Lumia: Other World
120 Kelvin“s rescue part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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120 Kelvin“s rescue part 3

They shouted and hailed his name. Everyone was so happy that they praised Helgurt.

   "Helgurt Leomurds! Helgurt Leomurds! Helgurt Leomurds! Helgurt Leomurds!", they praised him like a hero. 

  Helgurt stands in the middle and he laughed.

  "Hahahahahahaha!!! Don't be happy about it! We were just starting! Let's go!", He shouted.

  Kelvin was curious just where did his panic come from. He was recently saying to retreat but when Kelvin saw his fighting, he was capable of defeating one.

  "He is strong but his cowardness was showing. Maybe he just does not want to lose the precious lives of his men. We will be in trouble if he didn't battle the snake. Thinking of it, Kael couldn't defeat the snake just like he did. Not underestimating Kael but he will still grow, like someone greater than the rank-A Helgurt Leomurds. With the skills of job classes, he will be stronger than them. Just an assumption but it could be true. Kael was waiting, we better hurry.", Kelvin said to himself.

  They ventured into the forest and watched the broken trees on the way. Some trees have bite marks and sunken teeth were present. It was a great battle that took place in the forest. Kelvin can also guess that Kael was just running away. Based on the tracks, not a trace of fighting back was seen. He could imagine that Kael went pretty far away. 

   While walking in the dark forest. They were carrying torches in their hands. The wind blows towards them and was coming from the outside of the forest. A place where the wind was freely rushing towards them because of the broken trees were not hindering its flow. Making the inside of the forest to be windy. Torches were being blown by the wind and their breathing was heard from their selves. The forest was too silent and it was only their noise was heard.

  Tak! Clak! Tak! Clak!

   Their footsteps were heard and the wind whoosh in their ears. 

  "It's spooky here, the wind was the only thing we can hear. There are only wind and no crickets, no animals, no nothing.", said the ranger to Helgurt.

   "It means that they passed here. Even the animals and crickets were silent because of them being afraid.", said Helgurt.

   "We should be hurrying up. Or we will be surrounded by the enemies here. The snakes were very good hunters but due to their very big body, they were easily heard when coming. Their scales were crackling when being rubbed to rough surfaces. They were heavy and that was causing them to produce sounds.", Kelvin said.

   They go on with their walking and the other adventurers were seeing small snakes. Some of them were on the trees and others were looking at them when they were flashed with the torch's light. 

   "This area will be marked as a snake territory. I will warn the other adventurers of this. They were not seen this many, but when the beginning of the great meteor shower. They became monstrous in size. I will investigate this in the future.", Helgurt Leomurds said.

   "You mean when the stars fell? They were connected?", Kelvin asked.

   "Yeah! It's a possibility but I think that many monsters became more cunning. Others were thinking like a person. The others were becoming like a tribe. Their instincts were evolving. And it all started when the meteor shower has fallen.", Helgurt said to him.

  "The meteor shower!? I think it was all because of the entities that were inside the meteors. They were called fallen.", Kelvin said.

  "The fallen? Do you mean Angels who rebelled? How do you know this?", Helgurt asked.

   "I have seen them. It was festival time in Shelkhem village. When the meteors fell near our plaza. They emerged from the meteor and made gates from the other world. Monsters came out and attacked everyone. I am a survivor of our village and I don't know who to talk to with this story. I am afraid to be called insane so I didn't tell it to anyone I didn't trust.", Kelvin said to him.

   "Hmmm, I believe you and we need concrete evidence. I will report this to the guild master. I hope we will be warned. Maybe they were the ones who mutated the monsters of Lumia. They must be the cause.", Helgurt said to Kelvin.

  "Yeah, you're maybe right. We should be prepared for the worst.", Kelvin said to Helgurt.

   They were walking with the scouts on the lead. Walking while hurrying but were still on guard. Kelvin was seeing the end of the forest and the scouts were seeing a great figure from afar.

   "What is that!?", the scout shouted by the distance.

