Lumia: Other World
121 Snaky predicamen
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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121 Snaky predicamen

"Men! Prepare for battle!", Helgurt shouted.

  He prepared them for the worst. The trees around them were shaking and rustling due to the coming enemies. The adventurers prepared for the worst and were ready anytime to defend. They will be attacking anything that will attack them. With their leader Helgurt, they believe that they will survive this predicament.

  Kael was also ready to slay anytime. With his enchanted sword in his hands, he was confident to take on any of her husbands. They were so many to count on your fingers. Kelvin was also on edge, he felt relieved because he saw Kael alive and kicking. Never felt so relieved in the past. He was smiling while looking at him. Immediately, he focused himself on the upcoming battle. 

   "They were coming! Prepare for battle!", Helgurt shouted.

   The adventurers prepared themselves to the fight and cast buffs unto themselves. Kael made a crackling sound as he twisted his neck to the right and towards the left. 

   "Huh, I gotta take down one. I will leave the rest to the others. Kelvin! Watch this!", Kael shouted at him and runs towards the enemy. 

  The snakes as big as pillars emerged from the forest and went towards them. Some were bigger than the others. Others were colored blue and another orange, some were brown and some were black. With the parading enemies, the ground was shaking. Mixed shrieking shouts were heard in the plains as they attacked. Kael launched himself towards the enemies and it was seen by Helgurt. They were shocked by his bravery. It was just foolishness towards them.

   Kael launched himself and attacked them.

[Enchant: Increase weight] 

  He attacked and slammed his sword to the head of the blue snake.


   His sword exploded like a heavy hammer that collided with another metal. The blue snake's head was hammered with a heavy sword. Helgurt was amazed by him and didn't want to lose at him. He also launched himself to the enemy. 

[Divine armor]

   His skin became as hard as iron.

[Omni armor]

   His defense became a thousand.

   He attacked with his shield and hammer. With cape on his back. He was seen as very heroic and awesome. Aspiring the hearts of the adventurers as they looked at his back.

  "Go Helgurt! You can do it!", they shouted to cheer him.

  Helgurt saw the enemy snake that was coming at him. He used his skill to distract the enemy. He lifted his hammer when the enemy attacked him.

[Blinding light]

  His hammer flashed a great light and it was blinding to anyone who sees it. Kael saw it and was amazed by his skill. Kael then focused on his fight and slammed another enemy. He evaded the blue snake's attack with a side step. Looking at their situation, the adventurers on the back were attacked by the rest of the enemies. They were surprisingly holding on to their formation. Having the Warriors, Paladins and Knights do the Tanking. The Rangers as well as the mages fired their ranged attacks. The priests were healing the tanks, making great teamwork. 

  Kael felt relieved as he saw the others were holding on to their formation. He runs when the snake dived at his foot and slamming the ground. He backward summersaults when he was attacked by another one on his left. He twisted and rotated in the air, slamming his sword to the orange snake's back. Kael heard something snapped on its back when he slammed his sword. He jumped from the back of the orange snake when he was attacked by the blue snake with a bite. It made the blue snake bite the back of the orange snake. 

  He was keeping two snakes being occupied at the same time. The orange one was attacking with his tail. Whipping Kael with its large tail. Kael received it with a parry. Smashing the ground with its heavy attack. Kael felt the heavy attack but managed to deflect it with his sword. It was enough to deflect the heavy blow of its tail but it made a toll on his shoulders.

  Kelvin was in the formation, he was assisting with the tanking and keeping the enemies at bay. The snakes were being attacked by the mages. Spells exploded one after another. The Paladins were using their skill [Blinding light] to keep the snakes think twice before attacking them. The mages were making use of it and attacked with combinations of spells. 

   The snakes shrieked as they were being fired at with spells. It was very damaging to their face when it explodes. Kael was attacking the two snakes, he dashed to them and made adjustments to his enchantments.

