Lumia: Other World
115 Heltcliff falls part 6
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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115 Heltcliff falls part 6


  Kael and Kelvin's skin hairs went up as they heard the loud shriek of the snake. They looked back and stared at each other. Without a waste of time, their instinct acted and they blasted running towards the exit.

  "Kelvin run! As fast as you could!", Kael shouted to him.

   "Yes yes! I'm running! I'm running!", Kelvin shouted to him.

  Kelvin was running but he looked back when he heard rumbling sounds coming from their back.

   "Don't look back Kelvin and just run!", Kael said to him.

  "Kael, maybe it will hunt us down till we were found. We killed its children in the first place! So it will avenge their death.", Kelvin explained. 

   "It blocked the exit in the first place! What do you think we would do? Sit here and let her eat us?", Kael shouted.

  "No, not of course! At least let us beat her.", Kelvin said.

  "And how do we do that? You were swallowed by its baby in the first place! And now you want to face the mother?", Kael said irritatingly. 

  "Oh yeah! You're right! But how do we escape its speed? We will get chased for who knows how long!". Kelvin said to him.

   "Hmmm, you've got a point! But we will be at disadvantaged here inside its lair. At least outside where we can fight all out.", Kael said.

   They were running as fast as they could. Without a hint of second thoughts about what they were doing. Kelvin's armor was clanging but he has speed like of Kael. Who were not using armor. He has enchanted his boots with haste and Kelvin's armor was also not losing against its speed. Following the passage they were running through, they can feel the air was coming from the farther away. Thinking of it, it was a sign that they were nearing the exit. 

  Even though their speed was fast, the rumbling sound from their backs was getting louder and louder. As they were running towards the exit, they heard another shrieking sound. 


  A shriek that was much louder than before. 

   "Kelvin it's getting closer! Closer than before!", Kael shouted.

   "I will hold it off but you need to run!", Kelvin said to Kael.

   "Don't you dare do that! I will kill you myself if you wanna play the hero! I wasted a revival stone for Pete's sake and you will do that?!", Kael shouted.

  "Okay okay! I will survive! Jeez, I can't joke on you.", Kelvin said.

   "It was the worst joke in this type of situation! I will surely get you beaten later on!", Kael shouted.

   "Hahaha!!! You sure will!!!", Kelvin said to him.

   They ended their talking as the sound of the snake was just behind them. 


   As they turned around, they saw the biggest snake in their lives. Having a size of a pillar of large buildings and its face has only one description–a monstrosity. It has many scars on its face. Having a steel-like skin was its best perk but it breathed purple fog.


  "Poison gas! Don't inhale it!", Kael shouted. 

   "Go! Go! Go! Run!", Kelvin shouted.

   They went running and can hear the sound of falls were just in the distance. 


  "Hurry up Kelvin! We were near!", Kael shouted.

   They went running and the snake pounced at them. 


  Rubbles were all over the place as it slammed its mouth to the tunnel walls. Making Kelvin thrown to the force. Luckily, he evaded in hair's breadth but he rolled over after he evaded. Kael was shocked by the process. 

   "Kelvin! Run!", Kael shouted.

   The snake lifted again its head and looked at them. It was looking at Kelvin and was readying itself to launch again its attack. Kael felt alarmed by it and he wants to divert its attention.

  "Hey! Over here! Snaky!", Kael was grabbing the snake's attention.

  He slammed the sword to the ground and it sparked, exploded, and vibrated. Making the sense of the snake to be distracted. It looked at Kael and it ignored Kelvin on the process. Kael removed the enchantment of increased weight and enchanted weightlessness on all his weights and weapon.

  "Over here snaky snaky", Kael shouted as he kept pounding his sword to the ground.


   It bellowed a deafening sound, making both of their ears hurt. It crawled to the ground and was after Kael. 

  "Good! Good! Now follow me!", Kael shouted.

   It crawled and its scales were crackling on the rocky surface. Kael dashed towards the exit and saw the water of the falls descending from the top. Kael runs towards it and he was chased by the terrifyingly fast enemy. Despite its very large body, it was as quick as its babies. Kelvin was shocked by the process and was left by the two. He was feeling dizzy as he accidentally bumped his head on the rock as he evaded the attack of the large reptile. 

   "Kael! What are doing!", Kelvin bellowed.

  The two of them exited the cave and he was left alone there in the dark. He crawled and then felt that the effect of the armor's enchantments was healing him. It had health recovery in it so he was slowly healing. Despite it all, he was feeling great pain in his heart. He can't accept that he was saved again.

  "Damn Kael! Don't you die! You said that you will treat me with food!", Kelvin shouted.

  He was standing up and was regaining strength. Without delays, he dashed to the exit and felt the water rushed in his back. Feeling its coldness, he exited the cave and saw that it was silent outside. As the sky was being danced upon by the stars, he looked at their flickering radiance. The moon was on its crescent and the crickets cried with their songs. Kelvin felt lonely as he shouted for Kael's name.

  "Kael!!!", he bellowed with all his might.

   He grabbed the wood on the campfire and poured wrapped it with a cloth. After it, he poured oil and lighted it with his flint. Sparks were emitted from the flint and it was enough to light it up. He grabbed the wood and he lighted up his way. He didn't know where Kael was nor the snake. All he could hear was the crickets' loud sound. 

   He ran desperately to the night as he made a torch. Following the way from where they have paved in the past. Running in the night as he was holding his torch. He was beside the river and the trees were rustling their leaves as the wind passes them by. Wolves were howling and howls of deers were reverberating the surroundings. The leaves were seen by the torch's light as they fell towards the river. On the other side of the river, some wolves can't cross due to them being afraid of water. They definitely can't swim towards the other side. They can only growl on Kelvin.

  He was panting in the process after running for an hour. Just up ahead was an encampment of the miners and he requested help. He saw a guard of the miners and has a big bulky build. He approached him for a chance of being helped.

   "Please help my friend who was chased by the mother snake! Please I beg you!", Kelvin asked him.

  Despite Kelvin knows that they were just a bunch of miners guards, he asked them. He was desperate to save his friend.

  "Are you crazy? We were miners! Not a gad damn adventurers! Go away!", said the one who he asked.

  He asked them but he was only being told to go away. He was left with another thought to go to the adventurers guild. All he can hope was he was still alive. Knowing that the adventurers will surely help was on his mind so he went away towards the capital. Running again in the night and was holding his torch. The road was clear and Kelvin's stamina was greatly replenished by the stamina regeneration that his armor has. He went running without resting and paved the road towards the capital. He can feel the chilly breeze of the air and it was sounding with whooshing sound when it was touching the trees. His armor was also being touched and can feel the air go inside his armor's gaps. 

  He was tirelessly running to the woods and was a live target of wolves. He can fend them off but it will be wasting his time. He hoped that Kael will survive this predicament but it was the mother snake that they were talking about. A great defense and great health. Possessing it both and has a poison breath will make Kael go to his limits. He will run out of potions and he needs back up. It was what Kelvin's thoughts so he didn't recklessly follow Kael. It would only make Kael's efforts to be wasted.

  He dashed and was breathing out steamy air. Without delays and without wasting time. 


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