Lumia: Other World
111 Heltcliff falls part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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111 Heltcliff falls part 2

They went inside the cavern inside the falls and unexpectedly knew that it was a cave of snakes. A monster of a gigantic size that was large enough to swallow a carriage whole. Marlin looked at its skin and it was as big as his shield. Its eyes shine as the floating lamp lit the darkness.

"Their numbers were still unknown and I hope it was only one. Wait? What if it lay its eggs and have its babies?", Kelvin asked Kael.

"Don't know. But we will be its food if we won't leave now.", Kelvin said.

"Yeah!", Kael said.

"The snakes were heat-sensing monsters. Its no use to sneak unless we can change our temperature. Vibrations were also heard by their ears. Not sure we can escape completely without being detected. At least be ready to fight anytime. An ambush will be possible.", Kael added.

Kael was holding his sword on a shield mode and Kelvin was on his bow and ready to fire anytime. Watching the walls of the cave, they see a path towards the further darkness. Kael didn't want to bite more than he can chew so he retreated. Keeping their pace fast but wary of the enemy. Running towards the exit was their goal. As they were running, they were panting in the cold caverns they were running to. Passing rocks and the other rock minerals present there. Panting while running, clanging armor, and a tense mind of wanting to live. It all combined into mixed feelings and emotions. Kael was not confident right now to face the enemy with that caliber. Well as for Kelvin, his armor will protect him.

Dripping water was present and they saw that the passage was blocked by a rock. They were currently in a wide space but the passage was only as big as two carriages combined.

"Damn! I am lost? We were not lost, are we? I am sure this is the way!", Kael said to Kelvin.

Kelvin, on the contrary, looked closer. It was shiny and it glitter as the light was basked into it.

"This sure doesn't look like a rock to me.", Kelvin said as he approached.

Kael sat to rest and when Kael heard what he say, Kelvin already touched it.

"Don't touch it!", Kael shouted but already late.

"It was a snakeskin!", Kael said then went to grab his hands.

Kelvin almost jumped as he realized it. Removing his hands from the skin.

"Eh? Really?", he said as he looked closer.

"Yeah! So don't touch it. We've got a big problem and it was in front of us. The bigger problem was to exit here without poking that thing.", Kael said and points his sword to the snakeskin wall.

"Yeah, we don't have other known exits for now. You want to turn around and find a better way?", Kelvin suggested.

"Yeah! Anything just not like this one.", Kael said to Kelvin. Pointing again the wall snake-skin.

They turned around and walks away from that thing. Looking for the other exits if it was present. The possibility of the other exit was in their mind and walks away for finding it. While walking away, they heard the skin moved. It was rustling as its scales rubbed to the rocks.


Kael and Kelvin felt their hairs went up as they slowly turned around. Luckily, it stopped moving and was still blocking the exit.

"It would pose a problem for us if we will be fighting that one. I think it was out in the jungle. Finding something to eat when it returned home and digests its food. We don't have to disturb its sleep.", Kael said to Kelvin.

"Yeah right! We were not even an opponent compared to it.", Kelvin said.

"Let's walk towards the other end of the tunnel. But let's be careful of small ones because it has a possibility that it has babies here.", Kael said to Kelvin.

"Pretty sure that it has babies though but not so sure if we can combat them.", Kelvin said to Kael worriedly.

"I have encountered trolls and Goblins but I'm not sure if I can pierce its scales. That big snake has thick scales that as hard as steel. My weapon will be effective only if I will make it deal blunt damage. I can increase its weight but we need to be extra careful here. I might go full force with that enemy and still not knowing if I will make it out alive. Well, I have other ways and means to survive. Just don't know if it was worth it. Thinking of it tires me out.", Kael said to Kelvin.

Kelvin was astonished by this person he was with. He didn't know what capacity he has but he knows that he was capable of solo missions. If he compares himself to him, he lacks a tenacious personality. He was fierce but Kael was far more tenacious, like an adept killer. Kelvin can feel it and he can see that he hides his aura. With the fact that he was not revealing all his skills to him. It was still on the level of getting to know him but has deep bond already.

"Kael, what level are you now?", Kelvin asked in a whim.

They walked and Kael was in the front. Kael stopped walking after he heard his question.

"Twenty-five", Kael said not facing him.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 25

Character Statistics:

Strength (40) +

Dexterity (44) +

Vitality (45) +

Focus (95) +

Stats points: 75


"As you can see.....I save my points for the future. Now knowing what will happen if I've invested in the wrong stat. I am afraid that it will be the end of my life. Knowing that, I am saving for the worst.", Kael said while he was being followed by Kelvin.

Kael stopped walking and lifted his hands. Ushering him with body language to stop moving. Kelvin observed and saw a tail of a medium-sized snake but it was like the size of an anaconda. In the corner of the tunnel that goes left, its tail was coming out of the intersection. A place that was still dark and their floating lamp can't light it up. Kael ushered him to step back and avoid confrontation but as Kelvin turned around, he saw another anaconda-like snake on their back. It has brown skin with spots of black in it.

Kael steps back but he collided with Kelvin. As Kael looked around, he saw the snake was looking at them. Kelvin was also looking at it but he was so tense when he was drawing his bow.

"We were blocked on both sides.", Kael said to Kelvin followed by gulping his saliva.

The one Kael was looking at in his front has shown its head and looked at them.

"If these things will attack us, then we will retaliate. I don't want to anger the mother by slaughtering its kids.", Kael said.

One of the anacondas who Kelvin faces, burst at them and launched to bite Kelvin. Kael wanted to help him but the other anaconda pulled him to his feet by its tail.

"Whoa! Kelvin!", Kael shouted as he was pulled by it.

Kelvin was left and his lantern followed the owner which was Kael. Making Kelvin left out in the dark together with the anaconda. Kael was being squeezed by the snake on the feet and belly but he has the shield that he has was holding thus it made his breath a bit and the squeeze was only on his back. He held his shield and prepared his enchanting.

[Enchant: Corrosion]

The weapon was like an acid making its skin melt.

[Enchant: Lighting]

The weapon bursts out with lightning and the snake was on constant damage.

[Enchant: Increase weight]

The weapon became heavier and the snake was squashed by its weight.

[Enchant: Life drain]

The snake was constantly sucked with its life force and health.

He enchants the weapon he has and the snake was screeching to the pain. All enchantments were stacked and constantly dealing with damage. Kael expected it to loosen up but instead, it tightened its grip with him.

"You want to contest it out huh? Let's see if you can endure this!", Kael shouted.

[Enchant: Increase strength]

Kael struggled to break free from its death squeeze. If Kael estimates it, the anaconda has more than a hundred points when it comes to strength. If he estimates it, it can easily squeeze the carriage and crumple it down like paper. Kael was squeezed slowly and it was getting tighter by every second. It was getting difficult to breathe and Kael was painfully enduring it. It was the case with Kael but Kael didn't lose hope but he grabbed his dagger in his sheath. He has ample space to get his dagger because of his shield and using his strength buff from his enchantment. He enchants corrosion and then stabbed it to the skin of the anaconda.


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