Lumia: Other World
110 Heltcliff falls
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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110 Heltcliff falls

Telling his tale to Kael was very relieving to his heart. Kelvin didn't even spare to tell about the system. It shows that he fully trusts Kael to share even his deepest secrets. Kael looked at him and smiled.

"Why didn't you say earlier! I am also a system holder who was tasked to find the other system holders!", Kael said to him.

Kelvin looked at him not knowing what to say.

"Huh! you too? I didn't expect it!", Kelvin said to him quite shocked.

"Ah! At last! I have found one! Hahaha!", Kael said to him.

"Let's talk while walking. So you've seen the Angel and gave you the system?", Kael asked.

"Yeah! That's right! That's why I am now this strong!", Kelvin said.

"I am not really sure if it made me really strong but maybe in the future. I will be learning all the job class in the academy.", Kael said to Kelvin.

"Yeah, and it was exclusive in the academy. We will see what will happen later on.", Kelvin said.

Marching in the road that was grassy. They paved the path towards the Heltcliff falls. Surrounded by trees in the river, Kael thought that the place was nice. The river was clean and there were leaves that fall in the river. Following the stream downwards. They were walking for an hour in that lively place. While there were chirping birds on the place and caws of the crows echoed in the distance. Flying as they detected Kael and Kelvin. Kael dipped his hands and it was freezing. Kelvin was just in his back, looking out in case of danger.

"The water was freezing. The leaves fell off. It was signs of season changing. The birds were migrating as they looked for a place to breed. We are near the Falls. If you observe, the waterfalls' sound was heard from here.", Kael said then pulled his hands on the water.

"So we were near? Let's hurry then.", Kelvin said then gets back to the way.

Kelvin followed him to resume their travel. They marched on the way and saw a flock of bats in the sky. It was swarming the sky as they tried to catch flying insects in the sky. Kael was enjoying the sight of bats hovering and diving in the sky.

"Look up there! There are bats!", Kelvin said.

"Yeah I can see them!", Kael said.

It was a wonderful sight to look at. From where they were standing, the sound of the falls was getting louder and louder.

"See! We were near!", Kael said while pointing at the direction of the sound.

"Let's hurry up. I can't wait to see what monsters are in there.", Kelvin said excitedly.

"Okay okay I am walking faster here.", Kael said as he made his pace faster.

The falls were near and it was as tall as a two-story building. Rocks were present in its top and it made the water to be divided. The road continued towards the falls and it has a small place for picnics. With some campfire on it and some burnt woods that were left for some time.

They arrived at the place Kael felt disturbed. He looked at Kelvin who was in his armor.

"Put on your helmet and let's investigate the place.", Kael said to him.

"Oh okay! So what do we do?", Kelvin asked him.

Kelvin put on his helm and wondered why Kael was alerted. Kael pointed the tracks on the ground.

"Look at the tracks. It was a crawling creature.", Kael said.

"Snakes?", Kelvin said wondering.

"Maybe, maybe not.", Kael said.

Kelvin was now really wondering and was dumbstruck with his statement.

"It was headed inside the falls.", Kael said when pointing the falls itself.

"Let's go. Be on your guard and draw your weapon.", Kael said to him.

They went inside and Kelvin equipped his bow. Putting an arrow on the bow and was ready to shoot anytime. Kael draws his sword and was holding the hilt that has a handle. Making it a temporary shield and a sword in case of an offense. Marching at a steady pace and Kael was on guard. They entered the falls and water was poured on their backs. The water was heavy that it made them pushed down. Kael puts his weapon to his head and entered the dark hollow cave inside. He can hear every move inside the cave.

Kael grabbed his floating lantern and lets it float up. Lighting the dark hollow cave. Kelvin saw it and was astonished by the object that was floating in the cave.

"What is that thing? Does it really float? And it lights up?", Kael asked in his curiosity.

Looking up while it gives it yellow radiance, Kelvin might want to touch it.

"The light was talking to me.", Kelvin said.

As he reached it, his hands were grabbed by Kael.

"You don't touch it. Focus now on focus. We don't want to get ambushed here.", Kael said.

Kelvin shakes his face and then was back to reality.

"Sorry, I am distracted by the light. Where were we?", Kelvin asked.

"We storm the enemy base and then kill them all. I don't have a night vision skill for now thus I have difficulty in seeing in the dark.", Kael said.

"Don't worry about it. You are not the only one.", Kelvin replied to him.

"Let's go and investigate the cave. I have a bad feeling that this place was infested with monsters. I can smell the decay from here.", Kael said.

Kael and Kelvin marched towards the darkness. The cave was made of rocky substance. The walls were hard as a rock and were moist. Stalactites and stalagmites were present on it. Some water was falling from above and they went further down. As they went down, there were skeletons in their broken armors and there were still hairs present.

Kael crouched to examine the corpse in a closer look.

"There were dead bodies here. His armor was smashed like it was glass. Must be inflicted by monsters. His ribcage was broken, making his lungs and heart pierced by his own bones.", Kael said to Kelvin in detail.

"Wow, you were like an expert. Where did you learn that?", Kelvin asked.

"Nah, not important. We might go deeper if we want to know who caused the death of this poor soul. This looks interesting. We might die like him if we were ambushed.", Kael said while crouching.

"Well if you said that this armor is an artifact, then I might survive. Well, the problem is you don't have armor.", Kelvin said to him worried.

"I can handle myself. If we survive this, let's go to the food stall and eat until full. But for now, let us at least know what monster is in this cave. There will be an additional prize for extermination. If we can handle the enemies that are on the scope of our killable targets. We might retreat if we can't handle the situation. At least we investigated and leave it to the expert exterminators.", Kael said to him.

"We should investigate more if we want to know the identity of the monster.", Kelvin said.

"Yeah, let's move further.", Kael said then stands up.

They moved to the lower parts of the cave. With the floating lamp on their head, floating on the air as they were being followed. Kelvin was curious how it was invented so he asks Kael about it. His curiosity was on the verge of exploding, so he let it out.

"Kael.", Kelvin said.

Kael turned around to Kelvin and his eyebrows moved up.

"What is it?", Kael asked him.

"About the floating lamp. Where did you get it?", Kelvin asked him.

"Oh, this? I invented it when I was young. I forgot what is my age at that time. But you see, I can explain it to you when we get back to the inn. For now, we focus on the mission.", Kael said.

"Okay, Okay. But I want one. Kael please make me another one. Please...", Kelvin pleaded.

"Okay but you know that would cost you. I will make another one if we get back.", Kael said to him.

Kael and Kelvin went further to investigate. Looking at the floor, it has black stains of tracks and was large enough to fit both Kael and Kelvin inside it. It was large. This will be out of our skills to handle. Seeing the surroundings, the saw piles of bones and armors. Weapons were included on the pile.

"Kael look!", Kelvin said in a low voice as he points at his back.

He saw a tube of a hollow skin and its eyes were as big as a shield Kael has. It was the skin of an overgrown snake that has changed skin. Seeing its head as big as a carriage.

"Kael, we have to retreat for now.", Kelvin said.

"We would do that and in a very fast manner. Let's hurry to get out the form here. Like right now.", Kael said to Kelvin.


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