Lumia: Other World
114 Heltcliff falls part 5
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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114 Heltcliff falls part 5

Kael immediately killed the snake without letting it suffer. Because it was digesting its prey and was weakened temporarily. Kael then sliced the snake using his sword. With the effects of sharpness enchantment and increased durability, he managed to slice the belly of the brown snake. Being shined brightly by the floating lantern, he dissected the beast with his tool.


   The armored Kelvin went out from the belly and it thumped the ground. Sounding the metal armor on the floor.

  Kelvin! Kelvin! Do you hear me?", Kael asked but he was not responding.

  He panicked and removed the helmet. He saw Kelvin lifelessly laying down on the floor and was not breathing. Kael checked his pulse but it was not palpitating. Kael felt that he was still warm but not breathing. 

  "Kelvin! Kelvin! Stay with me! I am sorry for leaving you there. I'm sorry for my incompetence! I left you out in that darkness without light. Gosh! I wish I didn't choose this mission. I deeply regretted it! So please! Wake up!", Kael said in a lonely voice. 

  He felt that his heart once again being crushed. Not knowing what to do. He tried to do what he can by reviving him. Tears fell from his cheeks and he was whimpering by looking at his new friend. It was not so long that they knew each other but he was the truest friend to him. Treating him like a brother was what made Kael feel more pain as he cherished him. He was thinking of reviving him but he didn't know what to do. He was panicking and was thinking about what to do.

   "Got damn it! Kelvin! I will revive you for sure! Wait? Reviving! The revival stone!", Kael said.

  "Haha! Wait for me, Kelvin! I will revive you shortly!", he said sadly and then he grabbed the stone of revival on his bag. 

  He saw the glowing stone glow and he puts it to Kelvin's heart. Just a second later, his heart started to pump. Kelvin then inhaled deeply and opened his eyes.

  "Wait! Where am I?", Kelvin said shockingly.

  He was baffled by the floating light that he was looking at.

  "The snake! Where is the snake!", he shouted.

  Kael burst out in joy and he was really happy to see him talking. 

  "Got damn it, Kelvin! He was dead! It was dead Kelvin! Why did you let yourself be beaten easily by a snake? It took me to kill them all just to get you outside from the belly!", Kael said to him.

  "Hahahahaha! Sorry! I just can't move that is. And it swallowed me. I fought back but I was only punching the air as my weapon was dropped.", Kelvin explained.

  "Damn! Did they get you that badly? Well at least bring a dagger inside it next time and stab it nonstop. Did you get that? Wait? Where are the two daggers that I gave you?", Kael asked him wondering what happened.

   "He got me wrapped and I have let go of the bow. I grabbed the daggers next but it used its tail to whip my hands. My sword was also stolen by it as it used its tail to get it and throws it into the dark. I have only my fist left and arrows but my arrows were thrown away after it lifted me upside down.", Kelvin explained.

   "Eh? It's that cunning that all my weapons were all discarded?", Kael asked.

   "Yeah! And it bites off my head but because I have my armor, it only swallowed me. I am inside but punching its flesh made it weakened. Making it uncomfortable was the only thing I can do. But well, thanks!", Kelvin said to him.

  Kelvin offered his fist and Kael looked at it. Kael bumped his fist to Kelvin.

  "Friends forever?", Kael asked him.

  "Yeah! Friends forever!", Kelvin replied.

  "Thinking of it, we were tasked to assemble the system holders. Don't you die halfway when we were yet to see them.", Kael as to him seriously.

  "Yeah, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!", Kelvin said.

  "We need to act fast and move now. The mother will be coming if we were to be staying here. I don't want you to be eaten again. For sure, if you will be eaten by that mother. You will surely die. I don't have another revival stone right now. You've made me use it and it was precious. Well it was for this situation and its sole purpose was to revive persons on a deathbed.", Kael said to him.

  "Yeah, you are right. I will keep it in mind.", Kelvin said to him agreeing. 

   I think you need to be wary of the mother. It was ten times stronger compared to the babies right now. It was ten times larger than the ones that we have encountered. Make sure you don't drop the weapons in the future. Okay!", Kael said to him.

   "Yeah yeah! It won't happen again. I've learned my lesson.", Kelvin said to him.

   "You don't dare do it again. I won't save you anymore if that happened again. But still, its good for you to be back.", Kael said to him and pats his shoulders.

  "Let's leave this place and eat anything you like. You want some grilled pork?", Kael asked him.

  "Yeah! Let's eat it with pork broth and grape juice.", Kelvin said. 

   "Hmmm...hmmm. And eat barbeques in the barbeque stalls. Might as well eat it all. Do you want anything else?", Kael asked him.

   "Let's eat and then sleep in the inn early. I am itching to go home right now.", Kelvin said to him.

   He was scratching his head and he stands up. Kael and Kelvin stand up minding that they have to go home. They resumed walking towards the exit where the passage was blocked. Traveling to the exit with their floating lantern. They saw stalactites and stalagmites in the cave and different stone formations of minerals. They were walking while talking with each other on the way.

  "I think it was night time right now on the outside. We will be chased by it if we were seen.", Kelvin said to him worriedly.

   "You mean the mother? It might be better to be chased than to be trapped here with her. You might wanna ask what class is it? It was an A–. On par with wyrms or baby dragons. Let's consider ourselves elite adventurers but I am still a newbie combatant. I fear even master-level techniques were not able to hurt it. When I have a job class, then it will be a different situation. Let's just hope that we were far enough to the mother before it discovers its babies slaughtered.", Kael said to him.

  Kelvin was impressed with Kael's knowledge. He was able to see the possibilities but it made him worried that they have a little chance of winning with the enemy. He was thinking of a plan for them to be undetected and was thinking of bathing with sense hindering potion. Even Kelvin knows the alchemy. It will only not make them be sensed from afar but the floating lantern was a thing that was emitting light and heat. 

  "Kael let's pour ourselves with sense hindering potion just in case. But the light was emitting heat.", Kelvin said to him worriedly.

   "Okay we will pour sense hindering potion to ourselves but once the floating lantern was detected. It will be an all-out brawl.", Kael suggested.

  "Okay okay! Let's pour it out to ourselves.", Kelvin said.

   They poured it to themselves and resumed traveling. With the sense hindering potion poured, they will be safe for now. It was only hindering the sense of the snake for the farther location. The effect will only be effective if the mother snake was far from them and if it was near, it will detect the light source of Kael and Kelvin.

   Walking in the tunnels with light, they marched in the cave. They arrived at the cliff with many bones. Kelvin didn't know how did he come there and Kael was showing the way. 

   "Did we passed here? Just how did that snake jump from the other side?", Kelvin asked Kelvin.

   "I don't know how but maybe it has another way that was hidden. I don't know where but I have discovered one and came here. That's how I got here when I followed the snake.", Kael said to him.

   "Oh okay! Let's cross this cliff first!", Kelvin said to Kael.

   They jumped to the other side of the cliff and made it to the other side without falling. They resumed traveling to the caverns and was feeling air touching their skin.

   "This is the right way. Let's just follow the tunnel. Maybe the snake mother has removed its body to the passage and was finding its prey.", Kael said.

  Kelvin gulped his saliva and resumed traveling. They found the exit of the tunnel and has found that the passage that was blocked was now open.

  "We can go home now! Yes! The mother has removed its blockage and we can go home now.", Kelvin said to Kael.

   Right after he said it, a loud shriek was heard from the depths of the cave.



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