Lumia: Other World
122 Survived
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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122 Survived

They eliminated the enemies with their force. The snakes were all dead lying on the ground. The adventurers hailed Helgurt's name. With him being in the limelight, he was seen as a hero. 

   "Helgurt was so cool! I wish to be strong like him!", the paladin adventurer said while looking at him.

  "Helgurt! I will be as strong as you in the future!", the paladin shouted.

   "Yeah! I will too!", said the ranger.

   Helgurt then went up in the snake and made an announcement. 

  "All adventurers! I will be throwing a party! All of you were invited! Let's party and its on me!", Helgurt shouted.

   Cheers were heard in the forest. They began singing as they all walk home. Kael was with Kelvin. Having used all his strength, he was low on energy. They walk home towards the capital. With torches on their hands, they paraded towards the capital. The wind was calmer now when they have arrived at the river. 

  "Hey, Kael! Good for you to be back. You got me worried there!", said Kelvin.

  "Sorry about that. I wish to kill it immediately but that place was not the place to battle. Thus I went to the outside of the cave. I saw the forest and went there but the snake was really angry. I arrived at the open plains so I decided to confront it. Yeah, it was a tough fight. I gotta learn job class skills in the future so my mana was put to use. Let's join their party or rest for now?", Kael asked him.

  "Nah! I gotta rest. I'm so dead tired now. I know that you are too.", Kelvin said to him.

  "Yeah! Let's rest for now. I will then treat you to the food stalls to eat! As promised!", Kael said to him.

   "Yeah, let's rest first.", Kelvin said to him.

   They went home while walking. The seemingly tired adventurers were walking at a steady pace. Looking at the sky that was beginning to shine. The river sounded beside them as they were walking. The adventurers were chatting random topics as they walk. Birds began to chirp as they saw the sun rises. The loud crickets began to be silent. Paving the same path from before, they saw the pleasant sceneries to their eyes while traveling. Deers hops towards the deeper forest when they were seen. Squirrels were panicking to hide when seen by the adventurers. Random chatting continued to be heard while they parading. 

  "Hey, do you know that winter is coming! It was getting cold now. The leaves were beginning to fall off from the trees.", Kael said to Kelvin.

  "Yeah I know, maybe we will visit the ramen shop! Thinking of the cold weather while sipping its soup will be an awesome experience. Gotta hurry to walk. I feel sleepy though, the river sound was not helping either.", Kelvin said to Kael.

   "Yeah, I am too tired to walk. I will be having body aches later on. Do you think we will be still awake when we will arrive in the capital? I wanna sleep here right now.", Kael said to him.

  "Dude! Don't sleep here! It's dangerous. We will have a carriage when we arrive at the mines! So hang on tight and don't sleep.", Kelvin said to him.

   "Oh, the mines! You have a carriage! Wait? You rented a carriage?", Kael blurted out.

   "Don't worry about it! It was from the guild master. He was worried that you will be swallowed alive. So he sends his carriages for faster travel.", Kelvin explained.

   "Oh, he was? He is such a worrywart. I will thank him later on. If he was still on the guild headquarters.", Kael said to him.

   They went on with their travel and paved the way with curves and straight. Not minding the animals on the way. They were seeing the red leaves of the maple trees that fell off the trees as the wind carries them. They have arrived at the mines where the carriages were waiting. Looking at the carriage, Kael felt sleepier. He was excited to sleep on the way. 

   The adventurers went inside the carriages and Helgurt checked their numbers. He counted them and were complete. None of them were missing. The miners began their work and they went inside the carriage. Kael was looking outside the carriage and was observing the miners. The campfire's woods were on embers and smoke was still going up from the campfire. The chefs were now making breakfast for them and were butchering a pig. The others were preparing the ingredients for the food. They began to leave as the lead carriage was beginning to move.

  Slowly, the carriages were running. Kael was getting more sleepy and he slept on the way. Kelvin was also sleepy. He closed his eyes while the carriage traveled. They paved the road towards the capital. The way was bumpy and mostly calm. It made the adventurers sleepy. Having a tired night that they managed to be alive was a feat for them. The others surrendered and their sleep came. While they were sleeping, the way was slowly lit by the sun. Rays of light pierced the forest and hits the ground. Birds chirped around their surroundings and the drivers whipped the horses to make the pace steady.

  The way was peaceful and was calm. Making them sleep in peace. With them traveling to the capital. They were silent and no one was talking. Some were snoring while sleeping. They traveled towards the capital and has arrived without knowing. The driver tapped the roof of the carriage to wake them up. The others were surprised and the knight nearly draws his sword. 

  "Hey wake up! Wake up! We've arrived at the guild headquarters!", the driver shouted.

   "What? What happened?", he shouted.

  "We've arrived!", Kelvin shouted. 

  "Let's go Kael! We need to sleep!", Kelvin said to him.

  "Yeah yeah! Let's go!", Kael said to Kelvin.

  They exited the carriage and went to the ugly duckling inn. The ugly duckling inn was a second rate inn, compared to the third rate inn where Kelvin resides in. There were lamps on the walls that were hanged. Lighting the room that they were walking in. Few people were drinking and eating at the same time. The room was made of wood and in the front of them, was a counter also made of wood. The receptionist was a girl and it was the first time that Kelvin saw her. Wiping the wooden mug with a clean cloth. 

  "Kael! How were you?", She asked him when she saw him being bloody.

  "I am fine! Don't worry. It needs only a bath and it will be cleaned. By the way, this is Kelvin! My new party member!", Kael introduced him.

  "I will be going now! I need to sleep early. We didn't sleep for the whole night.", Kael said to him.

  "Oh sorry! Go on, you need to sleep right?", she said to him.

  "Thanks! We will go now!", Kael said to her.

  They went to the second floor and Kael opened the room with his key. 

   "Oh! You're the first time here right! My room is room number six.", Kael said to Kelvin.

   Upon entering, Kelvin saw a bed with a pillow. A comfort room and a shower room on the right side. A room with ample space to have a jog around and exercise. A metal bar to hang the newly washed clothes and a window by the bed. White curtains were being hanged in the window and a lantern on the table with a chair.

   "This will be your new home! Let's wash before sleeping. I'm gonna go first!", Kael said to him.

   "Okay! I will wait!", Kelvin said to him.

  Kael removed the sword and his backpack. As well as his weights and cape. Kelvin also removed his armor and weapons. Kael washed in the shower room and went inside the bathtub. Feeling the cold water as he removed the blood of the snake from his dress. He was happily singing in his washing. The dress he was wearing was washed and he hanged it on the metal bar. Kelvin then washed in the shower room. He felt more comfortable in there even it was his first time washing there. Singing as he washed. 

  Kael on the contrary wiped his hair with a towel and hanged his towel to the metal bar. He went to his bed and waited to dry his hair. Kelvin finished washing and then he went out of the shower room. He saw Kael was already sleeping and he smiled looking at him. He hanged too his towel and went to the bed. He closed his eyes and began thinking of what he will do to the future. Getting enough money for the academy was on his mind but he likes to enjoy it too. Like all kids in the world of Lumia. 

    "I will become stronger in the future and avenge my mom. I will avenge her.", Kelvin said in his mind.


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