Lumia: Other World
113 Heltcliff falls part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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113 Heltcliff falls part 4

Kael was faced with reality. As time goes by, Kelvin will be in greater danger. He was surrounded with anaconda-like snakes and was looming in the cave. Looking down at him. Some of them were crawling on the ground. They have found their prey which was just in front of them. 

  " They were seven in total. I have to be careful if I want to live. Dodging them will be tricky and I don't know if that will be effective. Their skin was hard as steel, but inside? Well, it was soft as a lump of flesh. Bashing damage will also be damaging. Let's try anything that comes to mind.", Kael said to himself.

   The snakes hissed and were getting ready to attack. Kael held his sword and focused with all he got. The snakes were preparing to launch a full attack on all sides. Some of them coiled and was gathering force like a spring. Kael enchants his sword with all the damage he has in his arsenal and readies to counter. With him being surrounded, he was left with no choice but to counter them. 

[Enchant: Fire damage]

[Enchant: Lightning damage]

[Enchant: Poison damage]

[Enchant: Ice damage]

[Enchant: Increase weight]

[Enchant: Increase speed]

[Enchant: Shock wave damage]

[Enchant: Increase durability]

  He used the enchantments he knows that would be the best in that kind of situation. The snakes hisses again and launched their attacks. Darting with their mouth opened. 

  Kael saw it and he twisted and turned. With all the enchantments, he has put to it to his sword to act as a support. He used all his might to rotate. Making wind gushed from his rotation. In split seconds, the snakes attacked with their mouth open wide. Kael anticipated their attacks, slashed the one who reached him first. 

  Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

   The metallic banging was heard from his sword as it countered their attacks. He smashed them with all he got and all their attacks were diverted to the walls. Making another bang when they hit the walls. It was so loud that the cave shuddered and vibrated from the sound only. Kael was able to fend them off but the recoil from that attack was very heavy. 

   He nearly let go of the weapon and puts it to the ground. Shaking his hands to the pain.

  "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It was very heavy and they were very big. Looking at it. Some of them were slashed in the mouth. Others were hit in the side but their brains were shaken. I don't know if they will survive that hits.", Kael said while looking at them.

  He saw them crashed on the walls and their heads were damaged. They shake their heads off and then looked at Kael. Thinking about attacking again or to flee. It was not a nice experience for them to hit the walls in that very fast degree. They were shaken a bit because of it. Sadly, some of their brothers and sisters were slashed in their mouths. They were alive but were lingering of what's left on their lives. 

   "One.....two.....three.....four. So only four were left huh? That was sad, your siblings died without putting a fight.", Kael said to them.

  Some of them were still dizzy but still launched an attack on Kael. 


  They hissed to Kael in great anger. Avenging their brothers and sisters was what was on their mind and it resulted in them going berserk. When berserk, their instinct was only to kill and just to kill. 

  Bang! Bang! Bang!

   Kael jumped as they dived down to him. Their precision was off because they were still dizzy. Still suffering from the damage that Kael had inflicted. 

  "The shock wave damage was the one who made their senses hindered. Due to their ears senses, vibrations and the vibrations were sent to their brain to be processed. They were dealt with too many vibrations that caused them to be confused.", Kael said so in his self.

  He landed on the solid floor and slammed his sword to the ground. Making it spark to the lightning damage, explode to the fire damage, and as well as freezing the ground. It was also emitting vibrations that were from the shock wave damage. 

  Seeing it all, the snakes again launched their attacks to his direction. Kael was preparing for their attacks and didn't plan to evade this time. He walks towards them and one by one, he slammed his sword to their faces. Making them explode and sparked at the same time, making them propelled to another direction. 

  Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

  They all smashed to the walls behind him. He looked at them and he was attacked again with their mouths. 

   "Going berserk was making them immune to the pain and makes them get going even though the pain was stiffening. Gotta use my trump card.", Kael said.

   He was struck with a problem and was planning it to solve it immediately. 

  "Kelvin was waiting for me and I can't just play around here.", Kael thought.

  He enchants his weapon with his trump card. 

[Enchant: Sharpness]

    He used his enchantment and felt that he lost a great amount of mana. It uses tantamount mana due to its ability to cut even the hardest steel. A bland name of enchantment but in its highest form was called "Diamond cutter". 


  Marlin shouted as he darted to them and they went to get him. Hissing loudly as they attacked him. Kael slashed the mouth of the snake and its blade was like slicing butter. He didn't even felt resistance from the cut. The snake's body was just sliding in his sword and was cut to half. Finishing the enemy with just one slice. He was attacked with the others. Not even sparing him time to breathe. 

  "Come and get me!", Kael bellowed in anger.

  He was attacked from both sides. One from the left and one from the right. He swings his sword to his left, making the mouth of the snake to be cut. And then, to his right. Rotating as he both cuts them. The blood of the snakes splattered to the ground and it was painting the floor with red. Kael saw only one left and it saw that he was the only one left.

  Kael was not in the mood to let it go so he darted towards it. The snake hissed towards him with a loud hiss but Kael didn't let it made its death to be painful.


   Its head was decapitated and its body slammed to the floor. Making its head fall first. 

   "Ha, ha, ha, ha. That was close. I thought it would escape me and report to its mother. I better move now and find that snake who swallowed Kelvin. Maybe he was struggling to breathe now. Damn! That snakes made me lose precious time. Gotta hurry up fast!", Kael said while running towards the direction of the snake who swallowed Kelvin.

  Kelvin was running and he was deeply worried about the wasted time he has spent eliminating the snakes. He nearly cursed himself for his incompetence. Dashing while he was being lighted with his floating lamp, he was panting and running not knowing where to go.

  "Damn it, Kelvin! Why did you make yourself become food? I hope my armor will protect you. I hope you are still alive. I hope you are fighting to live right now. Don't worry, I am coming. I will let you out there and carry you home. Let's eat ramen like we used to.", Kael said while he was running. 

  He was running and panting in the dark. He saw a cliff that separated the way. He went back a bit and dashed with all he could. He jumped from the cliff and reached the other side of the passage. He went further and can already see skulls an bones from undistinguishable animals. Some were of horses, some were of dogs, some were of humans and some were of crocodiles. Other bones were of an ape but it has canines. 

   "Perhaps an orc or a young troll. These bones were littered here, some were hairs and armors of adventurers. Just how many died here and went missing until this day? Gotta hurry or I will be late. Not wanna regret this time. And I will save him for sure.", Kael said while hurrying to walk.

   After a minute of walking running to the tunnel. He passed by many bones and skins of snakes. It was making him feel uneasy but vigilant of what might attack him in that tunnels. Just several meters from where he was standing, he saw a curling reptile that has brown scales in it. It was hibernating and was digesting its newly eaten food. Kael thinking of it, he hastily approached the snake while sneaking and decapitated it. 


    It died without knowing who took off its head.


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