Lumia: Other World
119 Kelvin“s rescue part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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119 Kelvin“s rescue part 2

Their thirty-two men include their leader Helhurt Leomurds. Carrying torches on their hands. They were marching on the paved road beside the river and can hear the trickling sound of the river. Leaves were carried away by the wind and falls on the ground. They were on one line and were looking out for each other when an enemy attacks. The wind blew the torches and it was making the fire go to their right. Kelvin was on the front to lead their way. Their leader was also on the front. Looking out for enemies and warn them in case of a surprise attack.

   "Hey, kid. Can I ask you when did you arrive at the Heltcliff falls?", Helgurt asked him.

  Kelvin felt surprised by his question.

  "Well, we arrived before it gets dark. Maybe it was when the afternoon was ending and the sun was setting.", Kelvin said to him.

   "Hmmm, that was pretty earlier this day. So you survived the cave with snakes?", he asked. 

   "I am saved by Kael. He soloed the snake and let it follow him. Making himself the decoy. I crawled for minutes but they went so far from the cave and maybe battling till now.", Kelvin said.

   "Is he strong?", he asked.

   "Yeah! But I don't know how strong he is. He was a combatant that was a master of techniques. He was strong enough to make the baby snakes battered like meat being smashed with a meat mallet. The mother snake will be a tough one but he can keep it occupied. He will be on evenly matched with it even he doesn't have a job class.", Kelvin briefly said.

   "I am sorry for belittling him. I am sure now why the guild master has taken a liking to him. To make us move when he sees he needed help. He invested in him and sees something in him. That was potential.", Helgurt said to him.

  "Yeah! He was that cool!", Kelvin said to him.

  They are walking and have been talking while on guard. They made a right curve and can hear the falls from afar. The rushing sound can be heard in the dark while they were walking.

   "We were near!", shouted their leader.

   They waited in the road and lets the rangers and rouges to scout. Leaving them and goes into the darkness towards the falls. Leomurds was now curious about what happened to them when they entered. He asked Kelvin what happened in detail. Kelvin happily told him all the details.

   "We were on the inside of the Falls. It has a cave inside it. We were investigating the traces and saw many bones with smashed armors. To our curiosity, we delve deeper and saw piles of bones and saw snakeskin as big as two carriages combined. After learning it all, we retreated and went to the exit. To our surprise, the exit was blocked by the mother snake. Maybe it thought that its babies can eat us. I fought but I was eaten and Kael was the one who saved me and killed all its children. After retreating, we saw the passage that was blocked before was now opened. We hurried towards the exit but the mother snake found out that we slaughtered its children. It shrieked loudly and has caught up with us. Thus Kael made himself the decoy and fled in the forest. I hurried to go here but it was hours that passed.", Kelvin said to him.

   Leomurds patted his shoulders and was happy.

   "Thank you for telling me about it. Now I know more about Kael. He is a brave man. Well, let's go. The scouts have arrived.", he said to Kelvin.

   The scouts arrived and they were hurrying to tell their report.

   "Sir Helgurt! We have seen anaconda class snakes killed and an old snake mother skin was seen. If we can estimate it, it was century-old sir!", the scout said.

   The other adventurers were surprised by it but were excited. They can't wait for a battle worth to be told at the taverns and become history. Thinking of it, they felt fire burning in their hearts and minds. Bolstered their will and passion to kill. 

  "Alright, men! Let's track the snake! It will leave tracks due to its big body! Now who wants to have a good memorable battle!", Helgurt shouted.

  "Aye!", they shouted.

  "Rangers and rogues! Track the snake tracks! We will be hunting it down!", Leomurds commanded them.

  "Yes sir!", They shouted.

   With the scouts that lead the way. They cross the river and found out the big tracks of the crawling animal. Trees were blown down by the force and ground was hoisted by the holes made by the snake. Caved-in holes were on the ground and were all over the place. Ripped trees from the ground were all over the place and were continuing towards their north. 