[Enchant: Fire damage]

[Enchant: Shockwave damage]

[Enchant: Sharpness]

   He dashed towards them and attacked aggressively. The snakes too attacked aggressively like him. They crawled towards him and lifted their heads like cobras. Kael ran towards them and the snakes launched their attacks. Opening their mouth and wanting to bite him with their sharp teeth. Kael slashed the orange one with his sword and its enchantments take effect as he slashed him. 

  It exploded and shockwaves at the same time. Slicing off its mouth as it attacked him. Kael then stepped back as he was assaulted with the blue one.

[Enchant: Increase weight]

  He throws the sword at it when it attacked him. It exploded and made a booming sound as he throws it at him. 

   Helgurt used his skills and buffs when he fought the enemy. He was currently attacking a rattlesnake type of snake that has overgrown itself. Rattling its tail as it attacked. Helgurt used his skill to make it think twice before attacking him.

[Blinding light]

   He used his skill and the rattlesnake was blinded. Making use of the situation, he dashed towards the enemy. 

[Heavy hitter]

  He used his skill and he was hammering the snake with his hammer. 

  Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

   He slammed his hammer four times and it made the enemy staggered a bit. 

   The snake bites him in a flash but he managed to evade in hair's breadth. Helgurt rotated and slammed his hammer again. 


   The snake was thrown towards the direction of his slam. He then used his skill of confronting large enemies.

[Summon giant hammer]

   He cast the skill and a giant hammer appeared on his head. Hammering the snake on the head. 


  It hammered the snake and its head was buried to the ground due to the impact. 

[Thundering hammer]

  He throws the hammer and it electrified the snake. It made the snake produced smoke when it was attacked with the electrifying hammer. 

   The teamwork of everyone was effective and it eliminated many snakes. Kael was also attacking another enemy. He attacked the enemy who was attacking the adventurers. He dashed to them and helped them.

  "Stop their attacks!", shouted the paladin.

   "Fire the spells!", shouted the senior mage.

   "Heal me!", shouted the warrior after he was blown by the attack of the snake.

   Kael slashed the snake that was attacking their formation. Smashing the enemy with his heavy sword that was heavy enough to blow off the snake. 


  The snake was blown by the force. It was rolling to the pain and it shrieked.

  "Whoa!", shouted the adventurers.

  They were shocked by the loud shockwave of the sword. He dashed to the enemy and was able to slice off the snake. 

   Shing! Shing! Shing! Shing!

   The snake's head was cut off by his sword. He landed on the ground and the head slammed to the ground. The other adventurers were once again reignited by his bravery. He went on with his slaughter. Helgurt was battling another one. The black snake that was assaulting him. He was panting and used his skills again to kill another one. Kael was slicing off the skin of the enemy snake and it was effective due to his enchantment "Sharpness". Kael dashed and sliced the scales and his sword buried within the scales of the snake. Making it shrieked to the pain. Helgurt was doing the same. He smashed the snake with his summoned giant hammer. Killing off the enemies one by one.

   The adventurers were also making the brown snake preoccupied. Having a combo of stun and dealing damage. The snake was distracted by the light and a barrage of spells was being thrown at him. The tanks were barely defending the attacks due to the force of the large snake were not to be trifled at. Making them blown to the force and the priests were healing them. 


   The snake bashed its head to the shield of the knight. Making him use all his force to block his attack. They were firing spells at him but the snake was tenacious. Kael rescued them and attacked it. He slashed its scales but its skin was as hard as the mother snake that he battled before. Kael remembered how he defeated the snake and shared it with them.

  "Mages! Use ice magic! Then attack it with fire!", Kael shouted.

   After he shouted, they heeded to his command. 

[Frozen nova]

[Ice breath]

[Ice hail]

[Ice lance]

[Ice missiles]

    They all fired the spells and it freezes the snake's scales. 

    "Now fire spells!", Kael shouted.

[Fire breath]




     The snake has obliterated as well as the snake that Helgurt was battling.


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