Lumia: Other World
116 Kael“s decoy
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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116 Kael“s decoy

"Kael!", Kelvin shouted.

  Kael dashed towards the exit of the cave and run through the running water. With his decoy, Kelvin was safe. He dashed and exited the falls while hurrying. He passed the pouring water from above the waterfalls. Feeling the cold water run through his body. 


  The mother snake shrieked on his back and it pounced him. Kael evaded it by side-stepping and dashed into the woods. With his floating lamp on hand, he was lighting up the way. Running without looking back as the snake's scales crackles as it was rubbing its scales to the rocks and hard surfaces. Kael was on his top speed and with his increased speed enchantment, he can maneuver in the trees with great speed. He was jumping from trunk to trunk to confuse the snake mother. 

  He was like a fish in the water. Running on the woods and evading the strikes of the snake. The upgrown roots were also making his running difficult but it didn't hinder his movements.


  Another strike was launched at him and was evaded. Striking the trees in the process. Cracking sounds were heard as the trees went down. The trees went crashing towards him and he desperately evaded it. The snake was having a hard time because of its big body. The trees were crowded and it has to run through them. Making use of the trees was his plan to make the snake have a hard time. 


  It bellowed again in anger. From his back, he can still hear the sound of its hissing. Kael thought that he has to gain a distance so it will not immediately go back to the cave where Kelvin was located. Keeping the snake preoccupied for the time being and he was killing the time in case some help will come. But looking at the situation he was in, he will be getting help from higher leveled adventurers in the day time. It will be hours of combating with the enemy and it proved to be difficult to stay up and running by that time.

  With it being the case, he was not even losing hope. He can survive this predicament and he was the best in surviving. He has survived a baby dragon in the past and he thought that he can also survive an outgrown snake. Even just by himself.

  "The scales of this mother snake was ten times stronger than its children. It would be hard to make damage in the skin of ten-times-stronger-than-steel scales. But the lightning damage was able to pierce through the scales. The other enchantments were also making damage and it was not so effective than the lightning damage. Gotta move fast, the enemy were catching up.", Kael said.

  He was running in the forest and saw a pack of wolves. He was seen by them with light floating on his head and they planned to surround him. Kael was running towards them and they growled at him. They barked at him and was in the formation to attack anytime. 

  Even though they were in an arc formation, Kael just passed them by and the snake behind him slammed its face in the pack of wolves. They flew over and were scattered like there was a bomb that had exploded in front of them.

  He went running and running in that cold night. The leaves were rustling behind his back and it was enough to make him worry. Their distance was not getting far from each other. He was worried that he will run out of haste potion and was left with no option but to fight. He assessed the situation and thought that if he put off the lights and poured sense hindering potion, he can hide from it. And speaking of hiding, where will it be? He was thinking of a plan to hide, but the enemy was fast enough to cope up with him in that distance. He will also become temporarily night blind when he will put out his light. In which in favor of the snake who uses its hearing and tongue to sense him.

  He was running faster as he felt that the rustling sound was getting nearer. He can feel the presence of the snake getting nearer. He went running in his eleven-o-clock but it was still not getting tired. He drank haste potion and stamina potion and throws the bottle on his back. Which was broken and crushed by the snake. He then felt the lightness of his body. Having the effects being felt by Kael, he ran faster and faster. Bursting while he has the energy and speed to do the simple task and it was to run away.

  "This monster was frightening. I can't imagine how to win but it was for the better to avoid contact. I have poison damage but it won't reach its flesh. Giving it bashing damage will only make it berserk and not enough to make it stunned. Gotta find a place to hide but it was close to the impossible. Just how did this thing live for decades? For centuries? I don't know the answer. But I will try to kill it if it will be an all-out brawl. But I can't imagine myself winning. I hope Kelvin was doing fine. I have a great time with him. Let's hope that I will survive and treat him with food. After I will survive this, I will be having a day off. Gotta enjoy in the future.", Kael said in his self.

  He was running and can hear his footsteps. It fell silent with just his steps and it made him worried.

  "Where is the snake! I can't hear the sound of its crawling!", Kael screamed on his mind. 

   Not expecting that the snake will leave him all behind so suddenly. Kael looked back and the sound was gone. Immediately, he felt great danger struck him as he looked at his front. The snake was just in front of him.

  It slammed its face to the ground. Just below his feet. Kael was surprised and he was struck with dirt all over and he rolled four three times. The floating lantern was still radiating its light. He can see it while he was on the ground. Looking up above, he saw the snake was hissing. It saw Marlin be blacked out so he tried to grab the opportunity. It lifted Marlin on his right foot using its tail. Marlin still felt dizzy and was looking down on its big mouth. It was opening and it was just below Marlin. Marlin saw it and he regained his senses. 

   "Here eat this!", Marlin shouted.

   He grabbed his sword and enchanted it.

[Enchant: Increase weight]

  He dropped the sword to the mouth and it exploded and sparked while producing shockwave. Other enchantments were also present as it dropped.


  It pierced the mouth and went inside its body. It wailed and screamed in the process. Due to the pain, it has felt, it throws Kael to the ground. It bellowed but it can't do a thing.

  "The enchantments were steadily doing damage inside as it was detecting a monster. I didn't think acting weak in front of you would be your demise.", Marlin said.

  The monster was enraged and it puked out the weapon. Stabbing the ground as it was spat by the snake. Marlin dashed and grabbed the sword and flicked it to remove the slimy saliva of the snake.

   "Bring it on! I won't cower anymore!", Kael shouted.

  He was worried about a nearby person that will be caught with their fight so he goes to the woods beside the river and ran away further to have a solitary fight with the snake. He pointed his weapon to his enemy and looked at it with fierce eyes. The snake on the contrary was enraged by the feeling of getting hurt inside its belly. It made her wanted to also do the same thing and make the enemy feel the pain of what she has endured. It gathered air inside its lungs and breath out the poison she has. 

  Kael was running towards the exit of the woods saw an open space. It looked like it was a grassy plain. He saw the snake following him and so he dashed with greater speed. He was ready to fight anytime so he dashed and dashed. 

   Both of them exited the forest and Kael was holding his weapon tighter. He ran towards the open plain and the snake was getting impatient. It assaulted Kael without any further ado.

   "Here! Snaky snaky!", Kael shouted.

  He was attached by its charge and he sidesteps a bit. Slashing its hard scales with his sword. It was sparking and exploding in the process. Some parts of its scales were frozen and it was being exploded at.

   "Ice and fire! That's it!", Kael screamed.

  "If I froze the skin and  then light it up. Maybe its scales will be shattering like a glass!", Kael screamed.


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