  "The snake was too big not to make tracks. It would make our tracking easier.", said the rogue scout.

   "Good! Let's just follow these tracks right?", said Helgurt. 

   "Yeah! We have to hurry to locate the enemy.", he replied.

   "Alright let's move. A snake was waiting for us.", Helgurts said.

   Kelvin saw many trees were blown and they entered the forest with many snapped trees in half. If he imagines it, its force was to enough to kill him instantly. Luckily, he has an armor that was enough to resist the damage. If that was an armor of artifact grade. He was continuing their travel and their hunting team was following the tracks. The scouts were like sniffing dogs that knows the way. 

  As they continued, the scouts saw many piles of bones on the way. They felt disturbed by it and continues their path. 

   "Sir I am afraid that the enemy was not just alone. I think this place was one of the breeding places of another snake.", the ranger scout said.

  "Another snake? It was not alone?", Helgurts said worriedly.

  "Yeah, and I think that we were just in the middle of their hunting grounds.", the scout said to him.

   "What!? We need to retreat! I don't like to lose adventurers' lives for a single person! We might end our lives here!", Helgurt said to the scout.

   "But sir! We are near the target location! I can feel it!", said the rogue scout.

  "We don't have much time to argue about this! Let's retreat!", Helgurts said in a panic.

  Kelvin felt dismayed by it but he was hearing noises from the distance. Crackling noise was heard by everyone. It was produced by scales that were heavily rubbed on the ground and has made a loud noise as it moves. They felt silent and heard the sound from their north. Kelvin knowing it all, shouted to warn them. 

   "It comes from a large snake! The enemy was a big one!", Kelvin shouted.

   The crackling sound was getting louder and louder. It was coming from all directions and they can hear it was encircling them. Helgurt being the leader, ushered them to make a formation. He felt the immediate need for them to make a formation.

  "Mages and rangers, to the center! Warriors and Paladins, make a defense formation! Priest! heal as much as you can! Rogues! Deal damage as you please. Swordsman and fighters! Fight with extra care. Don't get killed!", he shouted.

   Immediately, they followed his instructions. They went into formation and readies for a fight. After they formed together, the animal in the shadows shrieked loudly. 


  They were alerted by its defeaning sound. It showed its head towards them and the light of torch was lighting its shiny brown scales. Its eyes were red and it has dark spots on its skin.

  They saw the snake, so big that it was like a pillar of huge buildings. The snake was watching them and can feel the heat that was emanating from their warm body.

   "Prepare the range attacks!", Helgurt shouted.

   After the snake heard it, it was alarmed. Its instinct says to him to kill the potential threat to their place. It bellowed and launched his attack.

   They fire their arrows and fireballs at the snake and it exploded to its face.


  It shrieked to the pain and breath out poison gas. The adventurers were covered with the gas and the mages fired a wind spell [Gust]. Making the poison fog to be carried and sucked by the wind spell.

  Looking at its efforts to be wasted. It went back to the dark. 

   "Be aware! It was preparing to charge!", Kelvin shouted.

   Immediately after he shouted. It charged at them and their formation was destroyed. Fearing to be run through, they dispersed for the charge not to hit them. With the formation broken. It thrashed all over the place. The mages were running as they were being targeted. 

  Helgurt saw the situation thus he turned serious. He used his spells to attack the enemy.

[Blinding light]

   A bright light was made from his hammer and it made the snake blind.

[Summon giant hammer]

  He summoned a giant hammer from his head and it hammered the head of the snake.

[Thundering hammer]

   He throws his hammer that carries lightning. It electrified the snake with his attack.

  "And last but not the least!", Helgurt shouted.

[Omni armor]

   He attacked the snake without fear due to him being his armor risen to thousands. 

[Heavy hitter]

   Helgurt's swing of his hammer was light for him but carries a ton when hit to the enemy. 

  He smashed the hammer to the snake and it made the snake thrown to the force. It bellowed and flees for his life.

  The adventurers shouted with joy and hailed his name. 


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