Lumia: Other World
118 Kelvin“s rescue
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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118 Kelvin“s rescue

Kelvin was running in the cold night. The breeze of the air was making his armor to be as cold as ice. Running with his torch on his off-hand and has nothing on his dominant hand. Running as fast as he could without looking back. As he was running for an hour, he saw the gate of the city. With the guards on the gate, he asked them to help him but he was rejected. He went to the adventurer guild as the last resort. Putting off the light of his torch as he arrived at the town. The town was lit by lamps and he passed by a bridge with a small river. Reflections were seen as the lights were reflecting his eyes. Townfolks were passing him by while he was running. He was seen by the others and they were disturbed by his hurrying up. He was running towards the adventurers guild and saw that it was still open. He relaxed and try to be as calm as possible. The other adventurers were going home as they finished their missions. Kelvin approached the desk and reported his mission.

  "Oh! Hi! How can I help you? Um, where is your comrade? I thought that you are a party?", She asked Kelvin.

  "The mission was a success! We investigated the Heltcliff falls and found out that it was a snake monsters infested cave. We retreated as we saw giant snake but Kael made himself the decoy for me to report. He was fighting that giant mother snake now!", Kelvin said to her.

  "I'm sorry for making him do that quest. It was out of his rank to handle. We will immediately make extermination quest and rescued him.", She said to him.

  "All adventurers! We have an emergency right now! The difficulty of the mission was an A-class! We will have an extermination quest! A mother snake to be exact! A reward of a gold coin to the ones who will join the quest and another gold coin to the ones who will combat the snake!", she shouted.

   "Thank you very much! I hope that we will arrive on time!", Kelvin said.

   "Don't worry about it! it was our job to secure the welfare of our employees! We will be ready and will leave immediately.", she said to him.

   "The location was in the Heltcliff falls. I hope we have a tracker and pathfinder. A ranger that has that skills.", Kelvin asked her.

  "I can assure you that we have that on our ranks. Don't worry about it.", she said to him.

   "Thanks a lot! We will be going then!", Kelvin said to her.

   They readied themselves with different job classes on their ranks. They have a total of thirty-two in numbers. All including Helgurt Leomurds of rank A paladin class. 

  He approached Kelvin and he was smiling. He tried to talk to Kelvin while being calm. A fully armored guy with a helmet on his waist.

  "Hello, I am Helgurt Leomurds. I am just curious, was it you who reported a big snake was inside the Heltcliff falls?", Helgurt asked him.

   "Yeah! It was me and my friend Kael!", Kelvin said to him.

   "I am glad you survived. I don't know if your friend will survive it but let's hope he will. I will put down that beast and carry its head home as a trophy!", Helgurt said to him.

  Kelvin was baffled by his speech, thinking that the head was as large as two carriages combined.

   "Ahahahaha, um well you see the snake can swallow two carriages in one bite. You gotta need big carriages to put it on.", Kelvin said shyly.

  "Oh, that big! Now I doubt your friend to survive! Let's just carry him home. At least he will still be buried in a formal grave.", Helgurt said to him.

   Kelvin didn't know if he will be annoyed at him or pity him. He was just ignorant of the snake and Kael. Kelvin doesn't blame him for it. He pitied him with his reaction. Still, he will help him to rescue Kael. So he ignored his feelings and carry on. 

   With the paladin Helgurt as their leader, Kelvin was assigned to be the guide. He immediately ushered them to go to the Heltcliff falls as he knows that every wasted time was detrimental to Kael's survival. They assembled themselves outside the adventurer guild. Their leader made a brief message before leaving. 

  "We will rescue Kael on the mother snake who attacked him and hope that he was still alive and kicking when we arrive there. I was told by the guild master that he was a talented guy and the guild master was a benefactor of him himself. He told me to save him as much as I can. So we will be moving by carriage and arrive there immediately to rescue him. That's the briefing and let's not waste time. Go!", he said to them and they went to the carriages.

   Kelvin was feeling very happy but he was also feeling worried. Not knowing what happens on Kael's part. But he knows that Kael was a tough guy to kill so he was confident that Kael was surviving with all his might. 

   "Hiya!", shouted the driver as he whips the horse.

   Immediately they left the adventurers guild and the town. Passing the people as the horse galloped on the way. Three carriages were hurrying towards the exit of the town and they exit the town gate. The carriages went towards the forest. Hearing the cold wind that was brushing the carriage as they traveled, they were cozy inside the carriage despite the cold wind outside. It has a heater inside the carriage. The way was dark with the leaves falling in the road. Some puddles of water were on the way and were splashed with the wooden wheels as they passed it by. The dark way was only lit by the lamp they have on the edge of the carriage. Two lamps were on both sides as we as on the back.

  "Hiya!", shouted the driver while mercilessly whipping the horse. They were hurrying to arrive in the Hentana mines which were recently established. There were mixed howls of several wolves on the way. Kelvin was sitting inside and they were looking at him. They were observing him as they thought of him being the one who reported the emergency mission. It was an emergency that even it was still night, they ignored their sleep and followed their charismatic leader–Helgurt Leomurds. They were wondering if this kid was telling the truth.

  Meanwhile, Kelvin was worried about Kael. He was thinking of his last moments with him as he fled with the enemy. Hoping that his last moments with him were not the last. He kept hoping that he will still see him.

  "Kael please survive and be alive! We were coming to rescue you. They will be helping us to fight that gad damn snake! I hope you are still alive before we arrive.", Kelvin said to his mind. Holding his bow that Kael gave.

  The carriage was still going on a cold night and it was running at full speed. Passing the road that was like an intestine. They went hard left then hard right. They were traveling faster than Kelvin's running. He was sitting inside and saw in the window, the shadows that were like a log. He felt that they were being followed by a large entity.

  "The snake followed us?", Kelvin was feeling a sense of dread as he saw something crawling in the shadows. 

  "Nah maybe I am just imagining it. Maybe I am just tired. That's it.", Kelvin said in his mind to calm himself.

  He was still looking outside and saw the shadow did disappear. It stopped following them. 

  "See!? It was just my imagination. Gotta keep my mind sane or I'm getting phobia of snakes. I mean, I am eaten by one right?", Kelvin said in his self. 

  They were traveling and Kelvin's fear subsided. They saw the camp of the miners from afar. Seeing their camp made Kelvin felt elated. Seeing people were satisfying to him. The carriage stopped and the driver tapped the roof of the carriage. They went outside the carriage and saw the encampment of miners. Some were huge tents that were made of animal skins. Huddled together and there was a large campfire on the west side of the tents that was still burning with large woods that fueled it. Their leader called their attention and announced the adventurers. 

  "We will walk by foot from here on. The road towards the Heltcliff falls was inaccessible to the carriage. We will be on guard knowing that the enemy will be alerted by now. Thinking that their den was attacked. We will be alerted too. Not knowing the numbers of the enemy has to be put on your mind. According to our survivor, the enemy was a mother snake that was outgrown and can swallow two carriages at one gulp. Be careful and we don't know if it was only one or more. We will go now, our person to rescue was waiting.", he ended his message and they went on towards the Heltcliff falls. Marching while carrying torches by their hands.


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