Lumia: Other World
112 Heltcliff falls part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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112 Heltcliff falls part 3

Marlin was struggling with his enemy. Choking him with a hundred points of strength stats. Stabbing the skin of the anaconda with his dagger.

  "Urrrrrgggggg It's so tight! Damn! I didn't expect to be attacked in the back.", Kael said to himself.

  Trusting the dagger, the snake wailed as its steel-like skin was pierced with corrosion enchanted dagger. With the strength buff he has, he was able to bring out one of his hands to stab the enemy. Stabbing and stabbing with all his might. Not wanting his enemy to enjoy its hug to him. He added poison enchantment to his dagger and its skin and flesh were corroded by the potency of the enchantment combination. Being able to stack his enchantments were pretty handy to Kael. Being a master enchanter was pretty handy in impromptu fights and Kael was clever enough what to enchant to his weapon in the specific situation or predicament. Dealing more damage to the snake until its flesh was unrecognizable. Holes were present on its skin and the corrosion was not stopping. Eating away its flesh and it was not stopping.

   The snake can't hold on any longer and then let go of its death squeeze. Kael gained a chance so he immediately used his sword. Even with its weight increased with enchantment, it was bearable to Kael.

  "I won't leave you unscathed for doing that to me. Killing you was the least I can do. At least for making me experience your hug. That is.", he said confidently.

  He dashed to the snake and it was lifting its upper part. Standing like a cobra. He looked up and saw its majestic body. Scales were shining with the light he has and shrieked with anger. Kael was looking at its large body unfazed. 

   "At least I have to hurry to kill this snake and see if Kelvin was okay. What are you waiting for? Attack me!", he shouted to the snake.

  Kael was getting impatient with the enemy. Worrying about his friend that was also in a tough spot like him. Thinking that Kelvin was in the darkness for the moment makes Kael irritated and was getting impatient. Worrying for others was not a thing for him in the past. It was because certain relationships were formed to Kelvin. To the point of sharing secrets. Kelvin even trusted him with his secret and told him about the system he had. He trusts him deeply even they haven't known him for long. He was like a brother now with Kael. He didn't realize it until he was separated from him.

  He was attacked by the reptilian beast with its mouth opened wide. Making a big bite that was coming for him. Kael held his sword with two hands and rotated counterclockwise. Gaining inertia and force to block the enemy. The snake bites him but Kael slammed it to its head. Piercing the thick scales it was proud of. 

  Immediately, the snake shrieked again for the second time. Gushing out with blood from its wound on its mouth. Kael was not getting overconfident by the damage he impaled by but he was now more wary of the enemy. Considering it to be enraged and retaliates with full force. 

  He held again his sword and waited for the enemy to strike him. The enemy was now thrashing all over and then launched an attack on Kael. Crawling in a very fast movement and was coming for him. It just passed him by but went to grab his foot. Kael was wary of another death hug so he summersaults in the air. Looking at the snake from above. In split second, the snake looked around and then looked up. It curled itself like a spring and strikes with a bite. Opening its mouth to bite him.

  Kael on the contrary expected its strike. Being in the air was like being a vulnerable target. Kael can not easily evade while mid-air so he rotated while holding the sword with two hands. The snake opened its mouth and Kael aimed for the flesh inside. The insides of the snakes were more vulnerable because it was made of flesh and not scales. 

  Gaining a lot of force, Kael twisted for two more rotations. The enemy on the contrary was very fast and Kael used his rotation to meet the enemy. Using the speed of the snake against itself. At the right time, the snake was in his front and he used all the force he gathered. Slashing the mouth to the belly while rotating. 


  He flicked the sword and the blood spattered to the floor. 

  "That's what you get for messing up with me.", Kael said confidently.

  Looking at his mess, he immediately remembered Kelvin. He runs towards his direction and was followed by the floating lamp. He was panicking and imagining what would happen if he will die. Kael did not accept the fact that he left him there in the dark and was partly blaming himself. Also blaming the snake in the passage for making their mission a lot more complex than before. He runs fast and saw the intersection they have been separated. His stomach churns from the worry he was feeling.

  Making bad decisions was normal but he didn't expect it to be so bad that may cost the life of his new friend or partner. Looking at the snake that attacked Kelvin, he saw a bloated snake resting in the side of the walls. Sticking its tongue out to sense the enemy. Unfortunately, it has already eaten Kelvin whole. 

   It made his heart sank and was pierced with sadness. It made a hole in his heart and refused to believe that he was eaten. Kael's face was paralyzed and his body was frozen. His legs went limp and his knee smashed the floor. 

   "Noooooo!!!", Kael shouted.

   "It was my fault! Gad damn it! I promised him to eat in the food stalls later if we survive this.", Kael murmured in his self.

  He froze there but in seconds, he looked at the snake and it was gone.

  "Wait! Shit! At least I will carry him home and make him a proper burial. I will find you!", Kael said while cursing to the snake.

  He dashed to follow the tracks and it was a different passage where they didn't find out up until now. The passage was not easily seen and they didn't discover yet. In their first enter, it was a place that was hidden in the shadows. Kael felt dismayed in his self for his incompetence. He didn't think that it was a very dangerous mission in the first place. 

  "Well what is done, is done. I can't go back in time and I don't have the powers to do it. I only have to do is move forward. And that is to follow that gad damn snake. I'm pretty sure it was weakened because it ate a chunk of metal.", Kael said.

  Kael felt that what he said was off. It was so off that he didn't notice it before.

  "Wait metal? I hope my hunch was right but it was only a hypothesis. If that armor of his was as good as an artifact then I can assume that he was still intact inside the armor. The only problem was, there's no ventilation inside the body of the snake. Oh my gad! He will run out of air! Damn, I have to hurry!", Kael said.

  He was reignited with hope but another problem has resurfaced. All he could do was cling on his thread of hope that has a high chance of being severed later on. All hope was lost but he found what has slipped from his grasp. And he will never again let go from that grasp on that thread of hope.

  "Kelvin hang on tight. I am coming.", He said with eyes brimming of determination. 

   He went to the caverns in which it has many turns and twists. He felt more desperate as time goes by. Thinking that the clock was ticking every time and he was holding his breath there. He was walking in the way just following the path. He saw the snake was struggling to crawl as it has a very big belly. It looked back to Kael but it burst on the way towards the dark. Kael felt irritated as he was taken aback by its escape. 

  "Hey where are you going!?", He shouted. 

  Kael dashed to the enemy but he hesitated. He saw two more anacondas who were flicking their tongue. Looking at Kael with their shiny eyes. He looked back and saw more of their kin surrounding him. All were brown and were flicking their tongues out. Some were standing, others were crawling. They were as big as the water pipes in the sewers. 

  "I am just getting the body of my friend whom I didn't know if he was dead or not! I will kill all of you if you will block my path.", Kael said pointing his sword to the snake.


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