rested for many hours was revitalizing their bodies as well as minds. Being in the depths of their dreams and enjoying what their minds were showing them in their minds were calming for them. Kelvin was dreaming of sheep in the fold and Kael who was dreaming about being on the seaside, watching the sunset with Kelvin. Even though it was only a dream, they felt relieved by it. Having a peaceful life away from bloodshed. Having a slow life was also needed for them. To relax their stiff and tense self from battles. 

  The sun went up and shines the city. All the citizens were up and working on their jobs. It was what was happening in the city but Kael and Kelvin were entirely sleeping. Having slept for hours, they woke up in the same room. The same ceiling that they were looking at. Kelvin woke up and the sun was setting. He felt alarmed as they slept for an entire morning and the sun was setting from the outside. Kelvin opened the window and can see that it was afternoon. Having the sky became colored red made him alarmed.

  "Hey, Kael! It was an afternoon! Save your sleep later at night!", Kelvin shouted at him.

   He shakes him off to wake him up and he saw that Kael was twitching his eyes.

   "Huh?", Kael said as he saw Kelvin waking him up.

   "It was afternoon! The sun was setting! Let's eat something! I'm hungry! Come on! Let's grab something to eat!", Kelvin shouted at him.

   Kael was rolling back and forth and then sits on his bed. He moans and looked at the window. 

  "Huh? It was afternoon?", Kael said in shock.

  "Yeah!? So let's go!", Kelvin said to him.

  They went outside the inn in a hurry and Kelvin was singing off his hunger. While walking, they were talking with each other about what they will eat. 

  "Hey, Kael! Let's eat on the barbeque stalls! How about chicken legs?", Kelvin said to him.

   "Sure! Anything you want! That's all? I got more money for this day! Let's celebrate!", Kael said to him.

   "Hmmm, Let's go to the ramen shop next! And to the juice stalls for the finishing!", Kelvin said to him.

   "Let's go then!", Kael said to Kelvin.

   They went to the food district carrying money for their expense. The streets went colder and the sunsets while they were walking. The saw smokes from the food district that going up in the air. As they went nearer and nearer to the district, they can smell the food from the distance. Barbeques and other foods were smelled by their nostrils. Being hungry was making their cravings for food intensified it further. They didn't even have breakfast and lunch–only dinner. It made their hunger stocked for three times. Upon approaching the district, Kael was holding his pouch of money. Not intending for it to let go.

  They have arrived at the food district and food stalls were lining up on the side of the road. From the barbecues stalls, the ramen shops, fried chicken stalls, seafood shops, and beverages. Kael and Kelvin went to the barbecue stall. Smelling the smoke that was coming from the skewered meat. 

   "So what do you want to eat? Pick what you want and let's eat it!", Kael said to him.

   "Okay then! I will pick ten sticks of skewered pork and a chicken leg", Kelvin said to him.

  "I will pick the same then!", Kelvin said to him. 

  They ordered from the one who's cooking. A male middle-aged person with a green shirt and has an apron. 

  "Twenty skewered pork sir and two chicken legs and thigh.", Kael said to him.

  "Okay, sir! Please wait for your order. Please sit at one of our tables as you wait.", he said to them.

   Their order was being grilled to the embers of the charcoal. While being turned around in a timely sequence, it was being wiped by the sauce to make its flavor to be incorporated into the meat while being on the heat. Thinking about it makes Kael and Kelvin's mind to run and go wild. They waited and for several minutes, their order was served to them. 

   Without any further ado, they grabbed their portion and ordered rice. Eating it while they dipped it in lemon juice and soy sauce. Biting the skewered pork and the chicken legs and thighs. Eating it made their hunger satisfied a bit. Kael looked at Kael.

  "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?", Kael asked him.

  "Yeah! Let's go to the ramen shop!", Kelvin said to him.

  They paid the fee and went on to their next destination–the ramen shop. While walking towards the ramen shop, they talked about the food they ate. Kael was telling Kelvin that it was good to eat barbecue after eating ramen. It sets up your appetite before eating a barbecue. Kelvin preferred to eat barbecue before ramen because ramen was special for him. It was like finishing for him. Kael respected it and followed his steps of eating. It was him who's day was. It was his big day even though it was not his birthday. He was being treated to food because they celebrated the day when they survived the snaky predicament of the past. Kael was just that happy and it was a day worth celebrating. 

  They went to the ramen shop and sits to the seat just in front of the small kitchen where they were cooking and at the same time preparing the food. They were assaulted with the smell of ramen as they entered. They ordered two bowls of special ramen with an extra slice of meat and boiled eggs. They waited for a minute to make their order and it was finished. It was then served to them. They smelled it first then grabbed the chopsticks. Sipping the soup first before eating the noodles. Eating chunks of meat and the boiled egg then sipping the soup.

  It was a happy moment where they were grateful for the peaceful time. There was no war currently but they thought that it will be imminent. The enemies will come sooner or later. But still, it doesn't beat the moment they were enjoying now. It didn't disturb their hearts for a moment. Because they knew that someone will protect the kingdom. They still need time to be stronger and it was the Academy of Dwight. Somewhere there, they knew that someone was stronger than them. And it was not their job now to think of that problem. They still need time. 

   After finishing their bowls, they went to the juice stall that was selling orange juice, apple juice, and, grape juice. They drank all of its flavors and were satisfied with it. The sky went dark and the way grew cold. Making their hairs stand up just from the touch of the air. The lamps lit the way with its radiance as they paved the brick road. They went hurrying to go home as they were struck with sleepiness from the cold wind. They saw many citizens who were going home when they went home. They passed by the bridge with a small river inside the city. The lights reflected their lights to the eyes of the onlooker and a feeling of loneliness was felt as they saw it. Having the lights glitter as the water moves towards their destination.

    Kael and Kelvin went home to the inn without a problem. They saw the lamps glitter on where they were hanged and the cold wind dissipated from the inside. It was utterly warm inside the inn and it made Kael and Kelvin glad about it. Marlin then checked in and went inside his room. 

   "Hoooh! It's so cold outside!", Kelvin said to Kael.

  "Yeah! And winter's coming! So it will be a lot harder to complete missions. We will need to be wearing thick coats when we go to missions.", Kael said to him.

  They entered the room and Kael went inside the shower room. It was the perfect time to wash with warm water. He immediately went washing and filled the bathtub with warm water. Trickling some water on his head and relaxing while he can. Kelvin went to the shower and showered with warm water. They took their time to the warm bath. Minding the time while they're at it. Even though it was only a small time, they made their frozen body to be back and alive. They were thinking that when the winter comes, it will be a whole lot different from before. Most of the monsters will be having different instincts to hibernate and others will be hiding. It was the case for the ones who don't have a home but the others who have den or home, they will be hunted. The only thing to do was know their hiding place. It will be a fun thing to do for a change. Kael and Kelvin finished washing and they went to the bed. They felt excited to sleep early and so they went to the bed to sleep. Not minding that the times flies by. They ended their day with bedtime sleep.


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