Lumia: Other World
117 Kael“s decoy part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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117 Kael“s decoy part 2

"Ice and Fire that's it!", Kael shouted.

  He was struck with a bright idea. The snake was bewildered by his presence. It was thinking just a second ago that its prey was a little bug that can be crushed instantly. But now it was seeing an enemy that can be unpredictable. It was wiggling its belly and was observing Kael for a minute. The snake was looking at him and can only see a child in its eyes. Wondering how did that child make a mess to her. 

   She immediately attacked and breathed poison on Kael. Kael saw the upcoming poison breathe that was coming towards him. He readied his weapon and enchanted it with his enchantment.

[Enchant: Shock-wave damage]

   He switched his weapon on the flat part and fanned the smoke she breathed. Fanning it with booming sound and was making the smoke dispersed. 


  He used the shock wave of the enchantment and was fending off the smoke. She breathed poison gas and Kael was dispersing it with another fanning attack. With the attack of the mother snake becoming ineffective. She attacked him with a charge. 

   Kael switched his weapon to its bladed part and disenchant all damage enchantments.


  He removed the enchantments and enchanted one enchantment.

[Enchant: Ice damage]

   He enchanted ice damage to his sword and was getting ready for another attack. The snake was getting agitated and launched her attack. She slammed her closed mouth to the ground and Kael was barely evading her strike. Kael jumped forwards and slashed her skin in her attack. He went flying forwards and his sword was sparking in the process of his slash.

   Kael looked back and saw that the skin was freezing. He saw that the scales were bluish-white on the outer part and was planning to attack again. When he looked back, the snake was not making breath for a second. She launched her attack again and slammed her mouth to Kael. Kael twisted and summersaults backward and landed on the ground. In split seconds, he was attacked again with her charge. He deflects it with his sword and her mouth was frozen. But it made Kael thrown on the impact. 

  He slammed his body in the ground and rolled three times. He saw that another attack was coming so he flicks the ground and he went upwards. The ground he was in a second ago was slammed by the mother snake's mouth. Throwing stones and dirt as he left that place. Moving upwards, he landed a little further from his former place. He was holding his sword and was intrigued by the sound of the scales crackling. 

   "I need to be on the offensive to create as much ice on her scales as possible. Looking at it, I need to get closer. With the current situation, I need to be more agile and dexterous. Maneuvering while in the air and evading her strikes with all I've got. Looking at its scales, it was cracking as she moves drastically. Let's exploit it more! More ice! And more movement!", Kael said in his mind.

  "Here I go!", he shouted and dashed towards her.

  He was seen and she moved her head upwards like lifting her head. She made instantaneous dive at Kael with a banging sound. Kael evaded by twisting upwards and was rotating. He slashed her skin as he was rotating, leaving icy skin in the process. The snake lifted again her head and she saw Kael was scratching her scales on her back. Kael was running on her scales and was piercing the skin while running. 

  He managed to make an icy scales and it crackles as she moves. He was running and the snake pounced at him. He evaded by jumping off the back and slashed her chin. Making it to be frozen in the process. He runs again and was being chased. A booming sound was just behind him as he was chased by her.

  "This is crazy! I got to be faster to be able to escape her. But the scales were now brittle like glass. Gotta make more icy scales.", Kael thought about his plan.

  He ran and evades the strike from the back. He encompassed her to make damage to her tail. Evading while he can. He saw the tail of the humongous snake on her back. He dashed and slammed his sword to the tail and it was frozen.


   She wailed to the pain she got from him. Making her tail upwards into ice. Kael dashed to the front of her and began his real attack. After the initial preparation of icy scales, the fire damage was the real deal. Kael disenchants his ice damage and puts fire damage instead.

[Enchant: Fire damage]

  He focused himself and readies for the attack of the enemy. With the enemy being hurt, she will thrash all over and will become berserk. 


  She bellowed again. She was wiggling her body and was rolling over. She went enraged and her eyes went red. She attacked faster than before. Launching at full speed towards Kael.

   "She's so fast!", Kael said frantically.

  Kael saw her attack but felt unfazed by her sudden upgrade. She attacked him with a charge and Kael slashed her with his sword while side-stepping.

  "She's faster than before! I barely evaded her strike!", Kael said in his mind.

   He gulped saliva and smiled. 

  "The conditions were set. Making true damage commencing.", He said then his slashes were followed by explosions.


   He evaded her strike and she was exploding nonstop as Kael was slashing her scales.


   Another slash was made followed by explosions.

  The snake was shrieking as she wiggled. The scales were falling off of her back and Kael's attacks were proving to be effective. Kael can be seen smiling when he saw the enemy's scales were falling off. He saw that the enemy was being undressed but he still have much to do. 

  "I am still far from getting the job done. Gotta deal as much damage as possible.", Kael said to himself.

  As he can see, the enemy has its skin peeled off forcefully. But it was now more enraged than before. Feeling its body being played at was making her annoyed and aggravated. Thinking that her previous scales were peeled off and her majestic body was defiled. It would be years to take back and regain her beauty and heal her wounds. Thinking of it, she was also agitated and her rage was on the roof when she thinks that her babies were not yet avenged. She agonized to the pain of her heart and the pain of her body. Shrieking and bellowed to her grief.

   "At least I can make your sufferings end by killing you. What do you think?", Kael shouted at her.

  The snake looked at him and attacked again. She opened her mouth and wanted to bite Kael for what he has said.

   "Good! She felt agitated. Here is my chance.", Kael murmured.

  She opened her mouth and Kael readies his sword.

[Enchant: Lightning damage]

[Enchant: Fire damage]

[Enchant: Ice damage]

[Enchant: Poison damage]

[Enchant: Shockwave damage]

[Enchant: Increase weight]

  He finished enchanting and the snake's mouth was opened. She attacked and its teeth were sharp as blades. Kael saw it approaching and swings his sword to his back. He rotated and then throws the heavy sword towards her mouth. 

  He throws it into her mouth and it exploded with a boom.


  The former was the fire explosion and the later was the shockwave explosion. With it stuck on her mouth, she was agonizing to the pain. Even though his sword was still putting damage, she ignored the pain and focused to attack Kael. 


  She shrieked at Kael. If Kael saw her as a human, she was in her tears and was crying not knowing what to do. It was sad though that she was eating countless people in the past. Making her worthy of being punished. 

  Kael felt that he needs to run and evade while the snake was constantly in pain. He saw that the snake was thrashing all over. Running towards him. 

  He ran and was chased by her. 

  "Run Kael! Got damn it! Or she will eat you whole!", Kael shouted as he runs.

  He was chased and he was attacked from the back. 


  She thrashed on the ground and the rocks and pebbles were all thrown off. He was assaulted by rocks who were accidentally thrown at him when she slammed her face. He was thrown away and got slammed on the ground. Despite the pain that struck Kael, he went again running and drank a health potion. He went running and running and the snake thrashing towards him.

  "Waaaaaaa!!!", he shouted as he was jumping from the snake's attacks. 

  "I will use aura but will it be able to affect her? She has huge health and it will only be effective on small targets. I guess let's put our hope to the sword. I think it was constantly damaging her, up until now."


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