   Kelvin and the others were alerted by his shout and were hurrying to see it also. Their hearts raced as they saw a great figure in the darkness. As the torches went nearer and nearer. They saw a great snake that was bigger than the snake from before. It was twice as big as the one they saw. Its eyes were bulging big and were red as roses. Its skin was frozen and many wounds that were very bloody. Massacred with many cuts on its skin. Its brown scales were dissected and removed. The brown skin was replaced with bloody flesh and its flesh was still moving. Vibrating like it was still alive. 

  It moved its head and the adventurers panicked. The mages and other ranged adventurers immediately fired spells.


[Rapid fire]

[Energy ball]

[Homing missiles]

[Fire breath]

[Exploding arrow]

[Wind blade]

[Lightning strike]

[Ice missiles]


   They fired it all in the face and it was exploding from one after another.

  "Stop! Stop! Stop! It's already dead!", Helgurt shouted.

  "Did we kill it!?", asked one of the mages.

  "Pretty much!", replied the other mage.

  From the explosions, emerged a man coughing from all the smoke. It approached them and saw that it was a kid.

  "Cough! Cough! Cough! What the hell was that! I nearly died there!", said the kid.

   Kelvin saw him and he can't believe what he saw. He dropped his torch and tears went down to his cheeks from his eyes.

  "Kael! You're alive!", Kelvin said to him.

  "Yeah! Pretty much!", Kael said to him.

  "Hey! So you killed it?", Helgurt asked him in a loud voice. 

   "Um pretty much! But hey! You've come to rescue me? Like all of you?", Kael asked them.

  "Everyone! The one who will be rescued was alive! We will be rewarded handsomely with him alive! Hey, Kael is it?", Helgurt asked him curiously. 

   "Yeah! Thank you for all your efforts to rescue me! I am deeply happy to know it.", Kael said to them while bowing.

   "Don't mind it, the guild master was the one who made it emergency quest so thank him instead of us.", Helgurt said to him.

  "So what do we do now? Let's go home! And party!", Helgurt said to Kael.

   Kael didn't felt that it was the right time to party but was silent.

   "Uh I'm sorry but we were in great danger right now.", Kael said to Helgurt.

   "What? You said that you killed the mother right?", Helgurt asked.

   "That's the reason why we were in danger. You see it was their mother.", Kael said to him.

  "What mother? What do you mean by "their"? You mean it was their mother?", Helgurt said bewildered.

   "You mean?", Helgurt said while still thinking.

  "Yeah! She was the mother of all snakes here in this forest. And her children were all the snakes here in this forest. Large or small, it was their mother. And you know what's frightening?", Kael said.

   "What's frightening?", Helgurts asked him.

  They were silent for a moment and Kael was thinking. 

  "It might have many husbands!", Kael said to them.

  They were shocked about it. Not knowing to say.

   "Huh! Polygamy!?", Kelvin shouted.

  "They're snakes got damn it!", Kael shouted.

  The adventurers laughed at Kael. They didn't know if they will believe him as telling the truth or just joking around.

   "Oh okay! Hahaha! So they will avenge their wife? Is it?", Helgurts asked him.

  "I know what I'm talking about! Like they were surrounding us right now!", Kael shouted.

  Helgurt observed the surroundings and He was alarmed.

  "Rangers! Observe if there are life signs in the perimeter!", He shouted.

  The Rangers used their skill [Detect life]. Just after it, the rangers reported.

  "Sire! we were detecting huge life signs all around us. Large enough to call it the husbands! Sir!", he shouted.

  "Huh! Everyone formation! Prepare for combat!", Helgurt shouted as he felt the need to go on defense formation. 

  The paladins and warriors were in the front and the rangers were drawing their bow. The priest was just behind the front line defense. The rogues were ready to attack anytime. The mages were in the center, preparing their spells for the upcoming battle.

   After they made their formation, shrieking sounds were heard from the forest. The forest was sounding as the trees were shaken. Their leaves were shaking and the sound was heard throughout the forest.


  "Men! It was nice meeting you all! Let's survive this one together!", Helgurt shouted.


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