Lumia: Other World
109 Mael Kelvin“s past part 8
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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109 Mael Kelvin“s past part 8

System rebooting...

System reboot complete...

Versatile System establishing a connection to the host...

Connection complete...

He was hearing a voice in his sleep and thus waked up.

He waked up in the room full of beds but has no person around, not even one. He tried to stand up but his body is not cooperating.

"Hello master, I'm Your System! please say the window to see your character", there is a floating window that he can see in his face and is telling him to say it.

He is going to say it but there is someone coming. So he just pretended to sleep a little more, then the door opens. It was someone that has a full armor. A female to be exact.

"Pretending to be asleep?", she said

"You got me, how did you know?", he said

"Not important, your name?", she asked

"I'm Mael Kelvin, I'm from Shelkem village, please we really need help now, the monsters are flooding the village and there are dungeon gates that are unclosed", he said while holding the shoulder of her plated armor

"Unfortunately, we are short of soldiers right now and we were also attacked by monsters. But we will send some patrol just in case. Better heal yourself first for the meantime.", she said lifelessly

"Thank you but I will not wait for it, please at least give me a health potion.", he said

She gave without second thoughts and Mael drank it.

"Is that all? then I can leave", she said as she stands up

She left the room and then he said, " window"

The window floats then it appeared like this.



Name: Mael Kelvin


Character level: 50

Title: Versatile system holder

Job class: non-classed combatant

Strength (50)

- physical damage

- critical damage

Dexterity (50)

- precision

-attack speed

-critical chance


Vitality (50)



-heath regen.


Focus (50)

-magic damage


-mana regen.

-cast speed

-cooldown reduction

Free Stat points: 150

Talents: Memories of the past

A. genius evader

B. Battle instincts


A. weapons

swords (advance)

spear (novice)

bow (advance)

dagger (newbie)

two-handed (novice)

B. unarmed





Job class name: non-classed combatant

Skill points: 50

Job class level: 1

Job class skills: 6







(Versatile System Holder)

Effects: The user will have greater experience gain in any job class he will train on.


He saw the window and was amazed, with the help of the system, he will achieve his dream of mastering all job classes.

He packed his belongings and left by the window. With no help from the kingdom, he will have to do it alone. He jumped but activated the ring thus he disappeared. Leaving no traces of his presence.

He then appeared at the teleportation circle of their house's basement, he unpacks and saw at the enchanting table a letter. It is addressed to him and is the handwriting of his father.

It says "Dear Mael, I'm sorry for what happened and don't blame yourself. It's all my fault for not protecting you all. There is a friend of mine and he is the lord of the Golden Valley, he said that we have a secret mission. As a father, I am very sorry for leaving you all alone thus I give you all authority to the basement. I left some money for you to enroll at Dwight academy and please read some books there, it will help you. Keep safe and always eat plenty for your growth, I know you're still young but has a bright future ahead of you. Your loving father, Zak"

Mael was stunned and he still has many problems currently: first is he needs to kill the monsters and close the dungeon gate, second is to enroll to the adventurers guild, third is save up money for school.

He prepared his monster-killing quest, he equipped with just robes and sword, that's all and a few potions. He is pretty confident in his abilities this time around.

He scanned the house and there's still a cooked food that is still hot at the kitchen. Seems like his father cooked for him while he's gone. Mael ate the porridge and cleaned the dishes. The monsters called goblins are pretty loud outside and it irritates him while he is eating.

Outside the house, he roams and saw that the monsters are gathering in the town square. He prepared the monster attractant he concocted in the alchemy table and spreads it to his sword.

Seconds later, the goblins are all screeching and it is very alluring in their scent. They approached like a mad man without knowing the outcome of their actions.

He is surrounded by the goblins, without even a hint of fear he grinned. The goblins are great at attacking when in packs and their strength is in their numbers.

Mael stands in the center and is not moving. The goblins initiated the attack and together they pounced at him. Little did they know the result of their actions, Mael slashed them without moving from his footing. Anyone that attacked is slashed and he is just using one hand. Within minutes, he managed to kill them all.

All their bodies are piled and are burned by him. He watched the smoke goes towards the sky then left for his next destination. In the desolate village, the dungeon gate is towering and is a sight to behold. Without second thoughts, he entered the dungeon gate.

He is closing his eyes due to the bright light but his sight adjusted a bit. He saw that he is in the center of a forest and the forest floor has full of bones. He scanned the surroundings as it was full of blood at the entrance of their cave. The goblins dragged the bodies of their victims to be feasted upon in their tunnels. He is thirteen years old and he can fit in the tunnels but it is quite troublesome if he is ambushed and trapped in there. So the only solution is for them to come out by themselves outside where space is plenty.

He broke two bottles of monster attractant outside of their caves and then waited. After a minute, he saw them running outside and then saw him.

"Hi! wanna play?", he waved at them while sitting in the ground

They all come to him running then Mael didn't wait for them to come to him first. He dashed towards them and they are a hundred goblin strong.

They attacked but Mael danced with his sword and went through them. Some attempted to corner him at the center but he strikes four different enemies without moving his feet. He wants to be at the center of the fray and initiates chaos.

"Battle instinct triggered", the system announced in his head

"He! no need to tell me", refuted Mael to the system

He finished within a minute then he heard a loud roar. The ground trembles at its step and there's a gut feeling that it's the boss. He massaged his cheeks then said, "So you've showed, at last, Goblin Lord!"

With the Boss angered, he will need to be extra careful.

"I guess it's time to get serious", he said as he licked his lips

The goblin lord is the one who governs them and is ten times larger than normal goblins, with its weight exceeds a hundred kilograms, he will be a great toy to be played with.

Mael became serious then dashed with all his might. The enemy will not even hold back a bit. All is poured out from their strike. The goblin lord strike with its giant club and Mael ducked then strikes with all his might to its legs.


The leg of the goblin lord was thrown when he cuts it from its body. Mael was surprised and disappointed as well as an extreme dissatisfaction. A mixed feeling of a person who wants a formidable battle but ends up being anti-climatic.

"Did I became too strong?", he said in a panic

He killed the boss and then it disappeared only lefts a stone. He scanned it and the system identified it at a glance. It is called "Magic stone of reversal", it will reverse your level back to level 1 while still retaining your stats.

He used it and the stone glowed then disappeared. The system then announced that "You have successfully consumed the Stone, character level reverts to one and character stats retained"

"Warning! the dungeon is closing", said the system

He walks outside the dungeon because his system warned him that the dungeon is closing.

After he closed the dungeon gate, he walked to the streets and the people are one by one coming out from their doors and walked the streets.

Many of their loved ones died from the monster attack and they burned them, some are buried.

Although he closed the dungeon, there is no time to rejoice but the people gave their time to weep for their loved ones. It lasted for a week to make the village normal again and he is not even known for what he did. All they thought that there is someone that killed the monsters but one of the heroes itself.


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